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  1. William could you add off-map arty in the future? Thanks for your excellent job.
  2. the potential of this is endless. i hope when things are smoth and running you start adding features and mod compability (like R3F arty, new units, more maps, more types of actions like delaying or withdrawal or whatever). Just wow! Gonna test my first mission!
  3. KNac


    Very nice map, can't wait it to be finished! Big map (need more of these) and very interesting area and landscape. What I was waiting for to make a planned campaing so can use it in conjunction with Razani. In some of the screenshots I've seen 'desert' textures but I'm getting greenish 'Chernogorsk' like textures, is a newer version not uploaded? I didn't download 'Requiered_PBO' so maybe is that, but I tried and didn't receive any error message (have full CAA1 allready though). Do I need to download it (because the other file included razmisc.pbo allready)? I've razani so could I delete razmisc.pbo if are files from that map? In any case, great stuff and hoping for a more complete version soon, didn't have any performance issues with my standard settings (high visibility too).
  4. Something you can do (apoart of using ACE2 for the weight issue, even tho it doesn't completlly model the weight as is seen by that quote) to start with is disable the 'gear respawn' in the parameters, later in the game it won't make any difference, but at least at the beginning you won't see everyone and his mother running with the best AT assets every time. About prices, you can easilly modify Warfare BE (or any other edition) with new prices, if you don't know how, let's start a serious discussion or list and I can do it for you, if you want.
  5. Have been waiting for something like this for a while! Kinda cool, thanks for it. p.s: lynx you should try it and give feedback back, if you wish off course.
  6. LOL, ok, my bad, wrong expression maybe, no to be taken literally. I was not refeering to sniping infantry with RPG's but hitting vehicles at long ranges with unguided AT stuff (RPG's, SMAW). In real life that stuff is quite innacurate, specially RPG-7, but right now you can hit an Stryker as far as from 500m!! With an RPG-7, which is a joke as far as realism goes and makes IFVs and APCs useless. The spread of these weapons should be highlly increased so they are useless at "long" ranges, these are CQB AT assets (<300m, RPG-7 probably under 100m), not Javelins or Metis. p.s: funny enough Javelin is more useless at close tange due to problems with targetting w/o xhair, but that's an Arma issue.
  7. One thing I would like to see is accuracy of AT assets (specially RPG's) being tweaked to realistic standards, in line with firearms. RPG7 sniping is a joke right now. Yeah i should probably register in dev-heaven and open a ticket I know xD
  8. Any news about tweaking accuracy of weapons & stuff to be more in line with other weapons?
  9. Stop whining and whining about whining and answer this good ol' man: (in the page before this one).
  10. KNac

    AA is way too overpowered

    You may be right, but that's a very simplistic analisys: armour placement, angle, reactive armour (and different types), etc. all act as strength multipliers, and matters A LOT. But yeah, probably tanks are too much strong in the rear where they would get disabled, at least, from a direct short range hit. Then again, accuracy of RPG's, sepcially rpg-7 are a bit too high compared to what you would see IRL.
  11. KNac

    AA is way too overpowered

    ACE2 models tank damage much better and they are actually usefull as can withstand a good deal of damage.
  12. KNac

    AA is way too overpowered

    Pretty much. The other day we were playing and a single guy M1A1 took an unlimited amount of damage without being destroyed. he singlehandlly won the game. Anyway you don't counter AA with air tbh. p.s: clarification, the guy was cheating
  13. I wanted to do a more realistic warfare at some point. I don't think it's that hard to archeive what you want using an existing mission as base and editing it. I have been planning to do a SP campaing though, but will try. No promises.
  14. I wasn't sure if I should post this in troubleshooting or report it but to get sure first I guess I may ask in case is only a thign of me. I've realized that I can't place defenses (like bunkers, sand walls, H-walls, barbed wire) in the editor. I guess this is happening since 1.05 as wasn't happening before, I opened older scenarios where these were placed and saw that they have no 'faction' or 'class' field (it's empty). Could someone confirm it? Tried with vanilla. I suppose a hotfix would be doign a new config file or usign old scenarios where these are allready placed (or editinf mission.sqm), but still...
  15. As I've said in the other thread, there are options for both, more arcade & more sim type games. To start with, if you want tos ee less usage of advanced weapon systems like attack helos, aircraft or tanks, remove 3rd person view. I tell you this will cut a lot the number of players using them, as they ar eno longer soe asy o use and requeire better tactics, specially for armour, because armour tactical awareness agaisnt infantry is poor specially in areas like Chernarus (except probably the valley that is around Stary, which is more open to armoured battles). Ocupation forces and even resistance can be tweaked to use less vehicles if players, but I don't find it a problem even now tbh, with such open availability of AT assets, heck even RPG7 (with right ammo) and AT4 can be very harmfull to most armoured vehicles except maybe MBT (and even these will suffer when hit by various light AT assets, broken tracks, optics or guns and you have disabled them). Gear respawn should be removed (can be done allready in Benny edition in parameters) and compelx weapon systems price icnreased a lot, and probably 'building' times (because the logistics tog et these to a warzone would be costlly). You can even do a lot with a bit more some edition: i.e. increase the space between camps and the numbers of camps in each town and you will get longer battles for towns involving a lot of infantry fighting. Features like camp insertion in AWP version help pvp, but adding an easy way to respawn AI squads would increase the war-like atmosphere even more. Shifty tbh, you shouldn't be able to singlehand take a town, warfare should almost force cooperation between different playwer forces and even some combined arms. Big towns (120 points) shouldn't be able to be captured by at least 4-5 players with AI infantry (a reinforced platoon of strength) and heavy AT assets or soem armour support, and smallest towns (50, infantry occupation/resistance) should need at least 2 full strength squad (mayeb less with some armour support). Building times for air assets should be increased a lot, bar transport helos maybe. Same for MBT and advanced IFV's. There is a lot of stuff that can be done to have 'beliable' warafre mode (I prefer that word to realist, because only way toa rcheive realism in the game is with some heavy mission edition and fixed objectives & forces, dynamic games never will be realist but can at least be beliable).