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  1. JCarter

    Fallujah 1.1

    Incredible map, great work!!!
  2. Stop by our Live Chat anytime and we'll set you up with a test server right in Chicago (if you want the server there) with all the mods you want; you don't pay a thing unless you are happy with the server and the service.
  3. JCarter

    Very Unprofessional Assassins

    WOW ... excuse me while I go kick myself for reading all 25 pages.
  4. JCarter


    You're only "lost" if you stay where you are :) Follow the link in my signature, hop on "Live Chat" and somebody can have you on a server in minutes to try out or purchase.
  5. JCarter


    Your provider should be able to answer this question better than anyone else, so you might try asking them. If your provider uses TCAdmin you should have a "Command Line Editor" option in your control panel to edit the command line for mods etc. There are a number of providers around that are very Arma, Arma2, and Arma2:OA friendly, you might consider looking for one that provides the service you need.
  6. JCarter

    TDM; any takers?

    Sounds like fun as long as the restricted zones don't detract from the tactical aspect; which I think is one of the key selling points for Arma2 in the first place - the expansive maps.
  7. You could try and ask them to install an updater for you, or install and run an updater for you when required. Or simply switch to a provider that does provide the services you need.
  8. JCarter

    Check running pbos on server

    @Sickboy: You don't, by chance, offer that info as an xml feed do you? Maybe gslist would be the best way to go for that?
  9. The -profiles= path needs to be complete not relative so to use the folder you have described put: -profiles=C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\siika
  10. Here is a raw xml feed that will query an Arma2 server (great for developing custom banners, viewers, etc.): http://services.eetara.com/gamespy3/ <-- replace with your ip:port And a raw xml feed of all online arma2 servers(can be used in conjunction with the above feed): http://services.eetara.com/master/arma2
  11. I can provide one free of charge just shoot me a pm.
  12. I imagine you already did this, but you never know - in the TCAdmin Command Line Editor are you sure you have the correct command line "selected" Also when you create a command line in TCAdmin you have to name the command line itself, such as "default" or whatever you enter at the top of the editor.
  13. JCarter

    Any Undead Mod Servers?

    I have a server set to play Zombies Out of Control-(Co-05) by H5N1 for the next week or so. Name of Server: (Co-05) Zombies Out of Control-(Namalsk) IP: Required Addons: - Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core - Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras - Community Base addons - Namalsk + Namalsk Patch - The Undead Mod
  14. JCarter

    Advice on Lowering ping

    If you don't know what you are doing this program can simplify optimizing your pc for gaming: GameBooster However, from your post it sounds like you have already taken some of these steps. One other thing to remember, regardless of our individual computer set-ups, we are all prisoner to our access point to the net. Some of us just live in a location that will have a higher ping due to routing issues beyond our control. Good Luck in your efforts.
  15. JCarter

    Server hosting.. Who? (Europe)

    @Andersson[sWEC] We generally have a different promotion once a month or so for different products or releases. But we may adjust prices at anytime, this of course does not effect an agreed to price with existing customers. We offer a 100% Anytime Money Back Guarantee which is under #8 in the link here LPGS Terms of Service I suggested the PM or visiting my site to avoid discussing my company repeatedly in this thread. As for special treatment, we are always open to negotiation and consider all of our customers special. Again we are happy to answer any questions anyone might have at www.LowPingGameServers.com