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    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Hello. Sometimes, I just want to play a small game with the AI as friendly/enemy. I normally play Benny's Warfare maps. You can play solo/lan wit AI units and I really enjoy it! I've read that somehow you can play Domination maps offline with the AI units. I've load all the latest missions and looked to the settings. I can't manage to make the friendly units to show/play!?! Can someone explain me how do you play this in offline/solo mode? Thank you in advance, Xanix
  2. Thank you for the link. Great addon! Best regards, _Xanix_
  3. When I play online, generaly I use helicopeters and airplanes. There are lots and lots of AA weapons to kill us...I and others die a lot. So, Why Air units don't have chafs and flares to try to spoof the AA missiles? They should be added to increase Survivability! Best regards, _Xanix_