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  1. pwnstar23

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    Any news on Java yet?
  2. pwnstar23

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    Java is not slow. Compared to native language like c++ it is slower, but it isn't slow. Compared to sqf it is VERY FAST. Since sqf must be parsed often and at run time. ( you can precompile some stuff ). Who cares? That's the developers job not ours. They get paid to implement things even if they are hard. It was their idea to begin with anyway.
  3. pwnstar23

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    I wish we could get an answer here, this is important.
  4. Arma games are VERY easy to crack and hack. This is how it is. As a server admin you will soon face unbannable cheaters, people who will join your server and drop bombs all over the place by touching a button, kill people without shooting or blowing them up. ect ect... And the best part is that they will join with the playerID's of regulars so when you ban them, you actually ban people who are not cheaters.
  5. pwnstar23

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    Can we expect Alpha to be updated some time in the future with Java implementation or will it only be in the release version of Arma 3?
  6. I'm trying to decide if I should start my mod in sfq now or wait a while for Java, I would much rather use Java!
  7. I ported Chernarus Life revolution to Arma 2 OA and made Zargabad Life. Other people then took Zargabad Life's code and mission files and created Takistan Life. These are all LIFE mods and have used the same code base that came all the way from Arma 1. This is why it would be a great time to start from scratch with Java and write a new code base for a Life Like mod. However one the biggest changes is that we will use code to control the game more, and make sure people can't do things like death match people and/or break everyone's game, as well as getting away from that awful buggy code base.
  8. pwnstar23

    execVM in a button?

    More .sqf goodness :)
  9. This is true, .sqf is a nasty language IMO. Sooner we get Java the better!
  10. HI, I used to write scripts back in the Arma 2 days and also for OA. I wrote for several flavors of LIFE mods. I didn't write them from scratch, I only worked to add features and fix bugs. ( They were very buggy. ) I want to get a team together and make another cops n robbers like mod, but not using any of the old code from the LIFE mods. There will be cops, civilians, bank robberies, drug dealing, street robberies, arrest, jail, fines, non criminal jobs, laws, gangs, (maybe) terrorists ect... Since there is no Java yet, we will write for sqf, however if java is ever implemented we will rewrite the scripts in java immediately. I only need a few programmers, prior programmer experience is a must but doesn't have to be with arma's .sqf system. If you can program, you can learn to program with .sqf scripts and/or Java if that becomes a reality. I will not teach someone to code from 0 experience. There will not be any official server, maybe we will have a server initially but the plan is to allow anyone to make their own and let the community decide which ones they prefer playing on ( hopefully this will help keep cheating down ). All files will be released on a file sharing website, anyone who wants can create a server. Anyone who wants may branch our code and start their own flavor. Anyone who wants may submit scripts for adding into our branch, however no guarantees which ones will end up released. The goal of the mod is to not need any additional downloads. This is just a mission file with scripts. For now we will use Arma3 Alpha to get started programming. The goal as a civilian is to get rich and powerful! The goal as cop is to keep the peace( ya right -_- ), control the civilians, capture/kill criminals, stop illegal trafficking, defend treasury, banks, businesses. Examples of criminal Jobs; Robbery of other civilians Robbery of several different types ( government treasury / bank / grocery store / gas station ) Robbery/destruction of government convoys, may produce weapons/vehicles/money Destruction of government buildings. Drug production, transport and sale. Gun and item trafficking. Gang activities ( gang warfare, fight over territory and drug related areas, gun trafficking lanes, and resources ) Producing terrorist related items. Examples of non criminal jobs; farmer, trader, shop keeper, crafter ( vehicle, weapon, clothes, items ) harvester/miner ( crops, resources, metal, silicon ect.. ), fishing hunting taxi driver medic/doctor politician bounty hunter ( may only carry stun weapons ) Examples of cop duties; Patrol the streets for time and performance based wage Capture criminals wanted for non violent crime, search them and their vehicles, place in jail. Capture or kill criminals wanted for violent crime, capturing one alive is worth more points. Work with other cops to keep eyes on known criminal hideouts and active areas. Clear the streets from debris left from shootouts and/or busts. Search people and their vehicles for drugs and/or illegal items/weapons ( if found arrest and send to jail ) Protect the civilian players from the bands of thugs in the country side. Protect the government convoys from gangs and terrorists. Basic rules; Civilians have 3 levels of wanted, 1 Not wanted 2 Wanted for non violent crime 3 Wanted for violent crime Cops may only use deadly force against civilians under the following conditions A civilian has a military weapon equipped. Includes AK/M16... type military rifles, grenades/bombs . A civilian is wanted for violent crime. A civilian pointed a gun at a cop. Cop may shoot to kill if life is threatened and a civilian pointing a gun at a cop counts. Attempted vehicular murder. Civilians may not kill each other unless in the following situations Gang conflict. Criminal Job conflict. Such as two drug dealers fighting over drugs. Defense, if someone tries to rob you, and you happen to have a weapon you may defend yourself with deadly force. However if you are found to have an illegal gun a cop may arrest you for that. Criminal/bounty hunter conflict Accidentals ( such as civilian ran in the road while you were driving correctly ) Civilians may attempt robbery of other civilians at any time however you cannot kill the victim unless the victim attempts to fight back with deadly force if the victim doesn't fight back you may only stun him Robbery gives a random amount of the victims money to the criminal. And also the chance for an item or two. The civilian then cannot be robbed again for a certain amount of time. ( controlled by script ) Committing non violent crimes only makes you wanted if a cop witnesses. Also a smaller bounty. Committing violent crimes as a civilian automatically makes you wanted and have a larger bounty. The bounties add up. Cops get all of the bounty for capture. Cops get only some of it for a kill of violent criminal. Bounty hunters get half bounty for capture, and become criminal wanted if they kill ( since they should only have stun weapons ). Being killed removes all bounties and wanted status. Going to jail and serving your time removes all bounties and wanted status. Being killed invokes the new life rule, no one on the civilians may use deadly force against you in revenge for activities that took place before death. Including you for being killed. No death matching under any circumstances, only role play is allowed. Pistols can be bought and carried legally for defense if the civilian has paid for a cheap license. ( license may require a fairly easy test ) Hunting rifles are also allowed with a more expensive Rifle license. ( license may require a harder test ) Military weapons are illegal. Carrying one of these is illegal, having one of these equipped makes you illegible for shoot on sight by cops.
  11. I wrote a script once in arma 2 for this, I used a laser guided bomb and dropped it right on the ide from inches off the ground. The laser guided bomb is the largest explosion in arma2.
  12. In arma 2 there was a make captive command or something like that. It simulates a captured soldier. However you can use it however you wish.
  13. I used to write a lot of sqf and worked on some very popular stuff. That was years ago since then I have been studying programming a lot and have become a pretty good c++ programmer. I want to get into scripting again but mostly for the experience with Java since I have none. Is this in the game yet? Can we script alpha with Java? If not is it still a plan to get it into the game?
  14. can anyone give an example on how to delete these nested arrays properly? I tried serverminearray = serverminearray - serverminearray select _index; _index = the location of the nested array and even serverminearray = serverminearray - (serverminearray select _index)select 0; trying to delete just one entry of nested array both made my array return any so it broke the array entirely :(