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  1. Could you please provide a little more instructions on were to place folders or how to operate this, I downloaded it to my desktop and ran it and all mics are up and working but get nothing in game, thanks.
  2. blackpulpit

    Urban Patrol Script

    Hi guys, I love this script, but, I would like to change something which I have no idea how to do. As is the unit/group which is using the script walk/run quite fast, they go prone then stand up and run then repeat this all over. I would love to have the units/group be much more slower and simply walking around their waypoints as if nothing is going on untill they spot an enemy and then can run faster, is this possible? if so can someone explain just how to do it? I know about changing "Random", "RandonDN", NOAI, etc etc. Thanks all.
  3. blackpulpit

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    I would like to be able to delete an item from an already 'Custom Loadout' and exchange it for another, then save the same loadout, is this possible?
  4. blackpulpit

    TMR Modular Realism

    How do I go about using the Arco and RCO sights? mil dot not working but aimpoint is, sorry if been answered already have not had time to check all posts.
  5. blackpulpit

    Close Air Support - Day 2

    I cant load the game, the sat view before game starts wont let me push spacebar in order for game to start, any ideas why?
  6. Hi all, simple question for a noob, how do I remove the enemy icons on my map so I only see my faction?
  7. My bad should have checked, thanks.
  8. Deadfast thanks for a great addition to the game, could you tell me what the values are: ex: x=how far to the right...........y=how high up the setting is.....z=how far behind the player...??? is this correct? thanks.
  9. blackpulpit

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    Tonic thanks for such a great addition to Arma 3, I was wondering if it is possible to make the interface a little larger, it is a little difficult to see certain items with my old man eyes, is this possible? thanks.
  10. blackpulpit

    COOP 8 / SP =RTY= Devgru

    Some people are having problems with steam workshop not loading missions into the game/scenario section, any way of uploading a link for this mission without the workshop? would love to try it but cant due to workshop problems, thanks
  11. Is it possible to link the missions here instead of just steam workshop, me and many others are having a problem with steam workshop not downloading the missions into the game/scenarios section, there is a problem at the moment for many not recieving the missions and not able to find were they go once subscribed, thanks.
  12. blackpulpit

    WW AICover

    Does anyone know if this can be used in conjunction with Zooloo75's mod? dont want any conflicts and was wondering if it works together or if I should simply use just this one along with TPW-EBS???
  13. blackpulpit

    help with saved missions

    The whole purpose of a save is to be able to play from were you saved it, not restart each time, even revert does the same thing as the save for some reason.
  14. blackpulpit

    help with saved missions

    Everytime I save a mission progress, then come back to it later it says "this mission cannot be played due to deleted content" or something like that, every mission does this and I do not delete anything at all, nor do I start the game with addons that were not present in the game before, it must be a file somewere that keeps blocking my saved games? any ideas as to why? thanks.
  15. blackpulpit

    using radio in missions?

    How do you operate the radio in missions that have it for use, a mission I am playing says you can use the radio to send comms to other troops and it gives a number, how do I operate the radio? thanks all.