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  1. Voted on...Colonial Marines! MOREZZZ sci-fi !
  2. LiberNull777

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    Or this helmet for SpecOps units ?
  3. LiberNull777

    Stagler's FSB Packs

    Great work! Now only what we need is modern russian troops. :)
  4. EugenyKrag sweet units. Modern Russian soldiers looks awesome. Waiting for the next update :)
  5. LiberNull777

    US Marines

    How about replacmet for BiS units? :) Bink maybe can you take care now about Force Recon? ^^
  6. LiberNull777

    SFP Modules

    Same here, only amored and air units. Don't see any infantry.
  7. LiberNull777

    The Undead Mod

    There is 90v.? 84 is not the last version?
  8. LiberNull777

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    so where is that yeti ;) ?
  9. Woooah, awesome. Especially gasmask units. Kudos!
  10. Oh geeez please not. PMC from BIS really suxx, Vanilia units from A2/OA are much better.
  11. I love you Schnap! Great update for my fav addon
  12. Impresiw Oo, can you do also combine soldiers with red eyes? :D
  13. LiberNull777

    OA desert mercs

    Oh yeah! CRW SAS please :D
  14. LiberNull777

    OA desert mercs

    Wooah those BlackOps are awesome!