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  1. Just tell your friend to visit TechReport to read the latest system guide.
    Thanks kylania. I crawl Tom's pretty routinely as a way of stayingin touch; this is new to me.

    * Betcha my buddy would start bleeding from the ears reading through all this.

    * Idea is to scrape this sorta source and boil it all down into something like an interactive spreadsheet like dashboard. I think that would make a really sexy page.

    There's no way BIS knows what the system requirements for A3 is going to be at this point
    I'm sure they're closing in on that. I mean, with release Q4, they have to have nailed down a lot of the foundational design decisions. No?

    80 / 20 ... it's the last 20% that busts our guts.

    if you built the best computer you can at this point you might be close.
    heh ... might get close? I doubt ArmA3 will be that demanding.

    FWIW I keep my eye on "diminishing returns". With good decisions a $3K box would probably perform as well (I mean practically) as his $4.5K shopping list. If someone can actually buy best of breed in every category w/o breaking sweat then more power to them, but I don't think that describes the average player.

    I'm not average. I don't much care about eye candy. No glitching, no lag, FPS between 40 and 55 ... good comms and sound ... I'm happy with that.

  2. SideBar

    Someone out there a data visualization / spread-sheet / dashboard sorta programmer with a bit of time?

    Summary: To create a web page that will allow folk to work through a list of likely / plausible components to create a shopping list for a good game box as bottom line.

    Inspiration: Last night in TS a very good player announced that he'd scrabbled together enough cash to build a really good box, with A3 in mind. Thing is, he's non-tech. So when his buddy suggested 2 large SDDs, he added that to his list. He also included the sorta CPU a video studio would be happy with. He just didn't have criteria for choices.

    My thinking: there's a finite list of components needed, and for each item there's a finite number of candidates. Taken together it's enough to give my buddy a headache. Broken down into an interactive table c/w suggestions, recommendations, and warnings (My fave? Don't cut any corners on things that are hard to swap out e.g. MoBo.) someone with a good idea of what's required (e.g. ArmA 3 specs ... I bet BIS would gladly be as specific as necessary.) could work through this thing and end up with a bottom line plug figure.

    I'm sure a lot of us have seen sites that allow us to "build our own box", customizing from a pre-stuffed menu. Something like that.

    I don't want to fork this thread, so please reply by PM if you're interested. I code, but I'm no programmer.


  3. Unfortunately someone thought it was a good idea to store this material on MegaUpload. It wasn't. The entire domain has been seized, so the video are gone.

    Likewise with the list on Armaholic - Comprehensive and In-Depth guide to commanding your AI squad - Articles.

  4. NB: Have now de-selected all mods. (Had been running w/very plain vanilla set, CBA and STHud and such.)

    Okay, it wasn't "co-pilot inevitably". But it's still odd.

    Problem: FlyWith occurs having selected RideAlong.

    Which actually is an improvement.


    Clip 1: RideAlong selected. FlyWith appears in menu ... I am in RideAlong mode, no? But I'm pilot. (First try at this. Results are not glorious.)

    Clip 2 at 0:58 ... again, FlyWith is in menu. Again, pilot.

    Clip 3 at 2:02 ... FlyWith selected; RideAlong in menu. Co-pilot.


    Restarted game. RideAlong in menu. But am flying co-pilot.

    RideAlong selected. FlyWith in menu. Pilot.


    Restarted game w/plain vanilla mods.

    Same results. But usuable. So I'm happy.

  5. It´s the prerendered frames that cause the 'acceleration feeling'.

    Set GPU_MaxFramesAhead and GPU_DetectedFramesAhead both to 0 in your ArmA2OA cfg to eliminate lag.

    What I'm seeing isn't lag, precisely.

    In his reply to me elsewhere, MadDogX points out that, however fast I move the mouse, my soldier will not move faster than XYZ per moment ... so a long slow move actually covers far more ground.

    He sets it out fully in this post from a coupla years ago.

    But I still think ballistics could be implemented: fast movement would give us max speed, slow movement would give us very slow i.e. max precision. Ballistics. As though the speed of the mouse movement was setting the sensitivity on the fly.

  6. This is not "backwards mouse acceleration", it's just due to the fact that turn speed in Arma2 is limited. No matter how fast you move your mouse, your avatar will never turn faster than the maximum turn speed.
    Okie dokie; not exactly a feature, but not a bug either.
    As a result, moving the mouse really fast will give the impression of inverse acceleration, as you described.
    Yes, it would do that.


    @Galzohar - I certainly wasn't looking for anything like infinite turning speed, but ballistics is nice. We could have fast = "maximum turn speed" and slow = precision.

    As though the speed of the mouse movement was setting the sensitivity on the fly.

  7. Have been using fthud.

    Have found it so useful, pondered enhancing it.

    Before diving it, checked to see what you'd been up to.


