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  1. Name: Joey Age: 17 Location: United Kingdon Timezone: GMT Experience: Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault, Armed Assault 2, ArmA2: OH. Microphone: Yes Looking for: I am looking for a Russian/Eastern/Geurilla realism unit either in Armed Assault 2 or Operation Arrowhead. I've had alot of experience MilSim units in the previous years dating back to Operation Flashpoint, and I am now looking for a similar unit "playing the other side". Desired Position: Preferably infantry.
  2. LandShark126

    ArmA OA DVD Not running?

    Now the notion of my DVD player not supporting dual layer would make sense. That'd quite easily explain why ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead wouldn't run on my desktop. Thanks for those suggestions also. I'll give them a try and hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be able to get Operation Arrowhead onto my PC. That Online Activation thing is saviour for me also. Thanks Deadfast and Placebo. :)
  3. LandShark126

    ArmA OA DVD Not running?

    Seemingly there is no update for my driver. However, the disc installs fine upon my laptop and I can play, however due to it's age I won't be able to run the game itself sufficently. Now, come to mention it, this is the exact same thing which happened to me with ArmA 2, though in the end I went ahead and brought the Steam version after giving up. Sadly I don't have the money for a new DVD drive nor the Steam version. Anyone got any potential ideas?
  4. Hey guys, I'm a little stuck here. I recently got myself a copy of Operation Arrowhead and when I enter the disk into the DVD drive it makes various low noises but never runs. No menu pops up at all, and when I open 'My Computer' it goes white with 'Not Responding' until I take the disc out. Is it something to do with the disc? Or my DVD player? It'd be a real shame if it was as it'd mean more expense, money of which I sadly do not have. :/ Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. Thanks a load for that, I owe you one!
  6. This hasn't worked either. Neither has Firefox or Google Chrome. Which is -very- weird as I have been on the website before to install ACE the first time around. It just keeps up coming with 'Page Cannot Be Displayed'. As for the GUI updater itself, this is what I get before after 30 seconds or so it closes: http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/8439/ry436f.png Hope that helps.
  7. I'm trying both the localhost and the IP one (which I cannot remember) someone had the same problem as me, seemingly, back on page 188 or so in which they resolved it by restarting their computer. No such luck for me. Pehaps I should try another browser. EDIT: This is the link: http://localhost:16333/ to which the GUI (at least I believe) needs to contact to update, or goes to open with the client, but neither it nor my browser can access it.
  8. I've reinstalled the updater several times. I don't think it's that, I think it is more to do with my browser not being able to open the website, it just comes up with 'Page Cannot Be Displayed'.
  9. Sorry, I meant as in when I launch the Updater Six GUI it goes to open the webclient and then just crashes and stops. I cannot got onto nor http://localhost:16333/ either through that or through my web browser.
  10. Thats weird... I've gotten onto the site before, so why wouldn't it be working this time? Just to confirm it is http://localhost:16333/ ?
  11. The website is down for me also... it's just mine says page cannot be displayed. Anyone know the reason?
  12. Ahh, thanks alot. I was just being dense as usual. Thanks again!
  13. Having an annoying problem - I downloaded all the files of the ACE mod from the wiki mod today and did it the "old fashioned way" by adding in the mod parameters, but when I joined a fully updated server it is saying I'm using an outdated version (the ending is 316 opposed to 319) anyone know how I can update, or how to solve? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I have updated my userconfig.
  14. Player looking for a Russian/Guerrilla realism unit. I've had many years experience in other milsim units and I'm now looking for a change of side and something new so to speak. If you want to get into contact, PM me on here and or email: Spitfire126@hotmail.co.uk