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  1. This is a bit dissapointing, 24hrs gone and no response, is there a proper set up for this game in terms of support, or is it just a quick merger money spinner? Pissed coz its a great sim, with this era, Help!!! Please Many thanks ---------- Post added at 11:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:05 AM ---------- Ok I have now found out what is making the stuttering happen. after finding the proper Iron Front Liberation forum and read someone mention the xbox controller for windows, which I am using. Loaded the game without the controllers USB plugged into the pc, and walla, im flying with all the finesse I should be able too :D I am happy now. Hope this helps someone else
  2. Can anyone help! Just downloaded digital version from steam. The game has run first time and has not asked me to enter the serial code I was prompted with at first set up The games runs very smoothly on high settings when as infantry men, and with planes flying around a lots of other interaction "BUT" as soon as I set foot inside a vehicle or aircraft, the game starts choking and spluttering as if some sort of micro chip has got stuck in its bottle neck!. No seriously this is ruining the quality of the game play, frames go from a steady 30 down to -5 and its unplayable. Has there been anything I have missed that has dealt with this issue, as I have only just purchased it, and know it was released in may. Just for info, im running arma2 OA no problems Thanks in advanced:D
  3. Thanks for taking the time to help. Yes transferred the folders into the Six updater GUI folder,,, Still nothing. And what and where would the command line be. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would be nice if someone could provide a link with detailed info on how to set it all up correctly inside XP, Vista etc. Can anybody provide this?? Many thanks:)
  4. Just used Six Updater GUI, I choose the MOD above, It has transferred all the files into the ARMA2 Folder in Programme files, on XP I run the Game and click Multi Player, I cant enter any ACE Multi player Servers. I keep getting cant enter bla bla bla because something something been Deleted. Is there something Ive missed, I have been trying to find something about this on the forum but cant. Appreciate any help :confused:
  5. Ruxster

    Where the Team work

    Thanks Rodman, Im pretty new to clans and what not, but my question is, how will you know if you want to join them, if you dont get to see how they work.
  6. Can we have some teamwork, there are many players online that ruin the experience for me, taking off on thier own in the only vehicle availible, leaving you too run the 3000 meters to the next objective, or even more, I mean whats that all about, especially when there are 4 seats and your with a group of 3 or 4, why get in it and take off without waiting for your teams mates to jump in. This ruins the game for me when theres no comms, and no teamwork from other onliners, there should be a code of conduct rule to follow in this game, if you want to run of into the fray like rambo and are only interested in working on your own, go back to COD, This game is about team work, and yet I have not really seen a great deal of it, there are a few very good players who seem to comm and help out when needed, but for the majority, there seems to be a lack of dicipline and organisation, Any mature players looking to work as a team, and get the most from a fantastic war sim, please send me a friend request. Serious gamers only need apply
  7. Ruxster

    3rd person versus Egoshootermode

    At the end of the day, 3rd person gives you an unfair advantage, I thought the whole reason people play these simulations, is to simulate. Ai or not, no 3rd person view please, infact the whole reason im here in the first place is to get away from war games with 3rd person views. Thank god you can swith it off on line.:eek:
  8. Ruxster

    1.05 released

    At 70% downloaded, after 20 minutes, not to bad. I am new and only got the Ver1.04 last nite and the improvements were very good, I really looking forward to seeing this in action after reading the fix list. Thanks BIS Also is there any groups of people that work as teams like in clans, just last nite online seemed liked people just come on and go off on thier own, wondered if there are any organised groups who take it seriously, :cool:
  9. Ruxster

    1.05 released

    Had mine downloading for the last ten minutes and on 28%:rolleyes: Its normally alot quicker, I have up to 8mg download speeds, internet seems a bit slow today aswell. And if you mean install, yea, the file its rectifying is massive right 10 gig
  10. Thanks for all the feed back, Im just about to download version 1.04 ontop of the main game ver 1.01, I am assuming all the fixes from previous versions, 102, 103 will be included in this Patch, Please let me know if im wrong. Many thanks :D ---------- Post added at 04:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:16 PM ---------- Wow, this is massive, fantastic array of improvents and enhancements. This cant be for free right??? :eek:
  11. Interesting ACE2 ??? whats that an add on.
  12. Thanks for replying quickly. Got the the game ordered now anyhow, just trusting that there will be an improvement from the new patches, not to say im totaly unhappy with the demo, infact its impressed me enough to buy, and also looking at the support for this title, I can see there will be many hours of enjoyment ahead.;)
  13. Im using the demo, and have to say I am very impressed so far, with a few things that are portraying some questions for me. So im wondering can i update the demo version, to see the latest improvements, im guessing not, but any accurate info on this would be appreciated.:)