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  1. b0b

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    First video: Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom appears in court nZPe97vZJXM Hmm done for laundering money eh, odd how its one rule for one and different rules for government. U.S Gov weren't complaining when Miami and Florida was built on money from Cocaine trade. Comparing the two maybe off a little but it just p"s^%s me off when gov's do this, like they arnt as corrupt, taking the moral high ground., utter bollox.
  2. b0b

    What the @*#* is China up to?

    Ah ty PELHAM
  3. b0b

    What the @*#* is China up to?

    Ok so if they are bomb targeting ranges/satellite calibration..., Just West of there, Id really like to know what this is..., you really have to get in close to see weirdness...., 40.446686 90.814648 Looks like a water treatment plant but on close inspection its like 13 miles long with some very weird vehicles ( like 45m long! ) which seem to be harvesting something?. Plus it either looks like moving water/frozen water or something mineral thats blue and static maybe? Tiberium!!!!!! :D , in all serious tho..,wtf is it.., any ideas?
  4. b0b

    Androids are getting very realistic.

    Seriously.., isnt that enough for you? /smut off :D
  5. b0b


    A quote i stole and warped from a 1971 film ;) creepy eh. SzV9i6r3UTw Still seems kinda relevant now. I agree totally but for some weird reason ppl seem to have a hunger for propaganda that pulls against the grain. Is it MOB mentality? cult mentality? both or niether?.., i dunno but its always interesting to see where non violent protesting will lead. They do "preach" non violent protest dont they?. On the other hand you could, in todays society say that we are all faceless..., i mean if youre not a "someone" then youre a "nobody" This kind of thinking needs to be culled, but that interferes with the establishment. I think thats kinda that point to anonymous isnt it?.., isnt everyone the source? almost like hive mind/beliefs? /me shrugs not too sure myself tbh. I see your point, we shall see eventualy no doubt as these sort of things do tend to be outed if fake in some way. Its all rather compelling stuff though, which in in itsself waves a flag for me.., anyway like i said no doubt itll all come out in the wash eh ;).
  6. b0b


    Dont we all have fake personalities to a degree? brought on by mass programming from an early age?. Do you really know who you are and why you think the way you do? Maybe you do, but it seems a lot of people traded enlightenment and Sovereignty for a quiet life..., are humans in general really at the stage in development that they want it back now?. Maybe thats all tosh, maybe its the beginning of the end of the era for capitalism, who knows, time will tell. IMHO groups like anonymous are needed because they link the "smaller" common man together against any larger power that be when things are out of hand. Lets face it..., things are out of hand, its no suprise a lot of people can identify.
  7. b0b

    European Politics Thread.

    We are getting a lot of that in the UK media, demonising the poor while smoke and mirrors making people hate on them is covering up the fact that the rich screwed our country to the tune of 120 billion last year through tax evasion.... yet the benefit fraud in the same year cost the state 1.5 billion. I would site my sources for those figures but i lost the bm sorry, cant imagine it would be that hard to find again. This sort of thing rages me, when the pigs dont get enough food in their trough they start blaming the farmer.
  8. b0b

    Codemasters Guildford Studio to close!

    No need to be that extreme ;) Id settle for a Yubitsume
  9. b0b

    CERN anounce faster than light particles.

    Not faster than the speed of light.., just taking a "dimensional shortcut"?? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15034852 Im f00zd :confused:
  10. b0b

    Codemasters Guildford Studio to close!

    Buahahaha..., only a matter of time i suppose.., and highly predictable. Remains to be seen if CM are gonna be awkward and not sell the title to anyone else.
  11. You only have to have a look at the traffic in their forums to gage the popularity or RR. At best you have a handful of, well not fanboys but ppl who semi liked the game. There is hardly anything positive contained in those forums. Baff1 you may have to concede on this one, RR, although you may have liked it was and IS a complete flop, especially when compared to DR sales. In the forums they are just waiting for codies to perform the last rights and drop support. Many requests have been made for info, all ignored, apparently there is info on the way from the top, we will see if they drop support. IMHO CM are a diabolical company.
  12. b0b

    England 'Riots'

    Erm not entirely true, they brought on the ideology change by themselves. Yes labour didnt help at all infact they were sadly delusioned after 10 years of power, but to say they screwed it up all alone is just plain wrong. Apparently there are NO army resources available due to cuts, there was an official statement saying this in the live news feed. Great eh? i bet Liam fox is sweating right now. Blackhawk, did you read the links that Walker posted? The tory way is more crime and division the 80's and 90's are testament to this. I lived through it at an age i was fully aware what was happening, it wasn't pretty at all if you lived in the North.
  13. b0b

    England 'Riots'

    +1 agreed, Politicians and people of power helping themselves to public monies on a whim..., Now the youth are doing the same in these riots..., who gave out the messages that its ok to take what you want no matter the consequences?. YEs i am angry about the way the coutry has been run over the past 11 years but i dont riot, im one of the apathetic middle class zombies who, and i quote. "Traded liberty for a quiet life". Others ( thankfully ) fight a bigger fight. Another massive pandoras box, politicians have their agenda for the country and are not listening to the general public.Not to mention the impressions of elitism they are showing over non action of MP's expenses plus all the other corruption. Civil unrest is inevitable..., i personally predicted this as soon as the tories got into power. I was hopeful that the voice of the libdems would curb the slash and burn of tory policies. I was obviously deluded. Mervyn King warned the tories this was going to happen.., they chose to ignore him.
  14. b0b

    England 'Riots'

    Tsk.... as i dont condone the action of some opportunist thieves in these riots, you have to look at the bigger picture. Last 10 years in UK.... no riots to speak of under nanny state labour. Soon as the conservatives are in civil change and unrest, the riots start... im beginning to see a pattern forming here. Yes i lived through the last tory rule and social unrest/riots, although they "were" good at sorting out financial crisis' the tories social policies have ALWAYS come with a high social price. Plus..., Bankers still give themselves big bonus' Suspected corruption in the police force higher ups. Corruption and crime in the media Politicians corruption and lack of interest by the judicial system to hold politicians accountable for the fraud they committed with expenses. etc etc etc etc etc, the list goes on. Seriously... and you want to know why people are angry? If the crowds are to a larger extent "youths" then where has this anger come from? Possibly listening to parents distress at the cuts? knowing that most youths wont stand a chance to get to university because of astronomical fees etc? Its no wonder they are feeling disdain and frustration. Not to mention they have just had 10 years of them been handed everything by the labour government..., now the tories are taking it all away. Consumerism gone bad? Anyone who just writes off these riots as a bunch of thugs just out to cause anarchy with no clue as to why they are doing it.., i suggest to them they are living a sheltered life. When we see the apathetic middle classes screaming at politicians to protect them, and the politicians cant, thats when we will see the REAL trouble. Boris Johnson had just that.. and its set to get way worse, this is just the beginning as the cuts are just starting to bite.
  15. This tbh, i get killed a LOT in Darkest Hour mod ( dont usually play RO vanilla) but never have i had so much fun in a game. The realism sometimes hurts bad. When you score that kill against an mg42 thats been ripping your team up its most satisfying. MG's are powerful .., but they should be, MG gunners never last long before theres a team effort to get rid of them ;). I cant wait for RO2, if its half as good as RO game play im bouncing. In Country Vietnam mod may make me quit playing it though as im still traumatised from playing the game Vietcong many moons ago ;) Itll be hardcore.