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  1. Is there a way to open an ammo crate if the ammo crate is no where near the player? i wanted to add an action to a player and have it open an ammo create
  2. I'm using this code below in the "Objective" Crates Init field It works as is when i get close to the object it allows me to use the action assigned, how ever the way i want my mission played and the objective secured, don't work together because as the code below works. it wrecks the game play aspect. Example Problem with the current code below: The object spawns in a building, A player can point his mouse cursor thru a window at the objective about 15 feet away, and secure the objective. I want it to detect range better, forcing the player to have to go inside the building and secure the objective. this allowDamage false; this addAction ["Secure Objective", "SecureObjective.sqf"];
  3. falconx1

    Defining the playable area

    I'm really shocked no one has said anything about Norrin's Boundary Script. This is exactly what you are looking for. I use it in one of my missions as well.
  4. so i was bored yesterday and started working on a script to make a player appear to have a jet pack flying thru the sky. is this anything someone would like to see for giggles? maybe could be used with the jump script to give it a better take off ahahah. Also might be useful for a starwars mission or something thoughts?
  5. i see that you have declared a private var of "_JIPArray" and a public var of "JIPArray" not sure why the names are so similar? i would do a rewrite personally. try this to get ride of the error: cuzz your trying to Count JIPArray which is nil or was that intentional lol? if (isNil "JIPArray") then {JIPArray = //what you want it to equal here}; then do your for i from x code etc
  6. When you test it, use west and east units. Calls proper endings on each client. Mission ends for all players when either west or east team runs out of tickets. CODES below: Init.sqf Description.ext playerKilled.sqf MissionEndLoop.sqf
  7. It was the side check causing a problem so made changes. i just tested this modded code and it works. all you have to do is mod the playerKilled.sqf and use all the code below. if it don't work after that something in your other files is wrong. playerKilled.sqf _victim = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; _Victim_Team = side (group _victim); _Killer_Team = side (group _killer); //Don't count Teamkill's if (_Victim_Team == _Killer_Team ) exitWith {}; if (_victim == _killer) exitWith {}; if (_victim != _killer && _Victim_Team == east) then { WestKillCount = WestKillCount + 1; publicvariable "WestKillCount"; //hint format ["Victim Faction: {%1} west kills: {%2} max team kills: {%3} ",_Victim_Team, WestKillCount, MaxTeamKills]; }; if (_victim != _killer && _Victim_Team == west) then { EastKillCount = EastKillCount + 1; publicvariable "EastKillCount"; //hint format ["Victim Faction: {%1} east kills: {%2} max team kills: {%3} ",_Victim_Team, EastKillCount, MaxTeamKills]; }; waitUntil {alive player};
  8. if you want it to end mission etc then you need to make a file called Description.ext and put it in your mission directory then put this code in the file: keep in mind all this code is untested it's just a quik mockup of logic, but glancing at it appears to be workable to me, you can try it, test it or what ever you want:P Description.ext /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class CfgDebriefing //--- endings // blue side first { class End1 { //West winner title = "Mission Complete"; subtitle = ""; description = "Your team has won the battle."; pictureBackground = ""; picture = "b_inf"; pictureColor[] = {0.0,0.3,0.6,1}; }; class End2 { //East loser title = "Mission Failed"; subtitle = ""; description = "Your team has lost the battle."; pictureBackground = ""; picture = "b_inf"; pictureColor[] = {0.5,0.0,0.0,1}; }; }; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// here is the modded loop to call the proper ending for each team. WestFancyloop.sqf //:P WestKillsEnd = true; //loop while {WestKillsEnd} do { if (WestKillCount == MaxTeamKills) then { //Do fancy stuff here when west reaches 20 kills ["End1","BIS_fnc_endMission",west] call BIS_fnc_MP; ["End2","BIS_fnc_endMission",east] call BIS_fnc_MP; //then exit loop when done WestKillsEnd = false; }; sleep 10; };
  9. agree 100 percent. based on all my testing that is exactly the case
  10. it's pretty much the same as what i posted except u can use "objectName" setVariable [killstreak, value, (public)] bolean example: player or killer setVariable["killstreak", 1,true]; then set to nill when killer dies but looking at his mission scripts or asking him is the best option for a new coder. Iv'e never made a killstreak script yet but i know how it's done logic wise.
  11. I'll take a shot at trying to count team kills and executing code when each team achieves the set kill amount. Just a 5-10 minute script but i think it will work Init.sqf WestKillCount = 0; EastKillCount = 0; MaxTeamKills = 20; publicvariable "WestKillCount"; publicvariable "EastKillCount"; publicvariable "MaxTeamKills"; playerKilled = CompileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "playerKilled.sqf"; player addMPEventHandler ["mpkilled", {[_this select 0, _this select 1] Spawn playerKilled}]; if (isServer) then {ExecVM "WestFancyloop.sqf"}; //also make a EastFancyloop.sqf and change the code to proper team for east and run this: if (isServer) then {ExecVM "EastFancyloop.sqf"}; playerKilled.sqf _victim = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; if (_victim == _killer) exitWith {}; if (_victim != _killer && side _victim == east) then { WestKillCount = WestKillCount + 1; publicvariable "WestKillCount"; }; if (_victim != _killer && side _victim == west) then { EastKillCount = EastKillCount + 1; publicvariable "EastKillCount"; }; waitUntil {alive player}; WestFancyloop.sqf WestKillsEnd = true; //loop while {WestKillsEnd} do { if (WestKillCount == MaxTeamKills) then { //Do fancy stuff here when west reaches 20 kills //then exit loop when done WestKillsEnd = false; }; sleep 10; };
  12. when and if i get it working ill update here, but it's not something super important for me at the moment so someone will probably beat me to it. ive only tested it once and that was before Karel made the new tickets wiki page.
  13. i seen a Dev post something here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148761-Respawn-Ticket-System but i cant get it working i set the tickets to 5 each team then 5 killed myself five times but didnt see anything happen after tickets was out, so whats supposed to happen end mission? there is no detailed example usage on the wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn
  14. falconx1

