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  1. Look up Adaptiv camouflage on google. Check out the videos. 'nuff said.
  2. Comanche3G

    Knife in ArmA 2 ?

    Knives should DEFINITELY be implemented, along with enemy AI hiding inside of buildings. I hope this gets addressed in Operation Arrowhead or a mod is released. Infantry inside a bilding can be devastating, and I used to carry a knife in Tikrit back in '03, so yeah, soldiers still use knives. It's rare in an age where firearms are prevalent, but it happens. Take the example of the Battle of Fallujah where a Marine shanked an Iraqi Insurgent in a stairwell like three times in the head before the guy ran away bleeding and screaming! Everyone's anus must have been the size of a singularity when that went down! We kept in mind during raids that if someone got too close for comfort, we would, "barrel check" them. This is a simple thrust of the gun barrel to the sternum. I don't think it should be delayed as an "action" either, as it never takes me too long to punch someone in the face. Hey, why not implement punching as well? I also think there should be a slight auto aim at short ranges to account for the natural ability for humans to point at things close up which is not replicated very well in video games along with sense of smell, spatial recognition of sound, and peripheral vision. All these natural abilities of human beings factored in immensely on every mission I was ever in. Arma 2 does an excellent job in the peripheral vision department, however, replacing those lost senses with in-vehicle radar blips and an odd faint circular gleam from distant vehicles and even infantry.
  3. Comanche3G

    When Diplomacy Fails.

    Great concept, but was disappointed when the interfaces and menus were not identical to warfare, it threw me for a loop. It is fun being a rebel though, and having close proximity to the towns compared to the other factions is a great way of evening out the technological disadvantage to the other two. I still don't know how to call up a diplomatic menu of some sort (Always tried with no one else on, do other players need to be your adversary for it to be activated?). Where's the manual?
  4. Comanche3G

    [GUIDE] AI Squad Command

    Excellent work rotkeps, great guide dude. I spent a lot of time acquainting myself with commanding the AI and learned all the aforementioned, but never thought to write a guide myself, even after looking for a good one and not finding it, until this morning. I will now ramble on about the shit I like to do with my AI. I personally love giving F2 and F3 to crewmen, and getting in the commander's spot of either a BTR-90 or an LAV-25. I then pack the back with six marines, usually a medic, machinegunner, and four SMAWs. From the commander's seat I like to simply click on a map location, and my AI driver will drive down the road to the objective. This process is much more refined in ArmA2 than in either previous incarnation of the game, however, and the driving seems to be faster as well. There is also the advantage that in the case of enemy contact en route to the objective, the AI gunners are very accurate as long as they can spot their target, and you can switch to driver for a hasty break contact when you hear that boom that makes your sphincter pucker up. I usually experiment with different mixes of units, but I find this one to be the easiest and most successful in my toolbox. A clever tactic I like to use is to dismount my crunchies, and send them to a weak strongpoint. Their silent apporach is excellent, and sometimes I even kill my engine for a listening halt. As the squad advances on the strongpoint and later, the depot, I watch them on the map. They eventualy report a contact, to which I issue the order 1, 8 to take cover. I then fire up the engine, and haul ass to their position, usually driving past them towards any enemy infantry and light vehicles. Hueys and Hinds come in as a close second, and if the particular server will let me, I like to crew one up and follow my APC to serve as a base of close air fire support and CASEVAC. It's very hard-on inducing hearing the chopper come in behind you as you take strongpoints. They bust up any armor your APC cannot engage very nicely. Coming in on foot also allows you a chance at spotting any AAA first and knocking them out for your air. Another excellent tactic I've employed is sending spec ops in on foot to spot targets prior to an assault, usually with a hold fire command in effect. I move them along forests, and place them in woodlines for concealment, effectively establishing a brand of radar coverage of the area when executed properly (not being spotted). I would like to experiment more with using tanks and airplanes as parts of my squad one of these days, but initial attempts have left me a bit wary. The airplanes seem hard to control, and the tanks are just too slow, I like to relegate heavy armor assets to reclaiming towns and establishing defensive lines. You can probably tell by now I spend a lot of time playing this game on my map. I can still find quite a few things to complain about with them, such as the necessity to disembark a heli pilot to create a smooth landing, not being able to effectively stop, no altitude control, and no in-cockpit position change (I love gunning, it's just hard finding a good pilot). As far as infantry goes, I really wish there was a good, swift way of sending them into building to clear and hold. That would be awesome, and I've always found CQB lacking in these titles. You can't tell me out of all of these virtual soldiers, none of them is carrying a shiv. I'm real proud of the work Bohemia has put into its AI up to this point, because I can only imagine what a daunting task it must be to get them to do all of what they do now. But I can honestly say this; I have not found their equal in any other game. These little bastards are pretty efficient when you practice controlling them and realize their strengths and weaknesses. This kind of programming will no doubt make it into the processors of future unmanned vehicles, if it's not already there!
  5. Comanche3G

    Ai thread

    I think AI should implement the following for vehicle operation 1. a road/offroad option for ground vehicles. This would significantly enhance the cohesion of a convoy, which AI have a ghastly time trying to keep together). 2. A pilot altitude option (This would facilitate landing as well, when you can set the altitude to 0). 3. Last time I tested, choosing a facing direction for a pilot didn't work. I would really like to see better AI piloting commands so I can jump in the gun with an AI pilot for a change instead of only driving. Firing the cannon in camera view is so much fun. 4. Keep up the good work guys, this AI pisses me off WAAAAY less than the previous games.
  6. 1. When I have an AI squad inside a vehicle, and dismiss one of them while they are mounted, they suicide bomb the vehicle, killing me and any passengers. 2. Just like in ArmA, there will be times that my status as leader is rescinded, and when I select 1, 1 (fall back into formation), it tells the squad to follow another member (5 for example), and it won't fix unless I completely log off and log back in. These issues could possibly happen in other multiplayer game types, but I've been addicted to Warfare since I bought the game a week ago, so I'm not sure.