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    paintball,play computer games .

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    Hi! i am Nicolas Gerlero. I speak Spanish not English. :)
  1. zombo

    Paintball Park

    This looks very cool:cool: , I am going to try it zombo
  2. zombo

    cal.68 Mod

    I LOVE PAINTBALL . Downloading now!!!
  3. The map from arma 1 works well with the caa1 mod , I made some Test : obTWxIIRSyc xB1qWOvpMQM el video esta echo con el arma 2 no con la expansion arrowhead , pero creo q deberia funcionar igual .
  4. this is very cool I didn't know about this until now, this is perfect if you play as a cop chasing a civilian vehicle or if you only want to see a police chase :D , I tried it and it works very well , but I want to be the criminal who runs away from cops no the chaser :) I will test it , thank you for the script :) if i have a question I will post it later :D
  5. take a look on this video tutorial that I found in youtube : ryB20wQhSr0
  6. that explains alot of things :D, I thought it worked for all units yes it looks like domove is the only solution for now:( thy for help
  7. how to do pcar1 and pcar2 follow(chase) car1 ? i tried to find it by my self but I couldn't . I tried this didn't work also this : didn't work because pcar1 stopped were the car1 was createdis there a way to make pcar1 follow(chase) car1 ??
  8. zombo

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    I was bored so I made all these videos: GVUrBEwkHjE Russia invading Chernarus: kOGyyQM5La0 all this was created with arma 2 there is more but i don't know if I can post more than 2 videos...
  9. zombo

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year!!!!
  10. zombo

    Hacking is getting worse

    I got angry reading this because I have 15 years old and I am not a cheater , hacker or something like that , I love this game , I love multiplayer I love the editor I lover realism and I love this community. so the people who ruins this game isn't young people . the ones who ruins this game is the people that don't care shit of nothing about gaming and doesn't have nothing to do than just make your day get bad. the people that makes this game get inplayable isn't young people , is the people that doesn't know how to play a game and get fun of it without cheating.
  11. zombo

    Emita City

    is this mod alive ??
  12. man this is awesome !!!!. could we have the 2 versions , the mission and pbo files ?
  13. zombo

    [SP] Simple Zombie Action

    great mission !! , I love zombies:)