    From STHud at DevHeaven:

    STHUD integrated comapss

    Added by dslyecxi 8 days ago

    STHUD Usermenu introduced

    Added by dslyecxi 25 days ago

    Significant performance increase

    Added by dslyecxi about 1 month ago

    STHUD 1.60 with group color coding

    Added by dslyecxi about 1 month ago

    What I'd hoped to do was to give at least one more set of ranges, so there'd be 15/30/45 and perhaps 30/75/125 ... looking forward to see what you've done!


    p.s. actually, thinking about clearing buildings, maybe a smaller set of ranges would be good too, in effect increasing resolution so that someone even 2 metres away would be shown as a good, clear, separate entity ... so 5/10/15. In the end, something like mortar computer with near/medium/far.

  8. Couldn't find another place to post this.

    I just tested and proved that mouse "acceleration" (which is a stupid term ... proper ballistics speed up and also slow down) is backwards.

    Moving fast, a full wrist flex got me around 90 degrees ... barely ... if I moved a whole lot. The same movement slow? A full 360 more than twice.

    Precisely backwards. Want to twhirl in response to footsteps? good luck. Want to aim precisely? have fun.

    I had better ballistics in 1992.

  9. Turn mouse acceleration off. What it does is that when you move your mouse slowly 3cm, it moves 1cm on the screen. And when you move your mouse fast for 3cm, it moves 5cm on the screen.
    Oh, if only this were available! (Late 80s / early 90s we called this "ballistics".)

    Whirl quickly? Large movement ... to snap 90 degrees or so.

    Move slowly, as with aiming? Slight movement ... precision.

    And in Settings / Controls? Y Reversal, X and Y "Axis" (meaning Sensitivity), and Smoothing.

    No such "Acceleration".

    p.s. when folk talk about variables in cfg, such as Min Max weapon movement, please specify the file. there's no such in my Arma2.cfg and my ESP has never been very good.,

  10. We've updated the Video Options Guide ...

    I have a problem with style.

    This, on Video Memory, for example:

    "Just because you have a top of the range card, doesn't mean you should set it to high or very high.

    In fact, this setting is best left alone (as default), and only tweaked if you experience problems!"

    Well ... ok ... I guess ... not really. I'd much rather understand a good explanation than to just take someone's word for it.

    BTW the only time I had problems was when I set ArmA VMemory to Default. Even with just a 5770, setting Very High works fine.

  11. Well, RAM Disk is in place. I'll be looking for a list of files to pack it with tomorrow.

    OS Managed Memory: total 3326 with 2840 "free" (Not truly free, of course.)

    OS Invisible Memory: total 2812 with 2680 R:\ and 62 free.

    Funny thing: I have 3 X 2 Gig DDR3, but OS manages 3326 of it. Seems a weird number.

  12. /*Maybe wrong thread; pls move as appropriate.*/

    Our clan server geek thought this was server issue, but 2 guys I know went into MSO NP.

    At some point (I was about to climb a sentry tower) my scroll wheel no longer triggered menu ... not at the tower, not at ammo crate, nowhere.

    Coincidentally "G" fails.

    Rebooted multiple times. NoJoy.

    Joined other servers. AllGood.

    I want MSO back! ;p


    p.s. yes, I checked KeyMap; all good

  13. No it does not. My eyes are perfectly focused on the monitor yet stupid DoF effect constantly makes them refocus even though the monitor is right there and it's flat.
    Yes, the monitor is right there. And stays right there. If the image blurs, you can't focus it by focussing your eyes, because the object is still at the same distance. So no, DoF does notRPTnot make you refocus your eyes.
    DOF Mockup (taken from some person's RTT mockup, but modified of course):


    Horrible, absolutely horrible. I look at it for 5 seconds and my eyes are already tired.
    Wonderful ... fabulous ... love it totally. Eye/mind is naturally drawn to the in-focus area, so peripheral becomes less distracting. (Not great for SituationalAwareness, but that's IRL too. Target fixation => fail/lose/die.)

  14. "Get in the back" puts you in the copilot seat.

    Switching to engineers Ejects you.

    Start Engine is Q.

    Stop Engine is a scroll item.

    2 of an apparently endless list.

    And FWIW I a) have about 500hrs in FS-X doing such as NoE / stormy weather in a Grumman Goose (rescue mission) and b) bought, installed, ran, and flew well Ka-50 in under 2hrs.

    just sayin'

    p.s. tech_docs / tech_comms is my bread and butter

    Addendum: I check Aircraft Controller. I switch from HID to Saitek. Close Settings. ReOpen and check Controller. HID. I select Saitek. Repeat. I select Saitek and click Customize. Crash out of server. Get back in. Repeat. Crash to desktop. Ah-lah-lah-lah ... and yes, I tried various Saitek profiles including none at all.

  15. What about 3 AI teams at once?

    12 of us vs. 30 of them, a few simple squad tactics, only 2 casualties

    Just to say: this is precisely why I re-visted wiki last night, to see if this had been improved.

    Let's show some interest and see if BIS responds!


    p.s. thanks for the links to video ... it'd be great to have a whole series on this

  16. I visited a store that carries a pretty amazing selection of PC games and they had OFP:DR on the shelf, which I thought pretty amazing. But no OA.

    So I asked.

    Arma and Arma2 ... neither was in their computer.

    I don't know business front end, but something seems to be slipping through the cracks.

    If CM is doing it, BIS should too!

    p.s. I built a new box for this.