    A gift from BIS?

    Ok, I just thought i would throw this out there for BIS and all the happy jet lovers who are waiting to fly a jet high in the sky in arma3's new engine. So i wanted to take a bit of time to point out what a wonderful job the community is doing with helping BIS squash bugs in the face all day and night after night. I know BIS isn't Santa with a purdy red hat but... I was just wondering if you guys are considering a nice little present to the community for helping Dev's smash bug's in the face etc? :nono: ---------- Post added at 12:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:28 PM ---------- personally i help to make the game better, not for a present"P
  15. falconx1

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    does 35-ish count as an old fart ?
  16. can someone do a quick mod to this with a second loop so a trigger doesn't have to be used?
  17. i think they only work for JIP only if the markers were made in init.sqf i wanted to use this code for markers using if isserver but when i leave server and come back the markers are not there anymore i had to do a work around to fix this making the marker in init.sqf but im not entirely sure if the server was supposed to propagate the marker to all clients to begin with. i certainly thought so. if (randOBJ == 1) then { ObjectiveCrate setPos (getMarkerPos "Objective1"); ObjectiveCrate setDir 0; Obj = getmarkerpos "Objective1"; ObjectiveMkr = createMarker [ObjectiveMkrName, Obj]; ObjectiveMkr setMarkerShape "ICON"; ObjectiveMkrName setMarkerType "mil_box"; ObjectiveMkrName setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; ObjectiveMkrName setMarkerSize [0.9, 0.9]; ObjectiveMkrName setMarkerText (ObjectiveMkrName ); };
  18. falconx1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Personally i am a patient person, and i am willing to wait yet a few more months or longer for the official release of Arma3, reason, I think a product should be as sharp as possible "out of the box". I am extremely happy with Arma3 so far despite a few things i would like to see added. My number one complaint with Arma3 is the engine moves your crosshairs for you, i think this is disgusting engine behavior and does not offer freedom of choice, currently you can't even turn it off. Other than that i think the water needs tweaked and tracers should light up the environment like they do in real life. After that's resolved I would be perfectly happy with Arma3. The lighting in Arma3 is eye popping and mouth dropping to say the least, who ever did the lighting needs a bonus. Really looking forward to playing the campaign. This is probably the only game besides BF3 that I would play the full campaign lol. I remember buying a game called League of Legends which is normally free but the paid version gives you 20 free champions. Guess what? the developers changed the server updater code so much the game did not work out of the box, Riot games support people told me I had to go download the full game from their website, then apply more updates after the fact. Seems like a product should work out of the box. This doesn't have nothing to do with Arma3 though I'm just saying. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  19. falconx1

