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  1. I find the user interface in this simulator is fantastic. The ease of interaction with objects is great, being able to rotate and scrolling to move an object away/close to you. Also, being able to hop in and out of vehicles, interact with screens, etc., is smooth and intrinsic. I find it far better to use than many games, including ARMA. But I find it also better than a game in development, where hopping in and out of a starship and flying around a galaxy is a core element. If possible, I'd want this exact interface for those/many other games. ((can you make an app for that??)) But being that this is a BI simulator, my hope is the interface and interaction with objects and doors etc can be brought over to ARMA or other BI games, such as Take On Helicopters. Is that possible?
  2. Ok, I finally got this. But only by accident. I had switched my anti-virus software and then gave it a try again. It worked. I know some games do run better with it off, I just never thought of it before. But, now Im unsure if it's because of that or a fluke. I might try it a couple more times to be sure. Thanks for the help, and I do notice now that on auto-hover, the chopper definately has decreased lift. Good to know. Tron
  3. I tried it without auto-hover and it made no difference. But Im happy to have tried that, because thats the first time I tried a lift without auto-hover. Way more fun! :) I made it to 100% but again the container is damaged. I did notice something else. On container 1, its waypooint/marker is right on the container. For the second container, its waypoint/marker is actually beneath one of the top containers on the ship. My guess is that it's set one level too low. When you run this contract, is the marker on a top container, or below a level like mine? Thanks, Tron
  4. After installing each patch, it would make you begin that contract over. This gave me hope that it had been fixed. Should I reinstall the game? I haven't tried that because it'll take me some time to get through the contracts again. But I will reinstall if I have to. Are others able to get through this contract? If so, is it a fluke or is there a procedure to it Im missing? Thanks, Tron
  5. Patch 1.5 and still broken. Other people can get past this mission without damaging container #2? I'll try reinstalling later. Tron
  6. I'd like to continue with the rest of the campaign but cant as it is. I might resort to skipping the mission, but would prefer not to. I'll just do time trials or whatever till this is fixed or someone has a solution, other than a fluke. Cheers, TRON
  7. tron

    Mission #8

    Hi, I am having trouble with this mission too, but not the same problem. Thanks in advance, Tron
  8. There is a lot of water in the Seattle map. Do any of the choppers have optional floats? If not, it'd be nice being able to land on the water. Maybe upon purchasing a set, some new missions would become available?
  9. In most other simulators they have many options for camera. Currently, as far as I know, there is only the first person and third person camera....to rotate view, you're meerly turning the players head. But it would be fantastic to have a few other options. Fly-by is standard in other sims and it would definitely be appreciated in Take on Heli's. It might even be great in ArmA...if you have 3rd person viewpoint, why not have a flyby? Other standard viewpoints would be back, front, left, and right etc. <edit> Other simulators also have a spot view and once in that view, you can pan the camera around the vehicle. Most other sims only have vehicles. In Take On Heli's and Arma, this could be used to view vehicles and avatar. It would be great if this was separate than the 'free look' head movement that is available currently.</edit> Thanks, Tron
  10. I've joined a number of multiplayer sessions and when I check my stats, it brings up the ArmA type stats which shows all the various types of kills. But this is a civillian sort of game where you might earn $'s for doing tasks. Is it possible to change that stats table to show moneys earned? And where the stats table has icons for types of kill (soldier, truck, tank, plane etc) maybe it could have icons for types of jobs ie (passengers, loads, rescues, etc).
  11. I've noticed at night, everything(trees, ground, buildings) is near pitch black but then a few runways are lit up. Those runways dont have lightpoles or anything 'lighting' them up, the runway itself is just lit up. So I think there's just a general lighting issue with the game itself. Definately needs to be fixed. So if they can tweak the runway object to act brighter at night, isn't it possible for every object to just be brighter at night?
  12. tron

    Arma 2 1.06 Patch Suggestions

    Im guessing there is some drastic reason for this not being shown in games already, but I'd like seeing animation when in a vehicle. Hands turning the steering wheel or moving the flightstick, etc. It's such an immersive game, but when you become frozen when driving, it makes you go hmm. In some vehicles, mostly land vehicles, you can see the steering wheel move when you turn. In air vehicles the stick stays motionless. If you can make it move in one vehicle, then it should be easy to do the same in others. In a tank, I dont see why you cant turn your head from the viewport. They could say it doesn't help to be able to do that. But when in a helicopter, looking down at the floor doesn't help either...but you can do it..because you can in real life. So...why not in the tank? Throttle in air vehicles should respond like a throttle<<unless there already is some toggle I've missed?> or at least have the option of using it as is, or working like a true throttle. I dont know if this is a MOD thing or not, but during multiplayer when you die it takes quite a long time before the respawn buttons appear. I know this game likes to be realistic, but the fact that in real life you actually never get to respawn removes the rational that waiting a minute makes it feel more real. And unless the long wait is put in there to actually keep players away, then the wait should be minimal. For vision, I find it takes far too long for the eyes to adjust. If I put on NV, then remove them after a minute or so I can see my surroundings. When it's near dawn for example. Is there a setting that effects that? It seems that the rate which your vision corrects itself is on some curve. That means it's a number. Can this number be changed so when I remove NV, it takes maybe 3 seconds to see a lot of stuff? Hmm now that I think of that, is how it is in game accurate and I have just not been outside at night in a while? Anyways, it should be tweakable :) Looking forward to Operation Arrowhead! TRON
  13. tron

    Interface discussion

    For me, the first thing I'd change is the way you select things. The scrolling method they use now is too hard to control....it's very easy to select the next thing down or up. And somehow, the one you want to select is always right above something quite destructive. (I have laid mines on the ammo box a couple times...) I'd suggest, as others have already, using a pie which appears right where you're looking. The list appearing to the side of the screen isn't the best either. At least with the pie, I dont have to look away from the center of the screen. Ok, or at least make it optional. Maybe some people do like it at the side, since it doesn't interfere but another thing that could help would be to make the actions activated by pressing a key. Since numbers are used for the different menu's, maybe use shift+number. So I'd look at the ammo box, and not only the list would show up, but numbers beside the list and I'd hold shift+3 and it'd bring me to the gear stuff or shift+1 to place a mine, etc. Anything to make that whole procedure safer.
  14. tron

    Please, Start Fresh.

    Im completely new to ArmA...this is my first post, even, here. Without ArmA 2, I somehow would have missed OFP and ArmA completely. So Im happy with Arma 2, as a first time user I suppose. But, still, I see some really silly stuff that happens in game, and it turns out from reading the posts that these silly things are carry-overs from previous games. That sucks! I'd not mind so much if these silly problemss had been taken care of, and there were brand spanking new problems in ArmA 2. But they have me anyways...even with the silly problems, the game, especially online, is great to me. I hope they continue improving it, though. And if there were ever such thing as an ArmA 3...I dont think they'd need a completely new engine, as long as they somehow masked or fixed the silly problems. It seems to me the current engine is capable of quite a lot, really.