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    missing A3_SOFT_G_GALKIN

    Do I just replace the word "Galkin" with Ifrit, so it would become A3_Soft_F_Ifrit, or replace "A3_Soft_F_Galkin" with "Ifrit" ?
  2. Thanks to HBK and Goodnight for explaining the Inventory system, I posted before I knew better. check 6
  3. **eats humble pie** Chatted before I know my a$$ from a hole in the ground *crawls into hole* Found information how good the Inventory system is, apologies for my ill-informed post. Runs smooth, nice graphics, looking forward to more from Bohemia and the community. Check 6 Thanks HBK and Goodnight !!
  4. Jack_Ryan_

    Is AI using hand grenades at all?

    They use them alot if armed with them, I assume its not a typical weapon they carry. In the editor, add grenades to the tangos and they all throw them. check 6
  5. Jack_Ryan_

    mission.sqm size in mp

    Does your mission folder also have the briefing, init and description files. I'm not positive, but I think it needs a briefing maybe, if not all 4 files.
  6. As Defunkt mentioned, the top codes show your missing the ace and baf contents.
  7. I use eliteness and I just left the depbo.dll in the same folder as the eliteness.exe and it works fine.
  8. Jack_Ryan_


    misread, doh!
  9. Jack_Ryan_

    CAnnot join many MP games

    Many sites have mods, missions, etc, notably armaholic.com under downloads. You will have to read up on mod folders and the way to launch them.
  10. Have you tried Eliteness? It works well for arma2, not sure about the DLC like baf though.
  11. Jack_Ryan_

    CAnnot join many MP games

    That message often refers to: the server or mission uses a mod that you don't have. The end of the message may indicate what exact mod/file your missing.
  12. My pilot used to behave like an idiot, but after I give him a weapon he behaves normally, weird huh?
  13. Jack_Ryan_

    Multiplayer Co-op Clans/Groups?

    You'd be welcome at brothersinhonour.com, mature players for fun. We have a vanilla arma2 server, an OA and graw2 server, and teamspeak 3 (req'd). Coop missions, tactical, teamwork, no run & gun. We really enjoy what Norrins' revive brings to a mission, so we adapt missions to include it and make some custom missions too. Feel free to check the group page, join TS3 from there, join up (free) for passwords.
  14. Jack_Ryan_

    Please....Stop the intervention

    You propose something that would take creativity and imagination. That is no longer available in this day of cookie-cutter, copycat, jump-on-the-band-wagon, doesn't fit the profit plan, console marketed generic games.