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  1. First time I tried helicopters in CTI multiplayer and have some questions about the radar. I was flying with the AH-1Z at altitude 20 far from the coastline when suddenly out of nowhere a Jet did shot me down. - i got no radar warning about the Jet - i got no radar warning about the incomming missile - i got no AI sound or chat warning about anything So whats going on here, is the radar not working and why the AI did not inform me about incomming air threads ? I did test also the UH-1Y and was flying above tree line, stopping close to one village...i got shot down from a missile only short time later and no AI infos about movements or anything. When I drive vehicles or when i engage with an infantry squad, they spot enemies so far... Could need some tips n tricks here please, thx
  2. oxmox

    ARMA 2 Online Numbers?

    I play since a week around and often there are only a handfull server with more than 10 players online so far, this change today for me and i see maybe 30 servers with at least 10 players...right now at 20:42 european time..98% of these servers are CTI or coop thats the first time for me i see so many. And the highest populated out of them are offering always the same map and gameplay. I did install some new Islands and stuff, so many great things around i.e. Panthera Island but I have not seen any server with it so far. On the other hand we have to be satisfied that we can play and the community offers public servers, thx for that. I wished the populated server which are really rare, could offer more variety otherwise the playing always the same island gets boring fast. I dont think it is a problem for beginners to join servers with or without mods installed, there are still vanilla servers out there and not many mods are used anyways. Standard seems to be ACE2 and more servers did switch to it in the last days. Anyway more variety would be nice, there is so much awesome stuff out there to mod servers.... There is one major point i miss in the ingame server browser: There is no information what mods server use ! I see only the short description of the server but not really more infos, I think this should be improved.
  3. oxmox

    Radar of AH-1Z

    Whats mandal missiles, is this an addon ? Well, seems like the vanilla game doesnt support air to air radar functions, still a good game i have a lot of fun :)
  4. oxmox

    Radar of AH-1Z

    Well who has to watch the radar the gunner or pilot ? I was the pilot but had nothing on my radar since it shows only objects in limited scan range in front of you. No radio warning from the gunner, no chat warning..nothing, i just died from the Jet above.
  5. oxmox

    Radar of AH-1Z

    The Jet was probably in visible range since i saw him after i got hit, but there was not a single information about air activity...I thought fighter helis have radar ? Doesnt this work in this game and whats the range of individual radar and rockets, where can i get the infos about that ? I was hovering over the sea far out from the coastline in very low altitude 17-20..thats the range where radar should not get you, but the Jet was flying high so the AH-1Z has no air-air radar in this game maybe ? Its ok if rockets and radar type aswell radar range isnt realistic due to game mechanics, but at least a little warning would be cool to get integrated in this game except i did miss something..low altitude to avoid enemy radar detectino seems not work aswell, thats why i hope to get some tips n tricks here =).
  6. Well strange, my game seems to be a hybrid. The sound language is in english but only the subtitle is in german. I own the german version but seems like i cant find out how to set the speech sound to german. My english is good enough to understand the sound files but I wonder if the game even has multi lingual sound files.
  7. oxmox

    Changing environment due to pollution

    The human is a contributer to many changes in the nature those are facts, the discussion about global warming covers not all. We have a lot more problems than only global warming, if global warming is caused by human or not, opinions of scientists differ here probably, we destroy our world anyway I dont think we have to debate this since we all know it.
  8. oxmox

    Changing environment due to pollution

    I live in Germany and the change of the climate is noticeable if i remember how it was years ago or when i remember the times as a child. Iam 32 years old and the climate in the 80ies was different than now. 1.) climate change which i witness in my living area I remember when it was possible to go cross country skiing from the door of my parents house, over the acres just where you would love to go. That is impossible since around 12-15 years, there was not just a single year with enough snow to do that. There were also one or two skiing lifts, we have small mountains up to 600-700m, and both did close years ago after the help with artificial snow was too expensive. The winter climate did change a lot in comparison to years ago. We had winters in the last year with almost no snow at all and most of the time temperatures around 0 C ! Some days ago we had a crazy night with -28 C, similar to the January of this year, today we had +4....i cant remember such days with so high minus temperatures aswell in the years ago, you could find such minus temperatures maybe in alpes but not close to a half million town. The summer did change aswell, we got several summers in the last years especially this decade ! with crazy temperatures i.e. 35 C, we got summers where the hot season did start already in March with really high temperatures, we had summers where you had almost no sunshine at all..i.e. this summer 2009 we had only one period of two weeks with nonstop sunshine. Summer years ago were known that you had a longer period, several weeks with loads of sunshine days and we had not that crazy high temperatures. In school we did talk about that and in this time most did laugh about a climate change and not many would believe it, i did not think that it would change that fast...well only in such a short time things really start to happen. And if you ask your parents or older people, the changes in the decades before were not that drastically.
  9. Hi there, Iam new to ArmA2 and did already play several hours on some of the nice CTI warfare servers. I did notice that the game manual aswell the ingame campaign tutorial doesnt explain everything and its hard to find informations for certain things. It would be nice if some of you could help me with some questions: 1.) How do I use the Artillery Vehicles in Multiplayer (i.e. warfare/cti) ? I talk about the M270 MLRS tank with a rocket missile system aswell the BM-21 Grad Vehicle with a multiple rocket system aswell. I did see one tutorial video on youtube where the player can interact with the vehicle and command targets in the menu, but communication menu is empty and i dont have such an option. How can I use such vehicles effective in multiplayer combat on such warfare/cti servers ? Btw i did notice that i receive radio messages from HQ sometimes about artillery support, didnt hear such messages in any other vehicle. 2.) Where do i find more detailed description about Infantry Units (AI) and how do they interact within one AI squad on multiplayer servers ? I see so many different types of Infantry Units in the barracks "buy list" on multiplayer warfare servers and would love to know more detailed infos about the individual classes except their weapon and gear. I did find lots of descriptions about ingame vehicles but not really about the Infantry units, their possibilities, individual gear and with what they support their AI team. I see that Scouts, Stormgrenadier, Spotter, and so on exist besides the leader units. Btw do you recomand to use leader Infantry Units within an AI squad on multiplayer servers ? I saw also expert units for for explosives and spec ops units and so on .... Does Scouts support sniper classes for example when you team them both up in one color team ? In other words how the AI supports other classes and is it usefull to combine them. 3.) How AI crew supports in tanks i.e. t-72/m1a1 when the driver is the player ? I like to drive heavy tanks but have problems sometimes with targeting and to attack other vehicles. When Iam the driver myself i change the settings for the rest of the crew to alert aswell to fire at will first. I did notice that they automatically attack infantry units with the MG but not any other vehicles even if you did change to the right ammunition i.e. sabot. It seems you have to order them to attack the spotted vehicle targets by the Ai commander and here is another problem already. Sometimes I can target vehicles with TAB and sometimes not, often the AI commander doesnt identify enemy vehicles with his voice but you can see enemy targets when you activate the menu. After i manual activate targets from the menu the target gets a square and sometimes in addition a circle. Does this means that when the circle pops up the target is attackable with the main gun and if only the square is marked it it cant bet attacked and the gunner only aims for the possible position ? How do you effective target/aim and give orders ?