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  1. Commander Jao

    Filming in ARMA 2

    how do you remove the HUD in ARMA 2 if you want to film? Is a script or as simple as a button?
  2. Commander Jao

    Helo insertion?

    two questions 1) when i type in "this assignAsCargo helo3;this moveInCargo helo3;" in to the init field of each unit "EXACTLY" mind, they don't board the chopper. how do I fix this so they do get in it? 2) where do you put the script that activated upon mission start?
  3. i want the mission to start in the air as OPFOR heading to Utes i want it to unload a MVD assault team and then attack and destroy aircraft on the ground and be picked up. does anyone know how to do the helicopter parts? regards
  4. how do you use scripts like the FLIR scripts?
  5. that is a brilliant idea, and exactly what i want. it would be so much easier to use the high command system with this addition. great idea hope Bohemia take up this idea
  6. is there a way to use the High command module with the subordinate module to make a chain of command where you order only the subordinates? and all the people below him will follow. would love to know.
  7. Commander Jao

    high command chain of command

    what scripts are they?
  8. for some reason when i logged on today my ARMA 2 menu blurred and so was the game. it was like someone used the noise filter from photoshop on the menu and the game. does any one know why this would happen?
  9. Commander Jao

    Blurred game and menu bars

    problem solved but still lost all the saved games thank you so much Myke and Kubicide for your help you fixed my blurred problem
  10. Commander Jao

    Blurred game and menu bars

    the resolution is as it should be but now all my save games have been deleted campagain and custom-mission's. which is really annoying by the way still not fixed
  11. Commander Jao

    Blurred game and menu bars

    no i install the 1.04 patch yesterday but it didn't make a difference
  12. Commander Jao

    Blurred game and menu bars

    how do you do or undo that?
  13. Commander Jao

    Blurred game and menu bars

    you can't disable Post-processing. but if you switch to low it doesn't fix it in windowed either ---------- Post added at 06:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:35 PM ---------- also my loading screen seems to have changed
  14. Commander Jao

    Blurred game and menu bars

    this should put it back at the top
  15. i downloaded land tex and the a ARMA 2 launcher can't remember which. and the Land Tex isn't their when you go to make a new scenario. similar the FLIR script i downloaded doesn't show? probably very simple question with equally simple answers. if you could tell me or direct me to the answer it would be much appericated.... you know what i mean right
  16. Commander Jao

    Noob questions

    mod folders?? how do i use them? what are they? i left the PBO's in the folder they were extracted in.
  17. i not sure about ARMA 2 in the jungle but i would love to have a battle in ARMA 2 similar to the battle in the "Valley of death" from Vietnam which occurs in the movie we were soldiers