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    This is why I hope Arma never goes to console

    This was not meant as a troll post, and I didn't think it would be percieved that way. It was an opinion that hit me hard today when searching through other forums and then remembering how great this community is. I appologize if it came across as a troll post:o
  2. I know this is a bit out of the blue but, I have been playing a little BFBC2 on the PS3 and went on to their forums to check out what some people are saying. Here is a comment I came across... and a response from a console gamer... Enough said:eek:. If Bohemia ever goes console with the series, this wonderful community would be ruined by people like this guy who responded to the post. It's all over other game forums that are available on the console systems. Our forum would be over run by these immature gamers and our moderators would be overworked;). I for one appreciate the moderators work here and how they keep this forum, I mean community, running neat and respectful, Thank you. In closing, I ask Bohemia, please don't ruin this great game and community.
  3. Mysteryman5150

    Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills Mod

    KeyCat- Thank you for the compliment:). In Zeus they have defined a fair amount of the units, especially the non Special Forces units. That is why I just remove the Zeus Spotting PBO from the addon folder and then my addon sets all the values for the defined variables. What I have personally done with setting my values for all my mods is Give the Military units, both SF and base military on both sides, a bump in armor to mimic wearing combat armor. I lowered the aiDispersonCoef on all the weapons used by the insurgent and guerilla factions to make it appear that the trained military has better firing dicipline and skills. I also increased aiDispersionCoef for vehicle mounted machine guns so the ai on both sides could not drive 70 KPH and shoot deadly accurate. Finally, as far as stealth and recognition, I gave the SF on both sides a bump to represent them having more extensive training and also to help them carry out more stealthy missions, i.e. Seal Team Six, I love those campaigns;). I also lowered some of the skills of the insurgents and geurillas, once again to try and create that feel of training variations between formally trained military and malitia type units. I did also give snipers and their teams a bump in audible and camoto allow them to move about a little more inconspicuously. I agree with you that while wearing a ghillie suit, as long as they stay low they stay low and move slow, they should be able to move fairly undetected. Especially at a distance and when the enemy is not using binoculars or a weapon with a scope. These are some of the tweaks I have made and have found, IMO, the game is a bit more realistic and immersive. Lots of bullets flying from insurgents but not all deadly accurate;). I acctually get a bit of that feel I got when I watched the movie Black Hawk Down, and from what I have heard they did a pretty good job on that movie depicting some of the realities of battle. Sorry this was so long. I just wanted to put out there my settings, which also basically defines my reasoning for the addons. I am glad others are enjoying them as well:D.
  4. Mysteryman5150

    Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills Mod

    Jpinard- Thank you for the compliment :). I have made no adjustments in the releases. They are all running the vanilla Arma 2 settings when released. If you want anything other than vanilla you will have to set it yourself, I appologize for that. I was thinking of releasing versions that would have predetermined settings but there didn't seem to be much feedback for this so I decided to let the user make their own settings. BTW- The Stealth and recognition addon will be overwritten, for some units, by the Zues Spotting PBO as it redefines some of the same values at the individual unit level;). I personally use parts of Zues and SLX but I just leave out the PBO's that would counteract my addons.
  5. Mysteryman5150

    New Mod - AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's

    Rifleman- It affects the AI accuracy for mounted machine guns, both static and on vehicles in the vanilla game. It will work for any addon vehicle or static defense that inherits the vanilla version of the gun unless the addon maker has written their own aiDisopersionCoef values for that weapon. However, it does not affect cannon's, it only affects machine guns. You will only have to set the dispersion factor you want in the userconfig file, there are instructions when you open the file:). I hope that is what you were asking.
  6. Mysteryman5150

    New Mod - AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's

    @ Blechreiz- I hope it does what you have been hoping for;)
  7. Mysteryman5150

    Limit Inventory

    I don't know for sure why they limited the medics inventory but that would probably be a good guess. As far as limiting certain weapons, I think you could remove the ability to carry launchers by removing the + 4 from the weaponSlots = line as that is the slot that allows for secondary weapons (launchers). Make sure not to remove the + 4 * 16 as that is the slot definition for handgun magazines;).
  8. Mysteryman5150

