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    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Well I finally dove back into the development of the website and services as intended after another hiatus. Thanks to the fine developers of this quality addon to ARMA II. We are now running a dedicated GR:IT server. That is what is intended.... However, I need some help reviving a once famed community and bringing some new features to bare. Lingor is the perfect choice! Heres' the rub. No config is running ATM.. I've been around a long time as a player ( other names) I've even got the silver bullet from opflash first release! But I've just started again to try to get into making and hosting missions. That is where I usually get stuck. I've never been skilled there... even with a web coding background, ARMA intimidates me way too much. If any of you guys would like to help me with a proper set of configs files I currently need a few new friends in the Community! I'd love to play the GR missions and get some feedback on my system. I saw a server for arma for 59 GBP That ran an Athlon X2 6000 with 4 GB of RAM blah blah... The server I have to run it has an X2 6400 and 8 GB. I have nominal 10Mbps down and 4Mbps up ( speeds up to 30Mbps down and 6Mbps up) So I figured, what the hey right? LINGOR! I have That GR game... and I have been thinking about Novalogic titles and their missions too... How that style can be brought back! I just nabbed this ACE item too... So I'll say thanks for that development! Currently the server runs WarFX Blastcore, et al. ACE2 SOUND MOD ONLY. and ALL LINGOR Essentials. I do have DAOv.30 which a series of ballistics and sound adjustments running also as we are a DAO.nu Collaboration Site and will also run a US Valhalla Server soon ( that's why the DAO mod) I can fix this though Best bet to contact me is to become a member of the site and use its comms or use the email address i have on the account here. I have been developing some new tactical gaming community tools that Coop Mission planning with friends just might help out with. Thanks again for Lingor! Thanks again for everything!
  2. Brick Stone

    Secondary Monitor as Map

    Ok, (Breathes in) I say to you... "2 Screen or not 2 Screen! ...Map is the question!" For years I have been making and using 6 to 7 inch secondary displays with touch screen ability.... MFD, widgets, gadgets, RCON, clients, Photoshop toolsets. Now we have the MIMO! http://www.mimomonitors.com/Monitor/touchscreen via USB... without the need for an extra vid card or output from video card. We have others too....egalax makes touchscreens for several PC AUTOMOBILE ready 7" monitors With Mimo! They work... you can have many... they are under 200$ USD Nice touchscreens with multi-touch coming....I assume I am a Tactical-FPS.com (company restructure) owner.... I have every piece of gear. Throat mic. TrackIR.. you name it PLUS a nice couple of rigs. I stay away from triple head for budget/space/in my dreams reasons... but ARMA is my deal... Tactical, on the ground team play is what I am all about. This love I have for a real down and dirty ops experience with the best milsim engine for the job comes from my service in the United States Marine Corps and all the coolness I could suck up when on tour and off. I am also however,a Dad, a Gamer/Developer and a great Battlefield squad leader. I am also a skilled commander when the team listens. This game; however arcadey (BF2), has "Some" "Ease of Use" tools for leaders... that I'd like to see. something that leaders can do that regular boots can't I know we already have extended menus and options as leaders, but it's more of the same. Convoluted and harrowing at times. Translating what I feel and need to do on the battlefield to the GUI can be messy when you don't have time to train on this GUI in order to make it second nature. But then you fight the mechanics of opening and closing the vanilla ingame map and your blindness. If you are coordinating with other operators then they too are also blind to movement on the ground. Are you assigning 2 to cover that aren't looking at the map? are you in cover? Who plays that way in pubs... I know I got nobody on my six... and even on my Favorites.... it's rare to have aware... mates. In the ARMA franchise, retired military like myself, need realistic tools that translate in the same way to us... So jumping in the seat is more attractive in ARMA than just playing. DISCLAIMER: I'm gonna be a while...forgive me if I ramble and lose you... Not trying to. Most of this came as I wrote it. Stumbling on the thread of course, still trying to find a really awesome ARMA usage for a 7 inch touchscreen I have. So bear with me... Not