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  1. latest update is up now on steam available here
  2. Thanks Sacha for continuing work on this great mod, i agree with islesfan186 the startup sound is perfect but i think its only too short. I hope you also can do something with the target locking problem. Thanks en goodluck with your project
  3. mikerally

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Wow, keep up the good work
  4. Use youtube its a good tutorial,search for helicopter extraction arma 2, works fine also for arma 3 Good luck
  5. Use youtube ,there are enough clips for helicopter extraction and insertion tutorials ,its for arma 2 but its also working fine on arma 3 !
  6. mikerally

    Boat problem

    dont forget to give the boat also the name boat or this wont work ! :)
  7. mikerally

    helicopter landing

    you can learn a lot from youtube ! use the terms "arma helicopter extraction" or "arma helicopter insertion" its a good tutorial for beginners and fast learning ! gr Mike
  8. for copy a unit ( ctrl + c ) for paste ( ctrl + v ) goodluck :)
  9. ctrl + x also not working?
  10. Works great , thanks