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    Arma 3 High Command?

    Oh ok, thanks for the answer. Yea I really loved the High Command function from arma2 and was actually one of the reasons I bought the game in the first place.
  2. I have ben trying to find it but I have not ben able to. Have they removed this function or have they just changed how it works?
  3. Thanks for the quick answer. Now I have another question. How exactly can I make the units spawn like before I actually get so close as to seeing them spawn. I noticed making the markers so they are placed over one another would just make the units in at least one of the markers to not spawn. Is there any solution to this if I want to squeeze in a few more enemy units without having to use small markers so units spawn right in front of me instead? Hope my question wasn't to messy. Thanks again!
  4. Hi, I just gave your script a test and I really like it. However I post here to ask a question about the marker on map. Is there any way I can place a marker without it spawning units while however changing colures to green when Friendlies enter the area. I have seen this done in several multiplayer games so my question should rather be "how do I do it?". Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey Rydygier, I was curios if and when you will releas this for arma3? Mabe it already works with it? I love arma 3 but without this mod it is like a pice is missing! :)
  6. Turns out it has fixed itself now. I belive the problem might have ben that I dident restart my game after I added the new uppdate as It already told me it was instaled and ready.
  7. subroc: I will check again. I only know that when I tried to loot the bodies I culd only gett the weapon with one mag in the weapon.
  8. I have some problems with the African Opforce not firing there weapons. I am not sure if this has to do that they are all only cary 1 mag eatch and whant to save the bullets. But seriusly they just run to there Death like some sort of harmeless kamakazi pilots haha :P
  9. haha härligt härligt :) I love you and your team! Kisses from Jönköping (no homo!) :D
  10. Love the mod but where is the classnames list? Realy frustrating not being able to use the weapons to your own wishes in the editor. (no Classnames are pressent in any txt files.) hanks in advance :) EDIT: Also the uniforms, helmets etc. Wold be cool to gett a classname list on.
  11. Does anyone know how to make it so that when you add weapons/magazines/items to your character in the Editor so they end up in the backpack from start? Im kinda making a mission where I arive at Stratis as a turist that just bught a house on the island so all I will start with is a Backpack and then some things in the backpack(among them a gandgun and a magazine. Now when I test out giving myself a handgunn and a magazine I paste the line of the backpack first expecting they end up in it but all I gett when I test start the mission is a man with a drawn loaded gun. Help! Thanks in advance! ///3inar
  12. Wold defenetly be cool if you did a video where the enemy AI wold assult you with Artillery.
  13. 3inar

    Cannot pick up clothing

    There is a mod on armaholic that does this. Have yett to try it tho I hear it works in multiplayer. Cheers!
  14. I am having a hard time figuring out what you meen. But I believe you meen that you have a loaded gun 1mag. and 1mag. on your clothing? So as my experience in civilians you can have 2 handgun magazines stored in the standard outfit and if you whant more you will have to add a vest or backpack as stated before. Tho if you whant to add more magazines you will have to copy them in after the line where you add your vest,backpack etc. Hope it hellps! And thanks again for the hellp I got!
  15. Awesome this was extremely hellpful! Now that I finaly got it to work it raises one more question tho. How do I gett the AI to use it? Do we need a script for this now or is it just to place some module I havent found yett?