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  1. Just create a group for just him to be in. createGroup Just change the group side to the correct one for your unit. docsgrp = Creategroup east; Just make sure you create this group before you create the unit.
  2. In the condition field of the trigger: myaa1(!alive) && myaa2(!alive) Just name your aa units what every you like and change the name in the above line.
  3. {player sidechat format["%1 activated trigger",_x]} foreach thislist More info here http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/list
  4. Sorry Strikor try this: [color="Red"]if (_type in _myvehicles) then {_vehicle addAction ["testaction","test.sqf",1]};[/color]
  5. Strikor, This is not tested but something like this should work, this is for the vehicle.sqf so this will only work for those vehicles your respawning this way. in the vehicle.sqf try this: _myvehicles = [whatever,Cars,you,want,to,put,addaction,on]; then further down in the vehicle.sqf: (My additions are in Red.) // Respawn vehicle if (_dead) then { if (_nodelay) then {sleep 0.1; _nodelay = false;} else {sleep _delay;}; if (_dynamic) then {_position = getPosASL _unit; _dir = getDir _unit;}; if (_explode) then {_effect = "M_TOW_AT" createVehicle getPosASL _unit; _effect setPosASL getPosASL _unit;}; sleep 0.1; deleteVehicle _unit; sleep 2; _unit = _type createVehicle _position; _unit setPosASL _position; _unit setDir _dir; [color="Red"]if (_unit in _myvehicles) then {_unit addAction ["My Action1","doittoit.sqf",1]};[/color] if (_haveinit) then {_unit setVehicleInit format ["%1;", _unitinit]; processInitCommands;}; if (_hasname) then {_unit setVehicleInit format ["%1 = this; this setVehicleVarName ""%1""",_unitname]; processInitCommands;}; _dead = false; // Check respawn amount if !(_noend) then {_rounds = _rounds + 1}; if ((_rounds == _respawns) and !(_noend)) then {_run = false;}; };
  6. Also if you do not want to use a trigger you can add all of it form the init.sqf init.sqf co addAction ["Whatever","doit.sqf",1]; co addAction ["Whatever2","doit2.sqf",1]; etc. You can also use one script and use the switch statements like ST_Dux said from these: (the # at the end is passed along to the script)(Change it to what ever you need) then in actions.sqf you will need _var = _this select 3; and now _var is what ever number you assigned it in your addaction's.
  7. Try this: _civscore = _count * 20; player addScore -_civscore; May need to change "player" to correct name if this is for multiplayer.
  8. I had some add action commands that were being added by the init.sqf. But they are not working since the new patch. We tested it on two different computers, the only way I could get an addAction command to work was by putting it in the objects init line. this was the code in the init.sqf It worked properly before the patch in both A2 and OA. It would add the action to the object. rc1 addAction ["200m Targets Up","reset1u.sqf",1]; Does anyone know if they changed something?
  9. Yea I tried that, I copied and pasted the code right from the Init file and put it in the objects init field and it worked fine, pasted it back in the init.sqf and it will not work, I even tried naming the action id: myid1 = rc1 addAction ["200m Targets Up","reset1u.sqf",1]; still wont work.
  10. riouken