a hijack. I firmly believe something really simple can be done for this to support dual screen ideas by BIS that are beyond the scope of just expanding ones FOV. If we can have dedicated instrument panels and MFD ( Mini LCDs) used with Flight Sims... then why not ARMA? And why not already for crying out loud? Thanks for reading. Leader types in todays games should have something more.. but less difficult to implement and enjoy. So we as leaders can still maintain our edge and easily, still replace 2 or 3 Run&Gun types while commanding our units. Having an open map on a secondary screen that uses just GPS that can be moved with touch screen. panned zoomed marked... called up closed... used for tactical situations. Even while forcing a in game character "KNEE" would be sweet. To be totally mission ready for commanders, squad leaders, fire team leaders and the like. Wow... Force the knee as well as leave mouse look available. but use this little map. with the option to open a bigger map. Either that or force the map to have a real view as if I am holding it normally on the AO and I can scan and pan the horizon and sky over the top. Not at all unlike a split screen. My 2 cents....Great ideas, Invaluable tools... Development though is a different issue and that; mind you is the straight poop. A Separate app designed as client maybe. outside the box is my ideal situation for a secondary screen. Something that would just run with Telemetry and pinch off your teams data and place it respectively onto your screen. With a server key option maybe.. A delicate set of variables that force the server bridge to pass the Telemetry data of each side to each sides commander only? Passworded access or access via in mission promotion 'IE" rank?? I worry about cheating too. Lets not forget Touchbuddy Local versus client/server and where are they in all this? You have to go that 3rd part App route I believe so that you aren't hampering ARMA from its duties... Remembering the problem with NON COMPLIANT HID DEVICES? (like my Touchscreen) anyone?.. Beuller?.... What happens is awful. The secondary Monitor just steals the cursor, the show and the whole ball of wax! You are then stuck on desktop with a minimized ARMA (this equals death in game with my luck) because Windows was owned by ARMA whilst playing! and your off doing other things.... with the mouse cursor Now Vice Versa!. This is a touchscreen only failure scenario I've produced though. I don't have to plug in that USB cable here. Something running through video that just feeds off the data and runs GPS style with you in the middle, might just work. Ok, but this is unrealistic for BIS as a whole to tackle for the scant few and impossible for any 3rd party developer to undergo without projections stating shear success. That isn't going to happen either to be honest. The one common factor in all of this is our numbers. Within these numbers...in those; the naysayers arguments to 2 screens my friends, is simply the truth. Not everyone has a secondary display much less a tiny USB based one. If the secondary monitor is not available; What of this all then? Can't just develop all this coolness for the elite few.... When that's just less accesible to leaders..... "A leaders experience in this game is what sells it to his peers. Not the other way around" Workarounds include just making the GPS screen on the bottom.... Well, a tad big bigger, toggleable, expandable, clickable and pannable when toggled or hotkeyed..... or... develop an Idea I have... Tiered Map usage. Tiered usage map mod?!?!BRAINSTORM! The one problem I now see with this whole idea is how ARMA swaps rendering modes when displaying your personal map now and then when returning to your FOV. I think something outside this realm of in place usage is required to launch the idea I am having. Query... How do you render the actual map onto a surface in game so your character and others see it in game versus swapping out to MAP and rendering back? Tier 1 "Quick Fold" Decaying Map knowledge, Bearings and GPS consultation options Where and what you are looking at just the small folded map of your current area of travel, off the cuff, non pannable. updates through a "Get your Bearings" Idea. Depending on how often you use it, The map can refresh with you at the cost of deployment and stowing. Once deployed, Bearings gained. Your position and direction and immediate line of site operators are able to be pinpointed on the Quick Fold map. You can flip to adjacent sides with ease. Set to have next map section or previous map section as the flip. Great options for offense and defense postures. Can menu flip access to sectors to facilitate unfolding and refolding map to look at other