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    Oden Warfare

    Bump for a fix? Can't even unpack the .pbos to try and fix them.
  2. Ape Drape

    Defend the Area-first mission

    Chernarus fps bad.... Utes fps good. If a mission only requires use of a small area, why put it on a huge map? When I play around in Utes, I get to put my settings where it doesn't look like I'm playing a game made in 1995. Don't knock the small maps.
  3. Ape Drape

    Oden Warfare

    Same problem with me can't buy weapons either. At the start up map screen my gear is m16/acog/m203 but when actually starting I get only an m16/acog. Even tried it hosting on lan but no dice. I'd like to play it, but since there are no cheat codes, there is no way am I going to defeat Russia armed only with a spork.
  4. First off... search returned a ton of unrelated threads. Now that that's out of the way, I'm taking the Superpowers mp mission and making it single player. I'm wondering what I need to do to get the city menu working. I can't access it as a commander. Oddly, it no longer works in the Harvest Red campaign either. Is this a 1.05 issue or is it something I have to script in?
  5. I took the MP Warfare mission (stock mp mission) and stuck it in the missions folder. What that did was remove the whole lan setup thing I had to use prior to playing it single player. I'm able to save games. I've not run into any errors or noticed any show stoppers. So that was kind of easy. Not sure how that will work with other missions, but it's a start.
  6. Same problem. I'm playing the campaign again at a higher skill level. Noticed in Badlands that I no longer get a city menu, nor in DoW. And no option for a service point or to R+R+R and heal. Also no option for city menu in the Warfare MP which I ported to SP so I didn't have to mess with the whole lan thingy just to start. First time around I could do all that. Don't understand what happened. As I often loot the dead and supply trucks and put them in my BMP (using BMP because it fits my whole team and I really can't stand stopping and waiting every 50m for AI to follow in another vehicle) I am loathe to move all my stuff to a new vehicle because I can't rearm and repair, OR EVEN USE MY MEDIC TO HEAL ME BECAUSE BIS MADE HIM UNPLAYABLE for badlands and DoW. It's a good game, but man there's a lot of broken stuff. Honestly, the DLC better be free or at the most, $5 on Steam if it is released before ARMA2's multitude of issues is fixed.
  7. Ape Drape

    Seal team six 3

    Finished! All I can say is, thank God that the terrorist organizations that we fight in real life are nothing like the NCC... an army of snipers with tanks!
  8. Ape Drape

    Seal team six 3

    I deleted the mods and reinstalled them. Seems to have done the trick for option 2. A file probably got corrupted while moving them around. I tend to D/L and unpack the mods to a different drive and only put them in the ARMA2 folder as needed. Still haven't got the ACE version(option1) working past mission 3 though. Just an ARMA2 lockup at mission 4 that requires a reboot to get out of as it won't allow task manager to come to the front. Question if anyone knows... If I made one mod folder and called it say... @SEALTeam63 and put all required mod .pbo files in its addons folder and only used -mod=@SEALTeam63 in my launch, would it work?
  9. Ape Drape

    Seal team six 3

    Yeah, for option 2... didn't make it into the copy&paste. Option 1 says it's not needed.
  10. Ape Drape

    Seal team six 3

    ARMA2 stops responding at the start of mission 4. I was using option 2 so I d/led option 1 and tried that and got the same thing. Any clues? The only thing I can offer is that it seems that in option 1 there is a cfg missing for a desert eagle and with option 2 says a cfg for 7rd .50 is missing (my guess DE again) as I get messages at mission start ups for it. Also, I'm assuming that I have to use @CBA for option 1. These are my launch instructions... Option 1: "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\arma 2\arma2.exe" -noSplash -noFilePatching -mod=@ACE;@ACEX;@CBA;@panthera;@bb_mercs_desert Option 2: "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\arma 2\arma2.exe" -cpucount=4 -nosplash -mod=@panthera;@bb_mercs_desert;@RH_hk416;@RH_M4M16;@RH_pistol I also got this when playing ST6 2, except it was at the start of Mission 3, but again with the warning about a missing cfg for the desert eagle. I am enjoying this campaign. Mission 2 was fantastic. However, lightbulbs killed should be in statistics. I shot out every one of them.
  11. Ape Drape

    AI driving skills

    They're probably drunk. Have you tried hiding your booze? Seriously though, I don't mean to slam BIS, but the AI in this game is frustrating to say the least. Fighting 20 enemy AI is like fighting 20 Chuck Norris clones while the friendly AI behave like booger eating morons. As far as having a convoy... if you want it to look pretty, you're not going to get that. If you just want them to get from point A to point B, give the Move There command from the map and forget about them till they reach point B. They do much better on their own than when you are trying to get them to follow you when you are the lead vehicle. That method will work well for you as well, because in video games, life is cheap. Use the AI as cannon fodder and let them take point.
  12. Ape Drape

    Seal team six 3

    Nope, never heard of GL4. Just running the required mods. The xray vision and elite sniper skills of the enemy AI wouldn't be so maddening if friendly AI wasn't so incompetent. I'll have a guy on the .50 and there's be enemies 50m away and he will not fire, in the meantime enemy AI is firing away at me. It's this way in the stock game too. It wasn't so bad in 1.4, has to be something 1.5.
  13. Ape Drape

    Seal team six 3

    Don't worry about being sneaky. I belly crawled half a kilometer through woods. The trees were still so thick that I could only see one guy through them from 450m. Squeeze off one shot with a silenced gun and every single AI is instantly zeroed in on me and I get killed. Over and over. In the mean time, the AI I get saddled with refuse to fight and behave like booger eating morons. Being sneaky will do nothing for you after that first shot. BIS needs to seriously fix their AI.
  14. Ape Drape

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    Very good mission, but this was a downside for me as well. Rebel supplies never replenish so I started stealing supply trucks but they'd disappear. Currently transferring all needed ammo from supply trucks manually before talking to the commander. It's kind of tedious. But it's the only way to keep a stock of GP25-HE rounds, pg-7 vr and various other types of ammo for weapons I pick off of the dead. Maybe make it so driving a supply truck into camp auto-resupplies the camp? If that's possible? Other than that it's a great mission. Wouldn't mind a chopper of my own though. Thanks for the mission.
  15. Buy us all awesome systems and then call us cheaters if we turn it off. It's not cheating to want to have more than 5-10 FPS.
  16. Ape Drape

    Game CPU-Optimization - no troubleshooting !

    LOL. I was searching for info on how to get the city menu into a mission and found this thread. I can tell you this " -cpucount=4 " works wonders. After reading that in this thread I put it in my shortcut. It boosted my fps in the bench mark missions from 15-20ish to 30-40ish. I was able to go from very low settings to normal and bump up the resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768 without taking much of a hit on fps, 20-30ish now. I don't have any fancy charts and graphs because I'm lazy. I don't bath often either. I pee in the sink too. Anyway, even though it's not a troubleshooting thread, thanks for the troubleshooting!
  17. Ape Drape

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    I'm at the Always Loyal mission. So far this campaign rocks. I'm not going to harp on the bad English, although I won't be surprised if I see "Some one set up us the bomb." At the very start of the campaign I felt like the first guy off the boat on D-Day. I kept catching a bullet with my head as soon as I stepped off the chopper. After I finally got past that, I picked up steam and started really enjoying this. Currently having trouble getting my troops off the trucks when I want them to. I may have to go in with only my marines and leave the CDF at home or send the CDF to their deaths and then sneak in with my marines. Not your fault. Just one of the quirks of the game. Any way, thank you for making this fantastic campaign. I look forward to any more that you do in the future.