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    Medevac Module

    Great work the "Medevac" addon, Goliath86 It should be great if converted for Arma1 !... too I'd like it so much! Greetz
  2. Hi Guys!... I'd like to have a vehicle (chopper, car and so on..), with m113 Ambulance proprieties!; I mean: Is possible a script for a vehicle, ables to cure players coming around it ? I mean without a medic-man? I'm not able to make scripts; so, a script or .. any settings and string for init line.. too... should be great! SOmeone has any idea? Greetz!, Aloha!
  3. Aloha!

    Music In Chopper

    Hi Guys, Hi nettrucker ! Ok, I like this thread and I have the similar problem.. I have already loaded sound classes in descr. ext, and songs in ".pbo sounds" file... If I would make a sound in chopper, starting automaticallly when engine starts... what should have I put in chopper init line? (I mean without any command displayed on screen, but just automatically, so simply: engine starts and sound song starts in chopper too) And in trigger, what should have I put in? ... what string for this? And then, .. I need any script?? The db+0 metod, is interesting for hear sound only in chopper... but I didn't understand how to set the db+- in order to hear sound only 1 or 2 metres far (so simulating into the chopper),..really Could YOU explaining it to me, please ? Regards Guys.... I hope in You...
  4. Hi SIR Gaffa, Hi to everybody I'm new on forum... (I'm noob for it and for arma editing, Lol!) So, I have a basic question about editing concepts! I'm despaired!! I'm editing an already existing Arma1 map; I've put a few addons in but, I think it's not the right way to work: In fact, all default objects on map, are invisible and get to activate only when a Bluefor stay in red zone; OK! When I start to editing and I put in the new addons, objects and so on ... they are all there; just since when the mission start! ... (though I've used 'doStop' and 'DoFollow' commands for their init and triggers...) WHICH script have I to use, in order to keep that particular object sleeping, invisible, deactivate or similar as by default? - In fact, I think map becomes heavy and without fluidity, later a few minutes I'm playing! Then, Does exist a command in the init line and related script of object, to keep it disabled, invisible, deactivated or ... however not existing till when Us (Bluefor) go in that zone, trigger and so on? I think it's a basic concept in arma editing and I didn't understand this important way to work and how to start adding objects to have a light and performancing map! I've searched everywhere on internet... ( the right way seems to be the "Setpos" use.. or "createCenter" .. but my mind in blank!) Please Sir Gaffa... if You could to explain or to show me the right way about how have I to start by a simple Gamelogic, trigger, script or that strange "createCenter" and right starting way for editing and building a map I'm sorry for my bad English and if You would email me with private message... no problem.. I'll wait for Your response... Kind Regards Paolo
  5. Aloha!

    co30 Domination! One Team

    P.S. - My first time on a forum... Excuse me any error ---------- Post added at 07:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:49 PM ---------- Hi Guys, Hi Sir XENO At first.. I'd like to tell You about Your great maps and works! - You're so expert about editing!!! ... me nope, instead!! Anyway, I'm editing an evolution Arma1 map in order to play with my friends in LAN; only any addons and a few codes... But, I have this problem: I'd like to select from flag in base, the jump position on map! - A simple paradroop click on map by flag... that one with simple parachute opening... falling down with auto-opening parachute.. slowly So, I need to know the init line for flag and the file (script) for it! - Could You help me? Sorry for my bad English Sir and... I wait for Your response Kind Regards Paolo