sections of map but still in Quick Fold Mode. If your unit stays in a location for a predetermined length of time. Your Quick Fold Map Data does not Decay.... however While moving, Quick Fold Map familiarity will decay. Data fades off map and must be re-established. Running, injuries and combat will all affect this decay greatly. Multiple friendlies in an AO will slow to halt the decay as shared intel will be assumed. With infrequent usage of the quick fold map. "Bearing Time" takes longer but can be verified with a quick "Consult GPS" action. Based on a set time for consult. and rank in game.. your Quick Fold map then updates with your current local and nearby operators in line of site again. Quick Fold is updated for a longer period of time again and your bearing time is decreased as long as it is used normally. The process of map familiarity decays until you refamiliarize. Example If you update the Quick Fold.. then say, you travel for 2K without running your bearings and you are not passing though friendly controlled sectors.... you will have to fully consult the gps or full map again to update your Quick Fold Map. Had you been "Getting your Bearings" often. via crouch and observe or stopping your vehicle and the like. In quick fold map... your location awareness on the map would be updated. Held like an in game device either Map style(leader types) or simple GPS( non leaders or grunts that just want to play maybe.. I'm not labeling or judging...) Map type only options can be - Flipped up, over and back and lowered down/stowed. Left hand usage with slight relaxed right hand, pistol grip carriage of rifles and smg... other carriage scenario/depictions of course to suit other weapons in the carry. while browsing in Quick Fold. uses Freelook. Tier 2 IMPORTANT part of my idea too!!! FOP Overwatch and Rally Point style. Can be viewed in game over the shoulder of the crouched user by other players.. can take advantage of direct communications code within the game. "ie" if the players aren't near and observing.. the map users indications and directives do not convey in the same manner as those huddled in the rally point where the Tier 2 usage has initiated. Players near the map user have the ability to observe the actions of the user. Their system reacts accordingly and they personally can take advantage of the peer pan and point observations of the map user in a more intimate way versus just hitting M. All data is updated to the near players in the most immersive fashion. Near players can use Quick fold immediately and have their maps available and ready to current position and current operationsal data and markings. Non near players must refer to the full map and in their tear down and the time that takes, lies their Quick fold update. This should have a "UNIT NEED TO KNOW" implemented as well. Possible workaround - map user can inform units to update intel as needed. Visual elements of this part of my idea... Open the player models 1st person view up to the idea of....A larger folded out map, draped on a knee with pan and peer and point gesturing over the top of the actual map. But better! Map in left hand stays static. Use body movements as normal. map holds steady and then like a weapon carriage, your finger once triggered can be used to simply point. ( VoIP notions would really facilitate realism with this) You as the map holder can free look over the open map and the terrain at the same time and activate simple point command and callout gestures by pointing and marking with the mouse(finger).. Freelook is crucial here as then the map user can also point to ground movement and offer verbage if he spots something on the field while perusing the map. All with the same gestures. Coordinate clicks on the field with marks on the map via a designated hot "shift key" plus click options etc. or use menus to make visual corellations to your team on maps of choice, 3d hud, and physical character pointing. to his map, and or terrain at the same time from an OP and the like. all in one mode of the map. 3D hud Data would fade after a rally... No yellow arrows in space over move markers. It's not real. (breathe) Side to side FreeLook is active. Player model hips and waist though, for forward and back leaning can be toggled so you can also observe overhead and down hill and valley terrain types. All while perusing foldout map on knee in view of squad. Then with another hot key or Space pressed. go into markup mode on the map in this same usage tier where your view as the map holder is then static (view kind of lowers and freezes your player model onto a broader scope of this map. as if you are lowering your battlefield eyes to your coordination efforts on the map. and go