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  1. Hi I post these setting in hopes to help people with there FPS in game. steady 60fps.
  2. Mastiff

    Multiplayer broken

    Same problem all weekend. I have good frame rates for about 10 minuets, then it degrades until I reach 9fps and I have to leave and come back in. Did this in 3 different low ping servers. Same issue all weekend so something is wrong with steam or the servers. When starting the multiplayer option in the UI, it takes about 1,30seconds to display the MP net list.
  3. Mastiff

    A Look at: Arma Tactics PC Beta

    doesn't work with a RATZ7 MMO mouse!
  4. Mastiff

    ArmA Tactics on PC in Steam?

    new update fixes nothing, mouse cursor still uncontrollable can not use escape to go out to menu, I have to lalt-cntl-delete to get to the menu screen resolution for 1920x1080 is zoomed in to close, can not zoom out and see whole picture
  5. Mastiff

    ArmA Tactics on PC in Steam?

    but it is not ready; I can not play it, as my mouse does not work with it; just goes into game and moves to the top left and I can not do anything. I do not own a gamepad, I own a mouse. "Hello, Thank you for contacting Bohemia Interactive customer support. This is an automated response to your email letting you know that your message has been received in our database and is cataloged as #65229. Please note that due to the launch of Arma 3 alpha and a subsequent increase in support requests, our responses to your tickets can take more time. We will try to get in contact with you as soon as possible, however in extreme cases the responses may take 48 hours or more. We apologize for the inconvenience. Since this is an automated response; please do not reply to it." Please fix it! I would like to try this out.
  6. what do I need that for the track ir works flawlessly in all the other game including flight Sims, it worked fine until this latest build. ---------- Post added at 08:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:28 AM ---------- I tried resetting and reinstalling no go had to turn off track ir.
  7. Mastiff

    107769 and TrackIR

    I tried resetting and reinstalling no go had to turn off track ir.
  8. Can not walk forward with out spinning when pushing the W key Track ir is not working it gets stuck when looking around, and causing the body to move
  9. Mastiff

    107769 and TrackIR

    same problem after this update now I stand and spin too when trying to walk, thanks for the FUBARED update. now I cant play tonight...
  10. enemy falls through ground in distance when prone. I can not spot the enemy players or AI when they go prone there hidden below the ground in the distance character models are clipping below the ground at distance.
  11. Mastiff

    They better have female soldiers...

    where's my Shield Maiden?
  12. this worked for me! thank you, after a wek of trying everything!
  13. Mastiff

    nvwgf2um.dll Crash on Startup

    I have same issue as yours..
  14. Mastiff

    ARMA III Alpha Stops at loading bar

    no reply bump! :mad:
  15. I tried every trick I'm an avid Pro gamer, Game starts loading bar get to loading profile options and crashes at this point. every single time. Win7 64 bit Pro Asus Sabertooth X58 intel I7-970 EVGA GTX 680 4GB VRAM nvidia drv314.07 whql 24 GB extreme Vengeance ram xf1 Titanium 7.1 SB gaming sound card ATX Gold Corsair 1200 power supply This is the same issue I had with Arma II arrow until you did some patch.