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  1. Can someone show me where to find the weapon rest module ?
  2. It wouldn't be awesome, it would be a travesty, this mod is designed to recreate WW2 as it was, not as it could have been, if you want fantasy play Warhammer. Comments like this annoy the hell out of me, this mod is a work of art and will take time to get right, wasting time making lumbering ill concieved monstrosities not only would delay it but it would spoil it so lets not hear anymore of this sort of request as its an unwanted distraction.
  3. What if the man's face is contorted in agony or he's out of his face on morphine ? :P
  4. Yes i saw that on you tube, it looked excellent, however it says its a work in progress so i didnt want to mention it until its ready and i hoped you had someone working on a version as well, but now youve said that you are going to implement that version for the CO release im now very happy :) <------ see.
  5. Regarding the updated version of I44 and the fixed Omaha map, is there a weapon rest function on the horizon as a lack of it is the fly in the ointment for me with this otherwise superb mod. I say this because on the Omaha map there is no natural high ground so the multi storey buildings are the highest points on the map and therefore tactically important as they were in real life, but without the ability to rest heavy machine guns on the window ledges these weapons lose their main function and the multi storey buildings lose some of their tactical importance, that of providing supressing fire from long range and a raised weapons platform. Given the closed in nature of the bocage and the limited LOS the heavy machine gun deployed in a two or three storey building would dominate the battlefield as it should. Also ive noticed its possible to break through bocage with light vehicles, could this be fixed so only tanks can do this, that would also change the tactics to more realistically represent that particular theatre although i am aware that the only tanks that could cut through the bocage were the ones with special teeth attached but they arent modelled in this mod, could be an idea to do that in the future then even standard tanks would have to stick to the roads and natural openings which would impact on attack routes and defensive setups and would add an extra touch of realism IMO )
  6. Excellent, cheers :) Could you confirm the time the session will start for UK players please ?
  7. I see you are playing the COOPs, these have been played to death and the AI suck, couldnt you host that MP C&H FFS_Frontline'43@I44 that i saw on your site, that would be much better as there is a definite lack of MP missions for this mod and they need to be promoted when new ones are released.
  8. I wouldnt say there were any sides, if it had been an important issue it wouldnt have taken this long to come up so if it isn't broke dont fix it i say.
  9. I agree, there has been no requests and its something i personally wouldnt like to see meddled with as its fine IMO.
  10. Its a non issue IMO, i like the ironsights in i44.
  11. Anyone with the problem Battleye patch corrupted #0 this is how i fixed mine. Firstly there are three Battleye folders, one in the main Arma2 directory, one in the Arma2/Expansions folder and one in the Arma2/Profiles folder. In the first two Battleye folders there are two dll files (client and server), in the third one you will find one dll file (client). Google Battleye and find the downloads section, from that download the client and server dll files for Arma2 and Arma2 OA, then delete the current dll files you have in all three of your Battleye folders, then replace them with the files you have downloaded, put the Arma2 client and server dll files in the Arma2/Battleye folder and just the Arma2 client dll in the Profile/Battleye folder, then put the Arma2 OA client and server dll files in the Arma2/Expansions/Battleye folder. This fixed mine i hope it fixes yours.
  12. Kellys ran a PvP game last Sunday evening at 8 pm UK time which attracted a lot of players and was a lot of fun, i think there may be more coming up but nothing has been confirmed yet.
  13. Cheers, hope you get Omaha fixed, looking forward to playing Citizen Soldiers with a lot of players.
  14. Just finished the Freefall game on Kellys and i was pleased at the large turnout, well done Pac for setting up the mission and Kellys Heroes for hosting it, it would be great if this could be a regular event to showcase peoples missions and get some good rivalries going in a multi player format. One critisicm was that the mission tended to split players up over wide areas which tended to create situations where players were waiting at objectives for long periods with no action, thats why most people went airbourne. I feel that something smaller with objectives that concentrate the opposing sides in one location would be good to try next time, the mission Citizen Soldiers would certainly benefit from having the amount of players that turned up tonight so if Kellys want to host that one sunday evening ill be game.