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    ArmA 3 | Flappy Bird Game

    Too good. Seriously brilliant
  2. Hi, need some help with cba. For what ever reason when I try to simply launch it vanilla with no mods preselected I get an error dialog before the game even fully boots. The error is as follows I haven't been in the mod use/arma community for some time now so it could simply be that I am missing something obvious, but would greatly appreciate if you pointed out what that was. Primarily because there is a rather large number of servers that seem to run vanilla and I'd rather not have to remove it ever time I wish to get my multiplayer on.
  3. Commander Jao

    Please don't make this M

    I don't honestly have an issue with the swearing in games as long as it is appropriate. E.g. you wounded in BF3 you drop an f bomb Highly appropriate and acceptable seeing as I took a bullet. If this happened IRL I am sure I would do the same. That said swearing for swearing's sake is pointless and actually makes the game a joke. (not that I don't like a bit of banter as long as it doesn't make the game a joke) OP you should really get your parents on side if you want to Arma 3 instead of attempting to remove/alter what could arguably important elements of realism from the game. Also as said previously it is not an M rated topic it is a very much restricted, 18 ,MA rated topic. Lastly at least in Australia M is a recommended rating as opposed to a legally binding thing is this different to where you hark from. Admittedly parents will obviously have control in this as well though. Regards
  4. Commander Jao

    New Action Menu

    As long it it is not like the rose from the original BF2, I like radial more like Crysis or dare I say OFP: DR admittedly using mouse interaction not keys.(I mean really codemasters) I think the OFP: DR could be stripped out somewhat because it doesn't need to contain all commands like it does in DR; it could also be smaller so it doesn't obscure the whole screen. Also I loved the convenience of simple hitting the middle mouse when I ran out of rounds very simple.
  5. Commander Jao

    Should the default FOV (Field of view) be higher?

    Especially when in HMMWV the field of view isn't great. It seems like I'am driving with my noise to the windshield, with absolute no view of any dials. In Vehicles it needs to change, I don't mind it anywhere else though.
  6. Commander Jao

    Functioning Co-Pilots

    definitely +1
  7. Commander Jao

    What weapons/vehicles would you like to see in ArmA 3?

    one of these the 2s25 sprut and the BMPT terminator (actual name) most badass tank. http://www.military-today.com/tanks/bmpt.htm
  8. Commander Jao

    Medics from "Out-of-Team" Healing

    I think this could be an incredibly useful part of the game. Having some sort of direct speech so that the AI can hear you and drag you aside or something. Also shouldn't all the people be able to at least stop the bleeding?
  9. I think this would be great, if it was done like the BF BC2 UAV where the sound is in the background making it feel like that this battle was part of something bigger. To add to this it would be nice if those squads could be called on or call on you for assistance. also with render to texture the different screens you discussed are feasible post production.
  10. Commander Jao

    Is ArmA 3 Futuristic? Yes. Realistic? Maybe.

    The whole realistic, unrealistic argument is a bit childish. ARMA 2 was lacking things that the community wanted, Mods came out to rectify this. The ARMA series is like Lego, if you remember on the manuals you got/get alternate things you can create this is the same with this series. We are currently arguing over the foundation of a house of which we have only seen a sketch. If BIS comes through on sayings of past mod support then their should be no problems. My opinion in any case
  11. Commander Jao

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    List is a follows AI improvements like the one listed previously Improved vehicles; shooting from, cargo, so on. Proper Radio chatter, "over" at the end of each message, so on A proper rank structure, this is particular obvious in high command. In high command, say you are a LT you should give orders to the SGTs instead of the whole platoon they should then perform that task intelligently, using fire-teams and the like. essentially I would love the chain of command to implemented It should aim to be as close a representation as possible. But as previously said Engine first, content second. Regards
  12. Commander Jao

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    looks great so far, can't wait for a beta martin. Is this map an island or does it have land borders? Regards
  13. Commander Jao

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Could the reason that Russia or certain notable nations are not included on the map is because it is the fifth part of an operation, and the conflict has advanced from their. Just a thought
  14. Commander Jao

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    large scale European operation would be awesome. Cheers Unuldor for going to check the hole it was more useful and interesting than i ever thought.
  15. Commander Jao

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Does anyone know what the billboard in the photo actually says? Regards PS maybe they are releasing, underground and underwater. just a thought
  16. Commander Jao

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Just a quick something has anyone noticed that both clues/riddles answers are thing that in something, a hole in the ground, a submarine in the water. probably nothing but I thought I should join the fun Regards
  17. I was trying to create an aerial incursion mission where you have to fly below radar and destroy a radar, but have encounter a few issues. 1. I cannot get the plane to target the CDF anti radar (whilst playing as OpFor) how would i fix this? 2. How do i limit the altitude that you can fly at? 3. Is there a way for the anti air target around you but not at you? sorry for the list of problems:o but help would be appreciated:D regards
  18. ^this^ did not work i was still unable to target the radar even my AI gunner in the su 34 couldn't target it any suggestions? regards
  19. Commander Jao


    that looks great so far! May i inquire as to what vehicles you will be releasing? Z2000? I ask because the ACEX PLA was and is fairly limited in the vehicle section. no offense to Fromz:o anyway looks great, glad more PLA is on the way!
  20. Commander Jao

    North Korea shells the South, South retaliates

    what is everyone's opinions on the 'wests' reaction? too strong or too weak? unfortunately i think there is no such thing as a measured response to NK.:( I would personally instead of putting the aircraft carrier of the coast of Korea i place within a day or half a days range. also personally expecting the PRC to rein in NK is like expecting someone to control the criminally insane. anyway those are my thoughts.:D I hope its not to much flame:o what are your opinions?
  21. just a few suggestions. 1. The ability to load vehicles before hand. 2. ability to make just one half/part of the mission. some examples. just make the assault part and put the defense in later. or just the heliborne insertion. 3.directional defense. is there a way to set the which direction you want defenses facing like by placing another objective/marker? i think thats it:D I know its a bit of a list but i really think it could be great with these things implemented regards
  22. Commander Jao

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    map and trolleybuses look great, keep up the good work. can't wait for this map
  23. I am with bushlurker it the removal or windows allows AI to use building properly than i am all for it. also has anything happened in regards to this "discussion"? Or is it just spit balling ideas? regards
  24. Commander Jao

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    martin told me to tell you that you should definitely post this secret immediately.:p
  25. for some reason this particular file has suddenly stop working. here is an example of this issue http://picasaweb.google.com.au/lh/photo/I85HyrUnqY4qCrRBElXc_9PZfvpaCnxzM5VFImwKziw?feat=directlink does anyone know how to solve this issue? regards