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    The D Word

    You could try out Dead Nation. http://deadnation.eu/forums/ It has it's own launcher to update the mod and browse servers.
  2. There is no problem with your specs, I currently have an i5 3570K 4.2 Ghz, 8GB RAM and GTX 560 Ti, no SSD. It's the way that the client lags when the server/mission lags which is horrible. My experience with a mission over different servers: Server 1 - 20 FPS Server 2 - 40-50 FPS Server 3 - 12 FPS If you can run the game fine in the Editor (I get 40-70 FPS in the editor) then it entirely depends on the server's performance in multiplayer. (And how long it's been up for)
  3. -=Grunt=-

    Helicopter - Auto Targeting?

    You can also press 2 and manually select a target from there. (You can even lock onto friendlies with that menu)
  4. -=Grunt=-

    Failing on start up...any advice?

    Check your anti virus/malware programs. It may be blocking it. A friend of mine yesterday had an issue with his ArmA 3 not starting, turned out it was his anti-malware flagging it due to ArmA 3 trying to change some keyboard/mouse things.
  5. -=Grunt=-

    Trouble finding a smooth server

    The low FPS in multiplayer is usually caused by the server itself. When the server lags, the clients lag too. (That is why servers regularly restart) It could be down to a crappy server, a badly scripted mission, or both.
  6. -=Grunt=-

    Direct chat not working correctly

    No problem, just spread the word whenever you find someone with a broken direct chat.
  7. -=Grunt=-

    Direct chat not working correctly

    I managed to fix my direct chat by plugging in a mic. No mic, DC not working. With mic, DC works. I can now see and hear other people's direct chat.
  8. I've finally fixed my Direct Chat after a year of it not working... I plugged in a headset with a mic. It used to work all fine since ArmA 2's release until about a year ago. (Around the time with ArmA 2 OA beta patches that changed Direct Chat things) I was in an Altis Life server on ArmA 3, told someone my Direct Chat isn't working (That I can't hear or see anyone's Direct Chat but they can see my Direct Chat messages) and the person told me that it didn't work for him until he got a mic. So I plugged in a random headset with a mic, and it worked! It would be nice if Direct Chat worked even if the user doesn't have a mic like before. I have posted the problem on the feedback tracker. (Accidentally put "severity none") http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14469
  9. I would love it if BIS ports them with the updated physics (Vehicles) and animations (Character models). The models and textures still look fine in my opinion. I don't mind the maps and characters not being ported but would love the weapons and vehicles. EDIT: Perhaps make it a DLC where you have to input your ArmA 2 and/or OA CD key in order to download. People that don't own ArmA 2/OA won't be able to use the content. (Or give them the "lite" version)
  10. -=Grunt=-

    AH-99 Blackfoot weapon change

    Aren't the DAGR just unguided rockets?
  11. -=Grunt=-

    Does arma 3 use 4 cores?

    DX10/11 and PhysX has built-in multi-core support so the rendering and physics should be using 4 cores. Not sure about the other stuff such as AI.
  12. -=Grunt=-

    I can only join a few servers.

    Try this: Right click ArmA 3 in your Steam library Click "Properties" Click "Local Files" Click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" Steam will check all of your files, if anything is wrong it'll re-download that file. EDIT: You also might be using the Dev Build and you're trying to join "stable build" servers or the other way around. To opt in/out of the Dev Build: Right click ArmA 3 in your Steam library Click "Properties" Click "Betas"
  13. That bullet still must have hurt like heck and caused him to collapse/fall... We kinda got statue men in ArmA 3 at the moment... (Not as bad as ArmA 2) I'd really like an animation like that when the plate carrier stops a bullet. (Or even a ragdolley animation when hit but not dead, kind of like when ramming an enemy with a car at the moment) EDIT: By "a bullet" I mean, rifle caliber ones.
  14. I believe it's just the speed of the animation. Character/avatar animations in ArmA 3 seem to be faster than ArmA 2's so it gives people the impression that running is faster.
  15. -=Grunt=-

    Who would like to have reasonable rain.

    Mmm yes, Sleeping Dogs... Love the rain in that one.