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  1. :cc:Thank you so much Silola! Now, ARMA 3 is no more Alfa! Ready for WAR.
  2. Skelotec

    "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project

    Master Silola, Will there be a DAC as a module? Compatible with ALive is DAC? If so, I will get an overdose! :computer:
  3. Skelotec

    "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project

    My Dealer of happiness is back!:dancehead:
  4. I don't hope so! I will prey for it!
  5. Do´s anybody have Silola´s special sound.pbo with the radio sounds in it? Ore were can i download it? Silola had send me the pbo. thank you, Silola! :cool:
  6. DAC still waits for GL4 :D
  7. hi SNKMAN, is there already a way to let gl4 take control about DAC create AI?
  8. Thank´s, now i´v got it :ok: :cool: :ok:
  9. Is it the same way too release DAC_generated_groups? And Which name do the DAC_generated_groups have?
  10. "Das setzt aber voraus, dass der entsprechende Parameter in GL4 gesetzt ist." WO? wo nur? Ich finde den Parameter in GL4 nicht:confused::mad:
  11. :confused2: ....But what exactly must i do, to juse GL4 ? (think i dont get it!?)
  12. Silola:pc: and his DAC :ok::are my Relegion in Bohemialive. OFP 22. Juni 2001 >First contact with the Religion:angel: 12-10-2005, 02:41> The Messiahs was born: :jesus: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mapfact.net proudly presents the Dynamic AI Creator by Silola!" My live chance like drugs chance lives! Tank you Silola, for my never ending Singelplayer_war about 1692 days! Skelotec ArmA2 alias Hptm.Steiner ArmA & ThEGrEy (Zeus) OFP
  13. too do: Install ArmA2 :now: prepare missions for DAC! buy food and drinks :don2: :pill: wait for DAC release .....................
  14. Any news about DAC out there? :ill: