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    Armaholic - all news and info

    Fox, Tom, and everyone else involved with Armaholic, Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication. Your site is one of the keystones to making modding and playing the ArmA series so much fun. If there is anything i can do to help you guys anytime (webspace, bandwidth, database space, mirroring, moderating, ect ect) just drop me a pm and i will do it. once again thanks for everything and i wish you the best of luck getting your outstanding site back up and running.
  2. you can go to thier webpage and everything is listed there dude the link is http://a.kiel.us/ASC/
  3. very nice. This is something that will make tactical gaming alot more realistic. I am curious though, will you be releasing Scar configs in the near future? Thanks for the awesome work and please keep it up
  4. ya know i noticed this as well. i was able to fix that issue by changing my viewdistance via FNC instant veiwdistance mod. now they show up properly. now i have a question. when in the UAV it shows 10 hellfires but you don't seem to be able to shoot them. am i doing something wrong? I must also say that this mod is outstanding!!!
  5. Amazing work as always Myke!!! With your aircraft, MMA and EddyD's new Ammocart pack i may never ground pound again!!
  6. hey i have a small question. when i set the base markers on vts r04, they never spawn there they spawn randomly around the map. now normally i could live with it and just move the spawn and men via the computer, but i am using duala and they will sometimes spawn in the water and die. when this happens i lose the computer interface. it there any way to fix or stop this from happening? thanks ahead of time
  7. this is great!! do you know if ya could add a function that would allow it to add weapons from ACE2 as well?
  8. Jynx

    Sti UH-60L

    on the next version are you considering a DAP Variant?
  9. guys i just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work.
  10. Jynx

    LCAC - alpha version

    has anyone made any headway on this addon? i have been looking at it in anticipation.
  11. Jynx

    RH SMG pack 1.0

    amazing work as always RH. Thank You from everybody at 10thSFG
  12. Jynx

    TF86 Navy SEALs Pack

    thanks it's good to hear about version 1.2. We look forward to it and as always thanks for your hard work.
  13. Jynx

    TF86 Navy SEALs Pack

    My unit really loves this addon, however we feel that alot of the content we liked was left out of the ace intergration. there is stuff in the vanilla version that we wish was available to us in ace. is there a way of combining the two or perhaps an addon that can be made to fill in the missing pieces. We are Fans of ACE but when a great addon like this is stripped down as part of putting it in ACE we have to scratch our head and wonder why? One of the things that made this addon so great to us was the level of diversity it had. you had headgear, several camo patterns and as well as assault, patrol and units with no head gear. Can we get any of that back? ACE only has a very limited version of this, and NONE of the new head gear available to the non ace version.
  14. Jynx


    is there anyway to add the long range comms to other vehicles? i noticed that some vehicles had long range built in (mostly the stock bis and some ace), but others didn't (the F-16s and such)?
  15. Hey i have been watching this mod for some time now and was curious on how it's coming along?
  16. I just wanted to comment that you guys are awesome in the making of MMA. Thank you from 10thsfg.org and jsoc-gamer.org.
  17. Really nice script.. I like it.. The only thing i think it is missing is some sounds for the incomming shells. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for the hard work.