into full markup mode but a smaller non pannable map of your current sector set. You can execute fold out and fold up to and from either map mode from Tier 2 usage in addition to tear down modes when you stow the the Tiered usage in full. Marking your sectors as normal and all can see on their map versions as normal in accordance with how Arma already works. When finished in markup mode... Map is then clicked inactive... it operates normally again and you can toggle and use your pan, peer and point operations again. Would look in game to others like actual 1 handed map holding draped onto knee. Player using various hotkeys and shifts for submodes Tier 3 Surface use. FOP, FOB, MAINS, Hard Cover. Normal Full map. full screen like normal. Each mode is to consider stowing times. Quick fold should be an easy dig in the pocket and quick wrist flip and up comes the map to view. should take no longer than the current map foldout time and not restrict movement. easy solution to all of this crap...is a simple larger GPS screen though. (breathe) Just some stuff I thought of now.... Additional Technology notes...If Track IR can give me the FOV view seperate from weapon carriage... Then easily all the code is within to give us the pan and scan peer over the top map. Create it like a real time Datapad or map item in the game. But how to render map data onto an object as I'm envisioning Other in game thoughts... Granted, in game or would be, real life I am not dumb enough to open my map under fire without hard cover or reasonable concealment. but some faster on the fly, real life abilities on the ground would shake things up a bit. Now here is your CURVEBALL IN GAME leaders and their experience sell this game WTF is he talking about now.... My personal, opinion after I've written this all up... Sorry! I want a 2nd screen too but... (breathe) A better map experience and field coordination implementations is where it's at.. not a gadget or secondary screen. Why? We all need that something extra in ARMA. Some may think a second screen solves this and it does to a point. But it's just a bandaid really. We can have it, but lets take a look at this from another perspective. Right now...IMO all command abilities in ARMA can stall the growth of a real leader type to a point where the learning curve coupled with the mechanics in game and timing of the current elements, makes the leader roles more dangerous. I get killed more when I use the stuff in game to command then when I just go it alone... and hope the live guys near me are just gonna fall into place. Honestly. Real VoIP is key there and another topic. Getting killed more as a leader because of using the options in game is less than ideal. Sure I should have my guys cover me.... but Guess what. I, most likely haven't been able to prove I can be followed yet. Because I keep getting killed trying. It's a Faith/REP issue on Pubs. After that it's a language barrier usually. But If I am gettin gkilled more as a leader when trying to be a leader in ARMA... then I am not calling my friends and asking them to come watch me SUCK HERE!. If things were more accessible and enjoyable to guys that already can lead. They most likely, like myself would be more inclined, leader or not, to try to get some friends to play. Just for experiences sake!. But if I can lead them with ease, even the doubtful, and make their experience better. Then they too will advertise ARMA as ROCKIN! and more people might try to enjoy it instead of running back to bad company to answer some sort of call of duty. Most of the pub play breaks down like this... headless chickens doing whatever. Having a Number, or a "Cav." or "Inf" or Battalion in your name doesn't mean much to me nowadays. Rare is the talk and bravado matching the skills or knowledge. and the ones with skills are silent. might not have a headset... or they know that being a full blown leader in ARMA MP and using the stuff in game gets you killed more.(unless your team is awesome and doesn't need leashes and tranq darts) Even some of the people with the best of intentions on delivering a realistic experience on their server don't really do anything realistic and yet they continue to make their communities inaccesible via rules , regs, hype and hyperbole. Some don't know anything about anything.... Drives me nuts. It is soon translating into a desire to just play for many. That sadly almost always morphs into new impatient guys joining our ranks, for months at a time in spurts and then they leave for a more accessible title. They want all that ARMA offers but they can't shine faster. So they leave. I know many will say that's OK we don't want the fly by night players..... Oh yes we do. If anything Shut