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  1. DUUUUR!!! Hey Rydygier, don't worry about the aircraft problem, It was caused by a mistake in the Sitrep.sqf. sorry for the inconvenience!!
  2. Look for this in the "complex mission" init.sqf... RydHQ_Included = []; RydHQB_Included = []; { if ((faction (leader _x)) == "USMC") then {RydHQ_Included = RydHQ_Included + [_x]}; if ((faction (leader _x)) == "CDF") then {RydHQB_Included = RydHQB_Included + [_x]}; } foreach AllGroups; Just Change CDF to the faction needed for LeaderHQB
  3. Yup. :) Thanks for the info! I use "find"to check for errors in the text so it ussually works out pretty well. Thanks, Stubs.
  4. I have the Su-30 in the RHQSitRep.sqf under RHQ_Air. But I never heard of it being defined in the init.sqf...
  5. (Edit: Disregard) Rydygier, I found the cause to the engine problem. It only occurs if you use the "flyInHeight" command for the aircraft. I didn't get any problems with the Su-34 however (might need some more testing), even when I tested with and without. I used "this flyInHeight 500." Thanks, Stubs. Edit: Nevermind, the problem isn't with flyInHeight, I'll do more testing. Also, the problem occured with the ACE Su-30.
  6. Didn't mean to double post!
  7. I tested the rest of the planes in Iron Front and they all seem to share the problem I mentioned. They fly to destination and then they turn off their engines and glide to a crash. As for the waypoint, I'm not sure whch one it was as it doesn't show what type if you're not the leader (map or 1st person). All the aircraft were set under RHQ_Air, the bombers were also under RHQ_BAir, and the Fighters were also under RHQ_RAir. Just to confirm, I have been using Iron Front the whole time, and I tested for the problem in Arma 2, but it didn't happen. Thanks, Stubs. Edit: By the way, sometimes the waypoint would be just 100m away, then plane would shut off engines.
  8. I'll check right now. I was in the gunners seat of the aircraft and suddenly the engines turned off, it glided in a straight path telling the other aircraft to engage untill it crashed. I also started the aircraft off on the ground on a taxiway. I'll check, but I hope this helps, Stubs. ---------- Post added at 01:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:29 AM ---------- Alright, I have absolutely NO idea what the problem is... I tried a controlled experiment with no alterations at first. We arrive at waypoint, engines shut off. Then, I comment out the exact line of code you specified (Copy and paste into search bar in file) and the plane heads for it's waypoint and keeps flying straight for about 15 minutes until I quit. Lastly, I try the last piece of code in a gamelogic with my start-up line, as soon as the plane gets a waypoint, the engines shut off! Sorry for all the trouble, Stubs. I just tried the above two changes again, same results, then for S&G's I tried them together, and the plain flew off away in the wrong direction in a straight line. ---------- Post added at 02:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:50 AM ---------- I can recreate it in Arma 2 because I was using IF:44. By the way, the planes veered off into the grass because they were faced the wrong way on the taxi script. I'll recreate this in vanilla Arma 2, Stubs. ---------- Post added at 02:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:04 AM ---------- Well, it seems to work fine in Arma 2 with all the tests I ran... Must be an Iron Front problem. Edit: Definently an Iron Front problem, I tried all kinds of planes and situations in Arma 2, but to no avail to recreate the bug. did you use the arma "air" class or your own "air" class to remove idle problem as the iron fornt devs might use a different class. See ya tomarrow, Stubs.
  9. Hey Rydygier, I'm not sure if you already tried to fix this. Anyway i was testing with HAC 1.11wip4 and the aircraft weren't attacking for some reason. I found out it was because the two lead aircraft kept turning off their engines. Again, it was only the leader of the two plane groups. Thanks, Stubs.
  10. Hey Rydygier. If you need anything tested or done, just PM me. I still find this addon to be truly amazing and a blast to create battles with! Thanks, Stubs.
  11. Got it to work by installing latest beta! however, the majority of the parachutes explode when they hit the ground. Thanks for the mission! Stubs.
  12. The mission sounds excellent, but I can't launch it with or without addons (excpet of course the addon for the mission). I even tried launching it from the editor, but to no avail. I'll send the rpt if you want it, any help would be apperciated! thanks, Stubs.
  13. YES!!! My favorite OFP mission! Thanks guys!!!
  14. I know I'm stating the obvious here, but I know it's tedious work and I apperciate it. Every game could use a soundmod like this. Thanks, Stubs.
  15. Did somebody say... BAKED BEANS!?!?