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  1. i knew my pc would struggle with it, its got old and decrepid with it being DDR2 system. but it does still run A3 better than A2. be nice to run at full whack one day. once i get a new pc :) i should go play some more but too busy at the mo :(
  2. no don't give this a score board it kills the game completely. not only does it bring the stat padders in but it will completely ruin your own game! leave it as is with the original ArmA no score system
  3. Colt45_GTO

    Does anyone want to help out an ARMA noob?

    there are keys and buttons that will leave you tongue tied. the game play if you get with a good squad is nothing less than military for action.. (with ArmA2 anyway) its about 10% of any BF game so far less stressful the game as a game is second to non (ArmA2) A3 will be something else when its finished but so far even the couple of not longs i spent on it i love it already. open editor and make a little scenario go in and learn the keys. spawn your self some playable air craft and learn to fly. this will save you the bollockings in a live server, (they get a bit uptight if you fly off without your wings and a craft full of grunts, especially if you mess up and crash lol) enjoy it mate you wont play anything else like it ever :)
  4. Thanks for clearing this up and finding the source of the error Terox, i did read this last night. yes it did get confusing and at first i did think the scripters from A2 had joined the server, later to find out what the problem really is. but i did get quite good at flying the seagull and think BIS should implement chain guns to them. now that would take the game to a whole new level lol.
  5. haha this would be perfect. could you imagine the faces in real life? lol
  6. say what now? i bought this game just like everybody.... ok most of the rest who didn't get it for free. so there for i am entitled to an answer (fair answer) just like veryone else am i correct? so i am not entitled to be to to shut up by someone i dont even know. so yes i gave a reply fitting to the recipient. for which i am quite entitled. so as a paying customer. no MAX i will not tone it down when some snooty kid tells me to shut up.
  7. yep we join the long line of the same people so shut up
  8. watch your mouth K3lt! not sure who you think you are addressing. an until the answers were given fully did anybody really know? so until this problem was found i am sure 99.9% of us that bought the game thought exactly the same thing.
  9. so what is the fix? i noticed when i joined the server it didn't mention modified files, but i did notice someone else join with modified and thats the point the witch craft began. doesn't really go well when we are trying to test a game, is it the same issue in A2? or is that script kiddies?
  10. yes i think its the kids from COD and BF that want to come and make peoples lives a misery. the ability to turn FF on/off on the server might make things a little better and as said once these halfwits realise that they will get no attention they will simply go back to whence they came. so between this and the seagull testing, i wasted £20 for nothing at the moment. going to leave it now until BIS make some sort of patch so we can actually test a game (which is the idea of an Alpha release) give the feed back other than the seagull appears to have mad cow disease or some other seagull tried TK'ng me.
  11. yeah not entirely sure how we test this game unless its in editor only. i got this on saturday, i have tried MP several times only to see script kiddies in every server i join. so if you want me to test how the seagulls fly? i can tell you they don't go up or down very well but do go left and right rather well. as for weapons? unless you got frickin seagulls with frickin lazer beams strapped to their heads? i cant comment. i just hope this is fixed on the final otherwise its a good effort but a complete waste of money!
  12. head bob and scope movement is way too much, it makes sighting up on enemy at a decent distance near on impossible, even at close range its near on impossible. i have head bob turned right down. secondly again graphic lag is out of control as with A2, so not only do we buy a game we would like to enjoy but we also have to spend £600+ to upgrade or buy a computer that can handle it. i have 8gb of DDR2 installed on win7 yet its crushing the memory installed. ''please close programs ARMA3, low memory'' or something similar. the other isn't BIS related, it seems every moron has bought this so far and no matter the server (if you can find a decent ping that isn't full) the team killing on spawn is highly annoying. but as said this isn't a BIS problem.
  13. Colt45_GTO

    all the addons ruined the game?

    smarter than your average bear! went in deleted all mods and removed the keys from programs files folder, got the game back to vanilla...now to update the beta patch's
  14. Colt45_GTO

    all the addons ruined the game?

    just tried taking a screen shot of the error i get when trying to enter a server, but rather than it taking the screen shot of whats on the screen it took one of what was behind it eg my desktop lol damn thing. i am not ungrateful to the modders at all, they are a very talented bunch for doing what they do. but now i have to go through all of it to delete the mods/keys and everything else so i can play one of my favorite servers, they got hit by script kiddies a few times so i think they have dropped back to vanilla and not accepting modded files/games. or i go through the rigmarall of uninstalling/reinstalling Arma and all the patches which takes a complete age to do.
  15. I have spent time downloading, installing and trying various addons but i really prefer the vanilla version. i am not sure if i am on my own here but i used to really enjoy playing on 7th cav server yet i simply can not find it in the server list anymore, all i see in RFT server list is DayZ ,DayZ DayZ DayZ! in regular A2 i can play one 3 servers the rest wont let me in because of the modded files on my system. so now after buying all the games/addons and everything else i can play on 3 servers....yeah just great! whats worse is all 3 of them servers are russian so i can not understand a thing they are saying, so team work is out of the window there! thanks for messing the game up guys it was the ONLY worthwhile game i had to play on my days off!