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  1. im trying to do a coop map with a random spawned officer as second mission target. already got all west and east units placed on the map except the officer. in that case i see why the insurgent doesnt work but the russian guy doesnt work either
  2. nothing of this works for me. i must be doing something wrong since all scripts i tried in the last 5 days didnt work for me (from arty over respawn to random spawn). ok i created a map. the map folder holds the mission.sqm, init.sqf: SHK_pos = compile preprocessfile "SHK_pos.sqf"; execVM "briefing.sqf"; description.ext: respawn= BASE respawndelay= 10 script.sqf: SHK_pos.sqf: and an still empty briefing.sqf. in my map theres a function module, a marker with attributes ICON 1,1 name: NARF and a trigger with attributes 0,0,0, activation: radio alpha, condition: this, on act.: nul = ["RU_Soldier_Officer",EAST,random 360,[20,50],getmarkerpos "NARF"] execVM "script.sqf"; i also tried ,getpos NARF],getpos "NARF"],(getmarkerpos "NARF")],(getmarkerpos NARF)] and changing the marker to ellipse without any luck. also changing the spawning guy back to "ins_soldier_1" didnt change anything. on your map it works on my map nothing works. same with arty and revive script all works only on the downloaded map i dont understand this sh**
  3. i see then i will have patience, thanks for your efford
  4. but why doesnt the script work in 1.4 in the first place? how can i find out? edit: the arty works fine if i use your map. but it stops working as soon as i change something. i tried: changing the soldier class to grenadier and a few others - works. changing the soldier from blue to red faction - doesnt work. changing the arty batteries from blue to red but under the same names so the script can detect them - doesnt work. changing the soldier and the batteries from blue to red - doesnt work. changing the number of battery members - works but since you can only order a maximum of 15 rounds it makes not much sense i guess. copy the scripts and triggers to my own mission - doesnt work. copy all units, triggers, markers etc from my to your mission - doesnt work. copy your scripts but make the triggers and batteries myself in a new map - doesnt work. all in all nothing works except changing the type of soldier (if he remains bluefor) or number of battery members
  5. same problem here (using ace mod) edit: i tried the older 1.3 version of the script and it works BUT after the script is loaded the game stutters unplayable so i made no progress at all
  6. ok it worked with the arma.rpt and this is what i get out: File Res\Spectating.hpp, line 11: '/rscSpectate/controls/mouseHandler.onMouseZChanged': Missing ';' at the end of line File x_dlg\dummy.hpp, line 121: '/RscMapControl.stickX': Missing ';' prior '}' ErrorMessage: Config : some input after EndOfFile. now the next problem is i cant find anything mentioned in this line theres is neither a spectating.hpp on my whole pc nor a dummy.hpp. and yes i have marked show hidden files in my windows. edit: theres also no Res or x_dlg folder i can find. in fact theres not anything mentioned in the errorline i can find -_- useless sh** edit2: okok now i deleted all my MP-missions (after backing them up ofcourse) and it works again so i guess the files im searching for are packed into any of theese missions edit3: seems like i downloaded a mission in multiplayer that couldnt be played cause i had no isle pack (recognized that while looking at my mp missions where all ended with "chernarus" but one with "sara" or something like that) and that caused the problem somehow. thanks for your replies tho
  7. this is the error message i get when trying to host a game since i updated ACE2 to 0.1.199 yesterday. i first deleted ace and reinstalled nothing changed. i tried arma without ace, same error. i deleted the whole arma folder and put in my arma2 backup, same error. i updated my arma2 backup, still same error. i updated ACE2 to ...202 today but nothing is changing. i have no intention of installing all the shit again it takes hours at least so what is the problem with this game? i only found three threads to this problem in the whole internet the first in this forum was about someone getting this error after opening his self made maps and textures if i remember right but i have no clue about and there was no detailed description to what file must be changed where so it was not helpful. the other two threads were not really answered to. i found the arma2.cfg but i cant do anything with it since i have no idea what i must do. it doesnt even look like there would be some endoffile it just looks like a standart config to me with no \\\\\\\\ or ----- or something to mark an end of the file. this error just makes no sense at all can anyone help me?