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  1. DenisRUS

    CSLA for A2CO

    Do we have AKM with GP-25 in this mod? Will be there any fixes for MIG-29 ? Model is great but its flying like iron:-)
  2. Merkavas would be more useful in A-stan then M1 IMHO Jst think what could happen to Talliban IF IDF took the job??
  3. DenisRUS

    Chechen Rebels

    nice models for target practise indeed! Thanks.
  4. DenisRUS

    Military Discussion Thread

    Good Russian military video One of my favorite
  5. Why not ask some good mapper to use his map? or use original map,like cherno or taki? IMHO its better to spent all the time to create proper anomaly's and monster migration system then create map which quality and performance will be way below normal. Would be also very good if the Zone itself would be the main threat- it s not good that there are crowds of stalkers and another humans insight. It would be much better if most of the time player will see/fight monsters and anomalies.
  6. Does developer team have any plans about Russian faction in ARMA 2:PR ? Can we expect anything ?
  7. DenisRUS

    ION, Inc.

    Any info about the size of the new map?
  8. Ah..does anyone noticed that in the end of the video soldiers actually walk insight of the chopper? Its pretty amazing dont you think? Because of this i got a question - will it be possible to shoot from the vehicles?
  9. DenisRUS


    Oleg do you have any plans about porting your T-90 model in ARMA2 after finishing Tu-95 project? КÑтати надо будет Ð Ñд Хамер попроÑить ,чтобы еще и звук по мощней припахали к бомберу=)
  10. DenisRUS

    DCS: A-10C Warthog

    I hope this guys sometime in the future will decide to give us no only air but full military simulator too. Sweet dreams..
  11. Guys what do think about adding AKM with GP-25 to the mod ? Would be nice to have it on RUS and INS side.
  12. Lucan946 egh.. there are only 50-60 tanks with arena or drozd system and there are secretly served near the main strategic objects like Nuke Power Plants etc. And BTW Shtora and Arena are completely different systems. Normal tank should have both.
  13. BCA Cat Toaster what do you think about limiting number of sniper rifles and grenade launchers etc which team can access ATM? Like in real life not everybody have Javelin launcher or anti material rifle - only several people. Time of tank/hely respown should be increased to IMHO.
  14. Will be there tanks in the game or it will be infantry only ? EDIT Sry..didnt see the trailer=)
  15. Guys was it really meant to be placed in Vietnam or it is just rumors?
  16. DenisRUS

    SLX Mod WIP

    TeilX Sad. I v heard bots can do it in Zeus mod but i cant see it caz people from Russia are banned and cannot download it=)
  17. At last we will have normal public PvP server for CO..I was waiting for it very much caz i hate stupid sands and desert.
  18. DenisRUS

    SLX Mod WIP

    I v got a question : does AI use buildings to attack and cover with SLX mod or bots still ignore them like in original game? I mean do they shoot from windows etc?
  19. DenisRUS

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Sad but i cant download this addon too. Seems to me whole Russia is banned.) Is it possible to have some additional mirrors guys?
  20. DenisRUS

    Beating of a criminal

    little war you say.. It was genocide of the osetian ppl -thousands of civilians were killed in there own homes. Genocide which was sponsored by glorious USA btw Ok-back to theme. http://fishki.net/comment.php?id=74796 Ppl say that criminal died in hospital after all this
  21. DenisRUS

    Beating of a criminal

    Big Mac i was asking questions cause it it was interesting for me sorry if it was so big pain in the ass for you to answer them like normal ppl do when there asked about there countries. lol BTW there is no any propaganda in USA. Not at all.And it is just lovely that you tell me what i should do or not. Just lovely. Maybe you remember what american mass media was screaming when 08.08.08. war happen?
  22. DenisRUS

    Beating of a criminal

    vilas what about Russian mafia? Is it still strong in Poland like it was in 90s? In the place where i live we get rid from most of this scum years ago. Heard that some of these bastards emigrated with there families to the Eastern Europe just not to get in jail/get shot down here. Big Mac dude, i have never been in USA so the only source of info for me is National Geografic channel where USA police is shown in very good aspect. Seriously. I am not an idiot who lives in fantasy land or vault dweller. As i said it just bizzare for me and Vilas that you still have such problem cas your propaganda shows that everything is ok. Simple. Just for lols http://ifun.ru/view/142322 At least your police have no problem with..eh..supplies;-)
  23. DenisRUS

    Beating of a criminal

    well i thought all this cameras everywhere and computer systems solved problem a bit. Guess i was wrong. So local shopkeepers need to pay cops a rent like in good old days? And if you got to jail your friends in PD can make your a favor and you ll get out soon? How many off the police officers are corrupted do you think? 30%? I'm just curious caz it absolutely bizarre for me that USA still has such problem P.S. Just 2 small videos about our police http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59-gh1Q-V4M&feature=related In the beginning of the operation guys from SWAT missed the car with the criminals with the car with odinary ppl cas numbers on the plate was the same) But it didnt help bad guys and they got what they deserved in the end.
  24. DenisRUS

    Beating of a criminal

    There is corruption in USA police? Why? They got no money? They dont have union which protects them even from The Black Overlord?? Just dont get it.. I thought corruption in USA police is in history... Hm..gonna rewatch Serpico then.
  25. DenisRUS

    Mafia 2

    I v heard there will be not any DLC which continue the story of Vito or give some more details to the story..Pll say that it will be all about new fancy cars,new suits and some arcade missions like it was in freeride mode in 1 game.Pretty sad caz it would be fun to see some DLC about Vito's life in prison or how he got bullet at the war. As for the game itself - 1 game was more interesting. I think devs spent to much time on tweaking graphic and physics and forgot about the game itself IMHO. OffTopic i just love this playboy's mags in game. Natural girls with nothing fake just sweet)