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    Arma2 Detail loading issue from distances.

    I agree - there was a time (pre-1.6) where it wasnt that bad. Now Ive got grass, trees, vehicles all doing this, and it just ruins the game. Been seeing it for months. Tell you what - try Chernarus, especially in towns like chernogorsk. Im running an ATI high-end GPU, and an SSD off an older quad-core q9650. Used to be better than this.
  2. yeah ive had this problem for quite some time now -- I didnt used to have it. Like water-color smudged trees, grass, etc. At the start of a game its ok, but very soon it starts doing this. I think its documented around these forums elsewhere, but I dont think ive seen any real solid fix for it. All my graphics options are high, ATOC is off. I got an SSDD to run arma off of to fix it, thinking it might be an LOD load issue, but still have the problem.
  3. Interesting you say that, because as a further test I dismounted the commander of one of the tanks and I got in, and commanding the gunner to target one of the russian tanks only got machine gun fired at it -- but I guess I needed to switch his weapon to the main gun (??), so I didnt count that as part of the problem. I think maybe in fixing the gunner issue in 1.6 they may have broken it in a different way. I dont know. Its an easy and quick test to do, if someone wants to try it. Just go into the editor (not on a server), drop 2 tanks per side down, and yourself on the ground as their leader: Command them to danger Command them to engage at will For me, this only gets turret-gun fire (not the .50) from both tanks, and they do that whether you command any of the above at all. Tell etiher tank commander to engage one of the enemy tanks, and then he destroys both.
  4. Hello - I was playing BE Warfare the other night on my dedicated server, and was a soldier commanding a couple squads of infantry and 2 bradleys as we went to cut off the russian advance from their flanks. I found em where I thought I would, but the bradleys never openned fire (they were under my command), and we all got decimated. So... why, given the 'engage at will' command wouldnt the bradleys engage ? As a test, I dropped a couple russian tanks on the runway in chernarus, and a couple bradleys under my command. I was again infantry. The bradleys fired their bushmasters at the tanks, non-stop, but never engaged with TOWs until I specifically told them to target one of the tanks. At that point, they used TOWs to destroy both enemy tanks quickly. I duplicated this issue with 1.60 latest beta, and 1.60 base, and no mods. I then did the same thing with a couple of M1A2s, and got the same result - once I told them to engage one of the tanks, only then did they use their main gun (they were shooting their turret gun at the tanks before I told them to specifically engage one of the tanks) to destroy both enemy tanks. This aint right. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but has anyone else seen this ??
  5. djczing

    AI Driving? Forget About It!

    Yeah Ive definitely noticed the change in the AI driving - I tend to do alot of AI convoys in BE warfare, and its just insane now. One thing I noticed that has changed - When BIS 'fixed' the driving before, you needed to be in ai-relaxed mode and they would follow the roads quite well, and with speed. Now you need to be in danger mode for them to have any speed at all - and while they wont necessarily run on the roads (in danger mode they shouldnt, for the most part), they will go very fast, from what ive seen. The driving was in fairly good shape at one point in the betas, but yeah - its more frustrating than its ever been now. Another thing I hate is that when Im a passenger (I like to plan, and look at maps while in transit), the driver in that vehicle /has/ to be the front vehicle in the convoy. Thats just silly. I, as the leader, should not be on point. I get around this by designating (by color) a point team, usually HMMVs, and commanding them seperately from the main convoy (usually support) force. But yeah - ive always wondered why its so difficult to make them drive on the road when you want them to - and then, of course theres the issue thats been going on for-ev-ar where you have to dismount them to make them turn the freakin engine off ! THats a huge pain when you have more than 2 or 3 vehicles, and it just doesnt seem like theres a good reason for it. In my mind, if I tell my support drivers to stop (team yellow,usually), then should shut down the motors by default. Also, if they are stopped for a given period of time, they should turn off the motors. THe AI in 1.6 is tremendously improved -- but the driving has gotten much worse.
  6. Ive tried just about every AI enhancement out there, trying to get better AI response in close quarters. Right now im using ACE and asr_ai, and ai skill levels set high, and ai precision set between 60-90%. Tell ya what -- they engage me in such a way that I really have to be on my toes to get the first shot off at them -- even in close quarters. There are ways to make the AI better -- if you are willing to use a mod or 2. As far as managing AI, I like to do that, to a point. I like multiple squads, and support vehicles under my command in the field -- unfortunately after a certain size, managing them becomes difficult. If I didnt have to dismount and remount drivers just to get the engine turned off, if choppers didnt overfly their destination, if medics healed squadmates automatically, if machine gunners (and everyone else) rearmed themselves, well... then itd be quite a bit easier when ur running large numbers of troops/vehicles.
  7. djczing

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 81921

    Hmmm doesnt seem to crash as easily. I could crash previous versions (1.59 and betas) every time by playing WarfareBE over lan against my dedicated server. With this beta it seemed better. It didnt crash for 2 days, until I restarted the mission. FPS is down in the crapper a bit...
  8. First of all, I hope everything is lower case (not just the mpmissions). Second of all, its difficult to tell whats going on or what you are running without more specifics. Third (and most promising), find the log file and look through it, both on client and server. On the server the log location is specified in the (standard) start script. This will most likely show you what the problem is.
  9. Try turning off vsync in the video options, and perhaps try different video memory settings.
  10. djczing

    Why is this game not more popular?

    And how people think everybody should be like them is beyond me :)
  11. djczing

    Virtual Private Network

    A VPN only adds an encrypted tunnel layer to your already long ping times. It would cause higher pings and more latency.
  12. djczing

    Arma2 out of memory wtf.

    Yeah Ive been meaning to Dwarden -- I just need to duplicate the issue with no mods at all running before I could consider it a clean footprint, and I havent run it modless yet. Ill try to do that soon. Thanks as always for your support. ---------- Post added at 02:20 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:15 AM ---------- By the way, it seemed to have the character of a memory leak -- mem useage would just count up slowly until the crash. To rule out the slow increase being a result of increasing (warfare) mission complexity, I waited until the warfare session was fully developed, and restarted my client -- and the memory useage started low, and slowly crept up in the same fasion as if Id just started the mission from scratch. Looks like too much malloc() and too few mfree() to me. Ah well its all speculation until I can get you a footprint and Ill try to do that soonest.
  13. djczing

    Arma2 out of memory wtf.

    Ive been getting crashes that appear to be out of memory crashes (WinXP), when the memory footprint approaches 1gb. Ive been having this happen consistently since I can remember -- at least 1.57, and it happens to this day. I normally play BE Warfare against a dedicated server, and after 2-3 hours FPS drops to 1 or 2 or 3. ALt-tabbing the game down, then back up again fixes it for a time at first (about 5 minutes), but it soon goes back into hang mode. Of course restarting the client, or even restarting the mission fixes it until it winds up to near 1gb useage again. Been meaning to get a footprint and submit it, but havent yet. Why does there seem to be a brick wall at 1gb main memory useage ? Core 2 Duo Quad 6950 4GB DDR2 XFX Mobo ATI 5850 GPU @ v11.2 View Distance 2500 Win XP 32 I tried it once with the warfare mission 'When diplomacy fails' and it appeared to have the same issue. Why the wall at 1Gb main mem ?
  14. djczing

    Has OFP/ARMA put you off the Army ?

    Sorry - I didnt want to point it directly at Inkompetent, lest it be judged personal and get be banned and slammed. So, Ill just leave it anonymous.
  15. djczing

    Has OFP/ARMA put you off the Army ?

    Its better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you a fool Than to open your mouth and prove it.