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  1. motorpyshco

    Missing Squad Icons ?

    Hey Scottb613, I am having the same problem. The challenge is, I use ACE for other Single players mods/missions, and I like it, but is there a solution for this? Because I like using ACE.
  2. Hello, I don't know if this has been answered before or if I am in the right section, so please forgive me. What I have notice is that I don't have a compass and or the radio when I switch to the map mode in Arma3, like I do in Arma2. The compass comes up fine in regular play while I am in the third person view. I tried the Inventory section but when I select either one, it takes it out of my inventory and drops it on the ground. Could someone give me some advice on where I can find or bring up the compass / radio in the map mode? Thanks, Motorpyshco
  3. motorpyshco

    Lost aiming recticle on my weapons

    Cole tried the backup on my profile and created a new one...still no go. Vas, I'll try that "*" and see if that works. At at ropes end. Anybody else has any suggestion I am open?
  4. motorpyshco

    Lost aiming recticle on my weapons

    I'll try that, and let you know Cole.
  5. motorpyshco

    Lost aiming recticle on my weapons

    Good infomation from all. Thanks anyway guys, I really do appricate it, This forum is awesome with you all helping out.
  6. motorpyshco

    Lost aiming recticle on my weapons

    No, I have the difficult settings on regular (not that good yet to put it on advance or expert) and the crosshair are enable.
  7. motorpyshco

    Lost aiming recticle on my weapons

    Yes I have installed the latest patch I believe 1.07, and yes the crosshair/recticle sights not the iron sights or using the scope which are working fine.
  8. motorpyshco

    Lost aiming recticle on my weapons

    Damn, I hate doing that, unless there another way. If not, then I guess that's the way to go?
  9. motorpyshco

    Lost aiming recticle on my weapons

    No on the Fade. All my stuff including the game is bought legally. As for Walker's response, I don't have a MOD that removes the base sights, and also I have the aiming cursor sigths enable selected in the advance difficulty section. Hopefully somebody can help me out and find a solution or maybe there is a addon that has additional aiming cursors out there.
  10. motorpyshco

    Lost aiming recticle on my weapons

    I don't understand by what you mean on Fade?
  11. I don't know if this has been posted in the past, but I was playing the game and all of a sudden I lost my aiming recticle. It was there and now it's gone. I restarted the game, nothing and also rebooted the compute and still no aiming recticle. The Iron sights and scope sights are functioning great, it's just I don't have any aiming recticle to take a quick aim. I play the game in regular difficulty, and I checked the difficulty edit page and it stated that I have the weapon aiming enable selected, but I don't have the aiming recticle anywhere on the screen. Wonder if someone could help me out on getting it back or get another one. Thanks
  12. Don't know if I am in the right area or not, so please excuse me. I notice that there are several Add-on Launchers for Arma II. My questions are: 1) are these add-on launchers worth to install and easy to use (understand)? 2) will these add on the Add-on's and mods, or just Add-on's, or just the Mods? 3) What's the difference between the Addon Sync, Alpines Arma II Launcher and the Linebacker Arma II Launcher? 4) would you all perfer to install the Add-ons and Mods by the Modfolder method by Armaholic or the Launchers? Just wondering if there was an easy, fast and safe way to install Add-ons and Mods. Your opinons and expertise would be helpful. Thanks
  13. Hi, I know more or likely that this has been asked before but I just bought this game and I am amaze at the quality as well as the graphics and play style of this game. My question is (and like I said before this probably been asked in the past) how do you install add-on's and mods? I been looking at some very talented individuals who done great job on adding more to this game and I sure would like to add on some more of the stuff that others had made. Is there a particular step of doing this? Do I need a Engineer Degree from MIT to install them? Is there a program already made for easy installments? If you all could help me and point me in the right direction that would be grateful. Thanks
  14. Hey thanks. I am sorry CMB Unit 01, new to this, I didn't know where to post. So, I guess I am going to post my question again on the Add-on Mod discussion area. Thanks again guys.