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  1. F-22A Raptor

    i think i have found a bug in the new version: the wheels or tires wont spin. btw the new one is awesome!
  2. F-22A Raptor

    Very nice ! i tested it very long. it need flares it needs more speed and maneuvarability hud needs to be optimized. if this would come with a patch it would be a perfect new aircraft for us side. cheers Leo
  3. Mi-26 ( not my addon )

    Thanks for the Update!
  4. Mi-26 ( not my addon )

    Very nice. We really needed such a heli for opfor! I really like this add-on. Some things I discovered: Message appearing in editor that some texture can not be load. The sound is strange sometimes ( but at high rev very nice , should be a little louder for that monster). It would be better if it was under category OPFOR-Russia-Air. this own categorys are making me nervous. Thank you for this add-on! Cheers Leogecko
  5. Tu-95MS

    then comes su-34 and both eurofighters are trash :p
  6. Tu-95MS

    I think we need larger maps in the Future ;-) awesome work. cant wait to fly it.
  7. Ok the F-22 works fine. But it needs flares. and a better cockpit. GBUs would be fine or JDAMs
  8. thanks for quick reply but again, nothing happens. Only this two black windows.:confused:
  9. i think i have a little problem with the sixupdater. when i want to start it, 2 black windows open and are dissapearing very fast. then nothing happens. i cannot install or update ace anymore. newest version is installed.
  10. Tu-95MS

    Nice! what weapon layouts will it have?
  11. Tu-95MS

    looks very nice. cant wait for it.
  12. Tu-95MS

    lol but its worth that!
  13. Tu-95MS

    forget all bombs.... WE NEED THE TSAR BOMB: MUHAHAHA. but it will blow the hole map away