    Respawn Ticket System?

    yea im pretty sure you have to read the var from in which it was set in this example: [west,5] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; the value u need to read is 5 but i have no idea how to read the var and i'm not sure if the end mission happens on it's own or if you need to define it yourself when tickets are out. i'm thinking unfortunately for us we have to do most of it including end mission, but im not sure. always been hoping someone will share info who uses the ticket system. since the wiki is certainly inadequate respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"EndMission"}; might have to be used with respawn bird type to work i have no idea.....
  20. falconx1

    Respawn Ticket System?

    im pretty sure you want to add it [west,5] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; in the init.sqf or a script in which it's only ran once like server im using this in my description file: respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition","Tickets"}; respawnTemplatesGuer[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition","Tickets"}; and i don't have tickets num defined and nothing happens the other 2 that i do use MenuInventory" and "MenuPosition" still work as intended later i plan on using tickets with it that's why i'm using the code above for the meantime
  21. Urban Assault - Team Objective v1.04 Beta Location: Agia Marina Beta version is limited and has known issues. Mission Sitrep: Story Pending Bluefor Defend Objective. Independent Secure Objective. Info: - Team Objective based style of gameplay. (Americas Army inspired) - Adjustable Params: Time, View distance, Terrain and Delete dead bodies etc. - Adjustable View distance, Terrain etc for all clients via action. - Random Objective Locations for keeping gameplay fresh. - Limited play area in the town of "Agia Marina" for gamers who just want fast combat. Uses Norrin's boundary script. - No stuttering laggy AI. Players ONLY! - Soldier Config: Team Leader, Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, Rifleman, Sniper, Medic and Explosive's for both Independent and BLUFOR. - Multiplayer/Dedicated Compatible. - 16 Max Player Slots: - Beta version is limited to English Language Only. TIP Use of smoke grenades might come in handy! Issues: . Changelog: v1.04 Release date 8/5/2013 - Feature: players are now in groups. - Feature: Team Leader slot is group commander and also uses the Rifleman's loadout config. - Feature: team killers logged to server file. - Changed weapon loadouts and fatigues. - Changed available players slots reduced from 32 to 16 and unit types. - Fixed a bug that ended the mission if only one player was in the server. - Fixed client objective action. - Fixed objective marker for JIP's (important game play) - Fixed null death messages. - Implemented anti spawn kill/Team Kill. Note: These are still Beta Scripts. - Added another spawn point for each faction. - Added selectable loadouts after death. - Added base flag markers. - Added correct tracer colors. Blufor uses red tracers. Guer uses yellow tracers except the Autorifleman which uses green. Future Release: To do: - Add a param for more combat fighting locations with random start functions. Scripts half complete as of 8/5/2013 - Add a param to set the amount of time the assault team has to complete the objective with a global count down timer. (Purpose: Limit's the Assault team from camping for long durations). - Add a param to set player lives/tickets with the values unlimited or number. - Add spectator cam. Download from armaholic: Link updated: 8/6/2013 7:28 AM http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21476
  22. .rpt file: bug is in the file at the bottom I think its a bug EDIT: Karel is aware of it now . Just so no one posts duplicate tickets http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12430
  23. thanks i was in a hurry and wanted to skip the testing for pro a answer lol but i tested it it works as indented thanks for replying tho
  24. are these the correct operators != ? to display the message if only killer is different from the victim? if (victim != killer) then { player globalChat format ["%1 was killed by %2", name victim, name killer]; };