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    User Mission Request Thread

    I have a request! My mission making is nowhere near the vision i have for a mission.. The scenario: All of xxx island is being held by enemy force The mission: Kick them out Setup You and your brave group start in a boat, you are armed with light weapons (submachine guns / pistols) You need to ambush and steal to get equipment. The enemy should react to firefights and sabotages and get more troops in there.. But here is the catch.. there are only so many guys at the island... They only have so much fuel / ammo available.. maybe we already have something similar in arma universe ... and yes.. NO ZOMBIES
  2. YES. the machine is quite good (I7 24gb ram)
  3. so whats the deal here.. I start my server with added options, nothing happens. still 1600m view distance i remove from my server info my arma2oaconfig path, a new one is automaticaly created it shows 1600m, change that to 2500 nothing happens.. just to clarify where am i to put the info -cfg or -config ??
  4. A lot of interesting answers, im gonna do some testing later tonite,
  5. Since i started to host my own server im quite baffeld by the dificulty to set viewdistance Ive tested mission that ive downloaded, and just a simple test mission i did ( two guys on a hill type of thing) Still i am unable to change viewing distance. ive looked at varius pages (for exampel kellys heros has a good tutorial for arma2) and used a server tool and forgive me.. Google just showed me some zombi mod