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  1. Gilson

    L85A2 Reboot!

    Any plans for a LSW version after you're done with this?
  2. Gilson

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    Armaverse, doesn't have to make anymore sense than the devs made a design choice.
  3. There is no confirmation on the meaning of what was promised or what has been dropped. It's a fracking pre-alpha, this is just another thread of freaking the fack out because ARMA3 may or may not contain something that may or not even have been planned in the first place.
  4. Gilson

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    IF they released the alpha within, say, the next month, it wouldn't have multiplayer, wouldn't have the new radio chatter system in, nor would it have a *working* editor. Then you'd only complain because it didn't have them. They want to release the community alpha and give us all these things so that we can use and abuse them, and give them enough time and feedback to release a game, instead of it being like Arma 2.
  5. Gilson

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Yes, the xbox version, ARMA3 is going to be released on the xbox to coincide with the release of the new xbox controller which has 64 buttons.
  6. Gilson

    Mission Editor

    3D Editor is /confirmed/, the 2D editor is being shipped with the community alpha.
  7. Wait, I don't understand... Why are you guys going on the large range of US camo's, and fighting over which is less shitty, when the only camo BLUFOR have been seen in is multicam?
  8. Any news on this? How are you progressing with it, etc. etc.?
  9. Gilson

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Or maybe its just not finished, you know, being an alpha 'n all.
  10. Gilson

    Cone of Fire and Iron Sights

    He saw the new (old, didn't OFP have the same kind of crosshairs) and the bullet dispersion/recoil and automatically jumped to BI removing a core feature of their simgames
  11. It works perfectly and is exactly what I needed. Many thanks for your help and work.
  12. I've come to a complete loss; I have little to no scripting experience in any medium, however myself and a couple of people have managed to mangle this together: Init: waitUntil {!isNil primaryWeapon this}; [this] exec "WeaponCaptive.sqf"; weaponCaptive.sqf: (_this select 0) setCaptive true; waitUntil {isNil primaryWeapon this}; [this] exec "NoWeaponCaptive.sqf" noweaponCaptive.sqf: (_this select 0) setCaptive false; waitUntil {!isNil primaryWeapon this}; [this] exec "WeaponCaptive.sqf" What is supposed to be happening is unit(s) start with the initial state of being setCaptive true, so enemy AI do not react to them, then once they've picked up a gun their state becomes setCaptive false, then if they drop their weapon they return to the initial state of setCaptive true. The snippets above give undefined errors on both the 'this' within the {}'s and the exec part. Looking for some assistance - absolutely anything will be welcome.