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    Blackhawk DLC

    A Blackhawks DLC.. UH-60M - Standard Army version HH-60J - USCG HH-60G - Air Force Pavehawk MH-60K - Army Special Forces.. A 160 SOAR DLC will be really alsom.. A european package... Eurocopter and Agusta Westland..DLC
  2. RodrigoMF_BR

    Take on: Hinds - Install Error

    I made this and now is working fine..
  3. RodrigoMF_BR

    Take on: Hinds - Install Error

    Thank´s i will try!
  4. When i tryed install Take on: Hinds, the setup return MISSING STRING... Someone can help me ?
  5. RodrigoMF_BR

    What is your approach to Larkin Aviation?

    I always approach from water and turn from against windsock before touch.
  6. Sorry... We called Eurocopter/Helibras that way here in Brazil airdromes.. Less than aircraft, more than very poor support.
  7. Sikorsky S-76 UH-60 S-92 Trashcopter EC155 EC225 EC725 Bell 407 OH-58 429
  8. RodrigoMF_BR

    General Flight Model

    I liked in general of FM, at expert mode. I like to have more pedals necessity and a longer collective course. For a Beta are much promessing... The tendency for left bank isn´t gyroscopic precession ?
  9. I have with this problem on start-up: File x\ace\addons\setting_external\CfgIdentities.hpp, line1:/CfgIdentities/Identity.ACE_Original_Identity: Undefined base class "Identity" Someone, can help me ?