    ARMA2 Demo Ban problem

    I had this problem too when I got the demo, the problem is everyone who has the demo has the same player ID, to fix go into the demo game folder and find the ban.txt there should only be one player ID in there something like 9999. Take it out and save and your problem will be all fixed.
  11. I would put this at the top of the script to make sure the player is loaded in before that radio message comes up. waituntil {time > 3};
  12. I wrote a script to rearm an airplane (an AV-8B in this case), Now functionally the script works great. But I was looking for more information on if the pylons are selectable or about the way the weapons are modeled in-game. For what ever reason when I add weapons back it will skip the FFAR pod pylon if I am not adding an FFAR pod back. Also if there are not enough pylons to support the weapons that are re-loaded the missiles will fire from the very center of the plane. I have been searching for more information on this all day yesterday and I could not find very much information. Any help would be appreciated. pln1 removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]]; pln1 removeMagazinesTurret ["6Rnd_Mk82",[-1]]; pln1 removeMagazinesTurret ["14Rnd_FFAR",[-1]]; pln1 removeMagazinesTurret ["6Rnd_GBU12_AV8B",[-1]]; pln1 removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Maverick_A10",[-1]]; pln1 removeWeapon "MaverickLauncher"; pln1 removeWeapon "Mk82BombLauncher_6"; pln1 removeWeapon "SidewinderLaucher_AH1Z"; pln1 removeWeapon "FFARLauncher_14"; pln1 removeWeapon "BombLauncher"; pln1 addWeapon "Mk82BombLauncher_6"; //pln1 addWeapon "BombLauncher"; //pln1 addWeapon "FFARLauncher_14"; pln1 addWeapon "MaverickLauncher"; pln1 addWeapon "SidewinderLaucher_AH1Z"; pln1 addMagazineTurret ["6Rnd_Mk82",[-1]]; //pln1 addMagazineTurret ["6Rnd_GBU12_AV8B",[-1]]; //pln1 addMagazineTurret ["14Rnd_FFAR",[-1]]; pln1 addMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Maverick_A10",[-1]]; pln1 addMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]];
  13. Thanks for the help kylania (lol you must live on these boards, you answer them so fast!) Any ways I have the rearm scripts working as different scripts but I would like to combine them into one big rearm script. I have planes named "pln1,pln2 etc" Now I want to execute this script for all planes and use if statements to give them different load outs but I cant seem to get the if statement to fire. plns = [pln1,pln2,pln3,pln4,pln5,pln6,pln7,pln8,pln9,pln10]; {_x execVM "masterloadout.sqf"} forEach plns; hintSilent "Its running"; if (_x = pln1) then { hintSilent "If statement is running"; }; Any help?
  14. I wrote this script to change the starting loadouts of players. It works fine in the editor but when I host a multilayer game it does not work. I am executing the script from the init.sqf. _x = [s_1, s_2, s_3, s_4, s_5, s_6, s_7, s_8, s_9, s_10, rm1, rm2, rm3]; { removeAllWeapons _x} forEach _x; { removeAllItems _x} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} forEach _x; { _x addWeapon "ACE_M16A4_IRON"} forEach _x; { _x addWeapon "Binocular"} forEach _x;
  15. Thanks for all the help. I have re-written the script and it is working well now.
  16. I am making a custom load-out script for OA and when I add the weapon with "addWeapon" you can not look through the optics, but if I select the same weapon out of the ammo box I have no problems. player addWeapon "M16A4_ACG_GL"; Its not just this one weapon either its: M16A4_ACG M16A4_ACG_GL M249_m145_EP1 As well. does anyone know why this is happening?
  17. So after more testing it appears to be all weapons, I can not zoom down to the sights on any weapon. But after I cycle through weapons, everything goes back to normal.
  18. Sorry I am running Combined Opps. I tried that code but it did not fix the problem. When my script adds the weapon I can not view through the optics, but when I select the same weapon with the same class name from the ammo box I can use the optics just fine.
  19. I have Arma 2 + OA, When I join a server I can not see any of the player slots, its just blank, the screen is there just none of the players or the slots are visible. If I hit ok to load the mission it just starts like its going to download the mission and freezes. It was working fine last night, now all of the sudden this happens. I tried joining 15-20 servers and they were all doing it. Also it is happening in both Arma 2 and OA. I tried searching but I have not been able to find anything about this problem. * Edit * I fixed it, I hooked up another router two days ago and I had this computer on the DMZ, now it worked just fine the first two days, but now the game only works if I do not run my computer in the DMZ. Go figure, still not sure why but that seemed to have fixed the problem.
  20. riouken

    Keyboard Recommendations Please

    I have a G-11 , G-13 , G-7 and a G-9. I must say there really is no other choice for I/O devices. I have had two different Microsoft key board as well as a host of others that I have forgotten. The Logitech puts em all to shame.