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  1. Isn't him saying it's epic and he can't get enough a form of feedback i.e its very good so far? He is acting like an impatient child though, i'll give you that.
  2. Liam!!!!

    OA desert mercs

    http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/4540/69085575.jpg He bares a shocking resemblance to 'Raoul Moat'. Great looking mod so far.
  3. Can't wait for this, sounds epic, especially the predators, they actually fit in pretty well with the setting xD
  4. Liam!!!!


    Don't be so modest ;) Your sound mod is possibly the best I have heard so far, currently im using CSM2 and I am highly anticipating using your sound mod, from what I have heard so far I think I will use this instead of CSM2 (no dis-respect to CSM2 of course, it has been my favourite sound mod but I guess its time for a change). Your sound mod really sounds awesome mate, Sound is a huge part of games, I mean, look at Battlefield bad company 2, that has amazing sound effects imho. Good luck with this mod anyway mate, hope to see another video showing off its epicness soon :)
  5. Liam!!!!

    Has anyone done a mech?

    Search. Scroll down a bit and you will see one http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74243&highlight=Mechs&page=244 I haven't heard anything from him since so I don't know if hes still working on it. And if you go to McRupperts Starwars addon thread he is working on an AT-AT which I presume will be a pain in the arse to animate.
  6. Liam!!!!

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    Hehe thats no problem mate, Thats good, it will save you alot of spam. ;)
  7. Liam!!!!

    WarFX Particles

    I've never seen him before.
  8. Liam!!!!

    WarFX Particles

    Nice one mate, Im hoping to join the BA soon too :) Sad that you are moving away from this altogether though, I love the work you have done with this mod, I cant play Arma 2 without it. Good luck in your travels mate :)
  9. Liam!!!!

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    Im not sure if their is anyone who wouldn't cut you some slack after what you have been through mate because it does sound awful. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  10. Liam!!!!

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    Is Schnap still alive? Not heard any updates from him in a while
  11. Liam!!!!


    Of course its a waste when you have other problems to deal with. RL issues first then games mate im not being defensive im just stating my point and you do not seem to understand, its not a question of getting the money really, its just trying to deal with other problems first.
  12. Liam!!!!


    Times are tough Enad dont assume everyone has money to waste on video games . I put other things in my life first thanks.
  13. Liam!!!!


    Good to hear that is going well, I am saving up for OA seeing as basically everyone else has moved on from ARMA 2. ;) Will their still be a version for Arma 2 though? I NEED this sound mod ;)
  14. It is the proper sound I think. And its not his work (the weapon pack) its Project Uk Forces weapon pack.
  15. move the config file in the GL4 folder to the userconfig file in your arma directory thing. Its in the readme.