yer mouth and treat em as targets! Maybe we can have Our(ARMA PEEPS) cake and eat it to though for once... No? This odd innaccesibility. Or ease of use structure changes the landscape of ARMA as a whole in the gaming community. I can't even find a server now that remains active, full and enjoyable for more than a few hours in a day... and WEST players! MOST have a Deathmatch, Call of Duty thing going on... Run! ...continuously headlong into death , same path over and over, without deviation leading the hostiles to the MHQ or spawnpoint! No tactics in anyway, shape or form. It isn't even about having or playing with tactics... it's just about having "A Clue" sometimes. Knowing where and what to do ... That means leading and leading fast... Can't lead some of them WEST folk and I am them folk! .. Leaders in game should be given an advantage that coincides with their assumed above average skill. Lets them stand out more and thus attracts followers and makes the game for the follower better. THOSE Guys that come to ARMA and WANT to be lead by the good leader. Be it You or me. We need the advantage to get those guys excited so they continue to play. and learn to be the same leader. This means more options maybe like this "Secondary Monitor/ Better Map" presentation idea. Something more, but less headache and better accesibility. A better hud? WTH happened to Touchbuddy! SHEESH! But then again, "Leaders" in itself in the scope of this conversation. That is just a role on the board. Any joker can jump in the chair... but to fill the role.. Ahh that is a different story now!..... So I'm at a loss here with what I'm getting at and I shant suffer you this digression further. I like where the Project Reality team is taking ARMA.... I think they should be leaned on for a solution/direction to this. Still a good idea - Still a bad idea... Still equallyso, for all the same reasons... Good topic! I would use a secondary monitor/ touchscreen with a full time map. I would love to coordinate more with my teams. Anything to get the op rolling and my guys ready! Again, Thanks for your time..........(Breath out) I still want a 2nd screen.... jus sayin!
  3. Yes my friends we need these files made available to the community from another source as it seems get42.com is hacked or gone or the files are just plain gone. But this isn't half of it.... DAO.nu made a real foolish move.. No offense Kochleffel ( if that's correct, I'm spelling from memory) I just became aware of your name in the scheme of things here as I have been a DAO regular forever now because of BerZerK!. Sadly it is true. DAO.nu, Just as Arma II got patched to 1.07 and ironed out alot of stuff for me personally and others and became smooth as silk. And.... Being that Berzerk 2.0 BEta 85 maps are really well done in comparison to previous releases in FPS enhancements... The ARMA 2 TvT community just barely got the chance to return to this great server and mod to enjoy it and spread the word and in a singular moment POOF! DAO swaps to the " OMG! running like I never even bought a new PC and stuttering POS lets knock our settings to LOW... Operation Arrowhead"!!!! Not only do they, "claiming to offer you(community) the best in gaming", swap out to OA.... but get this They force you have both ARMA II and ARMA II OA if you want to play on their server!.... Yeah No Kidding! I'm sorry guys but, You just dropped one half of your players in a ditch... and then alienated the other half... Pretty much catering to an elite few. (The server patronage numbers have dropped to 1/3 their normal basically since your swap) So if your a new guy just buying ARMA OA your left "NEEDING" to buy ARMA II if you want to play BERZERK.....and vice versa. How is that "community friendly"?? SO please if anyone.... Zaphod... you guys at the NEW FRENCH server Bless your SOULS!.... Please make this BETA 85 available... and if work continues... please use this thread to let us all know of your progress, supporting threads and release schedules. I personally would like to restart my old tactical gaming site that I ran for years at Tactical-FPS.com and Run a BERZERK server alongside it's launch a US EAST connection. SO if anyone has these files please supply your community members with this pack and lets get some mirrors and some more BerZerk! servers up! Thanks and Best Regards Sgt. Brick Stone
  4. BETA patch download page is broken. None of the links work for me Any and all clicks and right clicks do nothing but give this error This webpage is not available. The webpage at ftp://downloads.bistudio.com/arma2.com/update/beta/ARMA2_Build_60309.zip might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Error 2 (net::ERR_FAILED): Unknown error. Thanks