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  1. tryed and it did not work i just sent that issue thing in, hope i done it right thanks sickboy EDIT: if use find a problem with my config file or something, will use email me or something like that?
  2. that still does not give me my crosshairs though does it? or does the game need to be running when i unclick no crosshairs?
  3. yep, they are all un-checked except the tracer one. how do i save the "no wind deflection" aswell? when i press save it tells me its saved to clipboard, and to put it in settings.ace which i cant open
  4. oh great, thankyou sir. any idea why i got no crosshairs? i removed @ACE and they came back. i have enabled them in the config ( removed the // ) enabled them in difficulty, but there still not there EDIT: just tryed "no cross" with clipi. so will go take a look now ---------- Post added at 11:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:47 AM ---------- nope, i still got no crosshairs also noticed i can't hear team mates either, and its all enabled awwww man :(
  5. would anyone happen to know why i got no crosshairs? i have them enabled in-game, also enabled in the config file, i like to play 3rd person to see my soldier thats all also, when changing ace settings, it says save them in settings.ace, when i try to open it, it reports it as a wrong format, damaged or something else, have tryed a few things, using winrar by default also i updated ace and the config stuff
  6. AussieSausage

    how do i get the AAW mod?

    i still need yoma addon sync, and the help thing isn't working so i dont know what i do with it it says " Installation: You will need to install yoma addon sync to be able to download and install these addons. Visit our FAQ for a tutorial how to use Yoma addon sync." ---------- Post added at 03:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:09 AM ---------- ok i think i figured it out, its downloading a load of AAW stuff
  7. AussieSausage

    how do i get the AAW mod?

    thankyou but now i got another problem, when i click "help" in yoma to get help to get the mod as per that, it doesn't do nothing, i suppose i should be asking that in the proper thread though yoma is hard to use :(
  8. AussieSausage

    how do i get the AAW mod?

    hey guys can someone please help me getting the AAW mod, i can't find the thread for some reason, even when i search AAW it only finds a really old one, and i want the up to date one for CO anyone please help me?
  9. AussieSausage

    website or something with a list of scripting commands?

    oh perfect, thanks guys
  10. hey guys i thought i would post this here since im not excactly scripting a mission but is there a site or a tool or something with a list of scripts and what they do? want to make a mission, but dont know excactly what i would look for example: making planes fly by themselfs a certain altitudes ect ect thanks, hope someone can help me
  11. AussieSausage

    i cant use the armex armoury with sound mod?

    download the latest patch and you will get it, or look around im after some help here anyone??:confused:
  12. AussieSausage

    i cant use the armex armoury with sound mod?

    Armex is the multiplater armoury not sure if its in Arma2, i run combined ops :)
  13. hey guys can someone help me please. i cant use armex with ANY mod at all, it just sits on opening gates and never moves, how ever if i remove all mods it works fine, i cant even use a sound mod is it meant to be like this? or is there a way to fix it? thankyou :) merry xmas all
  14. It's not finding anything with @mma, Mando Missile. :( I guess there is none, i would be here all night going through the list looking for @mma and @ACE in the same mode line :p
  15. how do i know what ones are running mando missile ane ACE? theres way to many to sit here and go through i cant filter mods either