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  1. Hi all, dont know if this helps but im getting the following when trying to start server on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server: If anyone knows how to fix this - let me know pls Regards
  2. AFAIK thats the default name wich is loaded if you dont specify another file with cfg="" param. Although on a linux machine it has to be all lower case -> arma2oa.cfg and has to be in arma2oaserver and also the file has to have the exact same name. You could rename the file to arma2oa.cfg and delete the entry in arma2oaserver.
  3. Same here. I installed the linux beta server and me and my friend have exactly the same problem. We are able to connect and select a mission. Everything gets loaded like on other servers but when we hit the continue button on the map screen after loading is finished the game crashes. The game does work on other servers though. I hope someone knows a solution to this.
  4. Im using beta patch 59988. It works in the 1.4 patch - so ill try another version of the beta instead. Sorry for not trying this before posting ;) and thanks alot for your help. Regards basedow
  5. Hi all, I put up a mission to try out the Spec Ops Module options. My problem is when I give my player a new weapon via init line I cant access the ammo crates that are dropped by the supply drop (the ones you can order by radio from SOM) anymore. I just removed all weapons first and added the ammo to my player and then the weapons. Like this: removeAllWeapons this; this addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; this addWeapon "M4A1_RCO_GL"; After this I cant access the ammo crates anymore. I also tried to only add the weapon with no other changes but get the same result. Can anyone help me plz? Regards basedow