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    This is how APXS work!!!!

    Thnks for that, i go to the rock with the wrong site of my rover :) lol
  2. Downloading, cant wait.
  3. Thanks a lot...no wating for August the first.
  4. Oh my god. Thanks BI for all. First the Arma Series, than Take On Helicopters and now the Mars. I pre-ordered it. One question, the key comes with an Email to my Email Account or do you send it to the Shop Account? Ah one more question. I have no big problems with the english language but later will the game be in german? Thanks BI and have a nice day Edit:Where did i get the badge? OK, i read it...updatet every hour
  5. VIPERA you are my man.THanks,Thanks,Thanks this was the solution:go to Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\ userconfig\ACE\ace_clientside_config and change FEATURES: Disables/Reduces crosshairs "#define ACE_NOCROSS" ---> "//#define ACE_NOCROSS"
  6. My friend look in this config and he didn´t find it and another guy cant find it too.Mh i am a config-noob.Some ideas what i can Change.This problem makes me sick:rolleyes:
  7. Ok i trie this when i am at home.Thanks for your help and i report to you when it works´. @VKing i dont have the crosshair in SP, i dont have it in the Editor,I dont have it in the Waffenkammer. But a great thank that you help me.Everbody a nice Christmas and a Happy new year
  8. Hi Kremator...I tried the easiest Game Mode(Rekrut) and there is no green notch and bead sight.In every Difficulty Mode i have the same Problem and on every Server too.What do you mean with take it off?Sorry that i dont know what you mean but thanks for your help.Can you describe it.A lot of Thanks to you...
  9. Hi guys, i have a problem with the ACE Mod and nobody can help me.I try to explain it best i can...i am german and my englich is not so well.I install the ACE and everything is fine but i dont see the green notch and bead sight.The small green vertical lines with the point in the middle(m136 shooting is impossible).I install it twice and i look in the settings with a other member.We look in the settings of difficulty and everything is the same...he has the green notch and bead sight but i dont have it.I install Arma2 the patch and the ACE Mod again but the same problem is there. I used the yoma addon sync and have the vistaOS.Any ideas what is wrong or where i can find it?I have no ideas because we look 3h and we can find nothing.Can you help me.Thanks a lot