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    I can´t stop laughing of my own video.
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    The best part was when the buildings fell down!
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    Oldies misc arma2 videos in my channel
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  7. I want to make a SP mission like first OFP:CWC campaign missions, when Armstrong (player) follow orders from Bergstrom (AI leader). Example: Armstrong, move to that house! Armstrong, do this or that! (not the whole group, only the player or with only a squadmate.) It's pretty simple what I'm looking for. But not used very often. I was investigating, and the only thing I've found is how to make the leader order the player get into a vehicle in a certain position. Very useful too. (view: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/orderGetIn) but nothing for other orders. And other offtopic and minor question: AI unit init and stay in this position: PD: the classic "sorry for my english".
  8. in the server of my community 30 players + IA (coop) sometimes is catastrophic too much lag, warp, and desync.
  9. opfor weapons with flashlights? exist?
  10. Osama Bin Laden face.jpg? (or .paa) :D
  11. yes, exist a version of FAL with 5,56 cartridges the FAL of FFAA mod are 5.56 Vilas weapon pack without OA update, the FAL are 5.56, whith OA update use the 7.62x51mm nato of the original OA FAL PARA (I checked recently.) anyway, textures, recoil and sound of vilas fal dont convince me xD I would like a FAL like this in ACE mod with better textures and recoil similar to ACE BIS OA FAL PARA.