    Limit Inventory

    The following line would go under the class name of the new unit you are creating. That should give him the same inventory slots as a medic and the ability to heal;) weaponSlots = 1 + 4 + 8 * 256 + 2 * 4096 + 2 + 4* 16 + 12*131072; attendant = true; Example: class New_Unit : Old_Unit { weaponSlots = 1 + 4 + 8 * 256 + 2 * 4096 + 2 + 4* 16 + 12*131072; attendant = true; };
  9. Mysteryman5150

    SLX Mod WIP

    Thanks for the update and detailed description for each PBO:D. Excelent work Solus. I loke how you make your addon very modular. That way I can mix parts of it with parts of Zeus and add my personal addons with no problem;) Thanks again
  10. This is a new addon that allows the user to adjust the AI dispersion for mounted MG's in the game. It affects static and vehicle mounted MG's AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's v1.00 Links Below: Filefront http://www.filefront.com/15715279/Mounted%20MG%20Dispersion.7z Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9712 Addon Requirements: None Description: - This addon allows the user to set the AI dispersion for all mounted MG's in the game, both static and on vehicles. - The addon will not affect the dispersion for any MG being fired by a Human controlled unit. It only affects AI, both enemy and freindly. - It comes with an HPP file that goes into the userconfig folder, which is where the dispersion adjustments are made (instructions are located in this file). - The variable being modified is aiDispersionCoef, which allows the user to set AI dispersion for a weapon without affecting overall weapon dispersion. - The aiDispersionCoef is a multiplier of the weapons dispersion value. See formula and example below: ***Formula - dispersion * aiDispersionCoef = Total AI Dispersion...Example for M134 - .0017(disp) * 15.0(coef) = .0255(total AI Dispersion) INSTALLATION: Extract the PBO file you find in the archive, and place it the ArmA2\Addons folder, or the mod folder of your choice (Prefered way to install addons). Install the userconfig folder into your arma2 directory (if one does not exist then your just need to copy the userconfig folder in zip file). Run the game. BUGS: -None so far. FIXES: v1.00 - - Initial release. CREDITS: BIS - For this awesome Game. Anyone who has helped me by answering qestions or giving feedback. As always the entire moding community- Without you all putting info out there and having your mods available for us this game would be a lot more empty.You all have inspired me to want to make my mods. Thank you all.
  11. Mysteryman5150

    Arma2 beta builds 1.05.6xxxx

    I don't mean to sound stupid but how does someone go about creating a ticket? :o
  12. I have updated the Weapons Dispersion mod. See link in first post. There is no need to redownload the Infantry Using AD Weapons if you want to use the new Weapons Dispersion as I haven't changed any of the class names, only some of the values. The main thing changed is that I have added a new variable (and instructions) that allows the user to set the AI dispersion without affecting the overall dispersion of the weapon:D.
  13. Mysteryman5150

    Weapons dispersion.

    Updated to ver1.04. See front page for details and link. I appologize that there have been so many updates to this file. I have just recently figured out how the new variable worked:o
  14. Mysteryman5150

    Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills Mod

    I follow what you are saying now AliMag. You are correct that if you set those 2 settings to 0 you are right there is no chance for the AI to detect that unit, unless it fires a weapon. Somehow this is determined as an absolute by the programming code;). However, if the settings are anything above a 0 the other factors should come into play when set in the editor. i.e. I can get a certain distance to a target while laying down, but if I stand up or go to crouched I will be detected. Also, in the editor if I set an enemy units skill higher or lower it has had an affect for me in how well that unit is able to detect me. I cannot elaborate on other factors since I haven't done alot of testing with environmental factors being altered or even time of day, so I will not even attempt to make an educated guess about those things:)
  15. Mysteryman5150

    Weapons dispersion.

    I will be releasing an updated version to this later today or tomorrow. I have found how to make the guns dispersion only be effected for the AI and not the user if he were to pick up an AD weapon;).