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    WarFX : Blastcore

    Works with VANILLA ARMA 2?
  2. Well, there isn't a difference between taking the concepts from Lucas Arts without permission to taking the models from Call of Duty. I should be in the clear because I want to use it for myself for fun. They are uploading their mods for free, making it possible to play those licenses for free without a Lucas Arts publisher. I don't get why they are allowed to do so, but I'm not allowed to use those models for myself. And all I ask is a step by step guide or some help. The Call of Duty folder contains 2 sub folders called 'Materials' and 'models' which are easily put into Counter Strike. But I don't know how to get them into 3D Max, maybe I need a mdl plugin? That's what someone told me to do. And Clawhammer told me I may need a mdl plugin.
  3. I have some models I need to convert. FIRST OFF, They are Call of Duty Models, and they don't need permission, at FacePunch they were free to download and only can be used as individual self purpose mods. I am not going to upload them or profit off them, and you have mister Clawhammer, a senior member to thank for giving me the link to the models and a step by step procedure to help me convert them into pbo's. I like the models and I hate Call of Duty, so I want them in a better game, ARMA II. There are no legal issues, there isn't anything wrong with using them, because people are already using them for their own purposes and for many other games which they DO upload them like Counter Strike. Now on to business, I am trying to convert the models from their respective folders 'models' and 'materials' both confuse me. I tried opening them, but received an error, I tried importing them, same result. How do I get them into 3d Studio max and turn them into Oxygen 2 friendly files? ---------- Post added at 09:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:18 PM ---------- Also, what right do you have to use Star Wars or Generation Kill property, or Star Gate property?
  4. Is it possible for every weapon we can use a different animation? It's possible I think, the Machine Gun Reload is different that the regular rifle load, same for pistols. I'd have no experience with this, as I don't have a mocap studio, so don't tell me to do it myself.
  5. HO HO HO YOU ARE FUNNY. If no one wants to do them and are just too lazy to, just say so.
  6. Even if the Call of Duty Models are low quality, it would still be cool to have them. I mean Fallout 3 has them! Why can't ARMA? If they are bad, maybe buff them and polish them up a little. But I could care less, some of us just still want the models for a mod.
  7. Can we get some Call of Duty (MW1 and 2) Unit Mods. NO Gameplay changes, just the Models from the game packed into a pbo in the addons folder for use as a unit/faction in editor. Oh, and "If you want Call of Duty go play it blah blah". I don't like Call of Duty. I hate the game, but they have good designs for their Rangers/Marines/SAS/Commies/etc. Only thing I would ever do for COD is the Campaign, and the only multiplayer is for shits and giggles. Like teamkilling on Hardcore, which is always funny, mostly because of the excessively angry tards yelling in their microphones.
  8. When the medic is healing you, his hands get stuck to his rifle and they stretch really far.
  9. For me, when I go prone and reload, its fine, when I'm crouched or standing, Whoaaaa Hulk Hands.
  10. So whenever I play ARMA II, whenever my character or any other reloads or for example when he uses the stop hand sign, their hands, arms get frickin big. their hands become 3x the size of their heads. Same with the forearm. When Reloading his hand clips through his abdomen and sides. Its weird. My Computer runs the game well, no trouble on high. Even my other friends experience this, and it irritates me. Make a new reload animation or doing something.
  11. Not a request just a question. Anyone have plans to make a Call of Duty Models mod? Like not the exact but maybe %90 like it? Like COD4 Iraqi Insurgents I think around the first few missions, Woodland and those I think Urban SAS the ones in the black suit and Gas Mask, maybe the Russians too. Then Mw2's Rangers and Task Forces characters like Ghost. I'm not a fan of Call of Duty, but their models and decals on their soldiers are gorgeous. Too bad the Call of Duty sucks (I.e is not ARMA (awesome)).
  12. Found the bug (or not) if you hold onto Up F7 on the Hellfire Camera, he'll continue like if I hold LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over and over again. Fix maybe?
  13. My pilot (Player) keeps repeating MOVE 50 METERS or Whatever over and over again and he wont shut up! What the hell is this?
  14. Can someone make a scenario with the Afghan village map where the US ARMY is patrolling in the village (Deep in it) and then terrorists attack and they need to regroup and fall back to main base or Vehicle Check Point? And then they need to retake the village by destroying the weapon caches located around the map?
  15. Karimloo

    Why does aircraft AI Suck?

    Yeah I have the Mando missle mod, but I don't know how to use the Mando Aircrafts in a Scenario mission, I can only use the set missions (Demo ones)