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  1. heinzmcdurgen

    Condition of Presence: alive [unit]

    My initial test shows that this works. Now I'm going to try assigning some objectives to that vic and see if they remain or what happens. Thanks for the effort! Edit: So while this method does work, it doesn't play well with the mission framework we use for objectives. Basically even after deleting the vehicle, it still counts against the objective points. :(
  2. heinzmcdurgen

    Condition of Presence: alive [unit]

    I can't say this is very useful advice. As I stated in the initial post; It works in A3's 2d editor, but as I mentioned, does not work now with Eden. Furthermore, there have been syntax things that have changed between Arma 2 and Arma 3, so your logic doesn't work 100%. If you're not going to try and help solve the problem, I'd kindly ask you to keep yourself from posting.
  3. heinzmcdurgen

    Condition of Presence: alive [unit]

    Okay, after testing, it has still yet to work. I have 3 playable units, with the commander named: AV1 I have my tank, and I've tried - alive AV1 !(isNil "AV1") !(isNil AV1) !isNil "AV1" !isNil AV1 !isNull AV1 and none of them work, in the preview or on a server. :(
  4. heinzmcdurgen

    Condition of Presence: alive [unit]

    Sorry for the delay! Okay, I'll check the above and make an edit to this once I do, but I thought I'd clarify what I'm trying to do since it doesn't seem like I'm getting it across very well. I'm creating a tank crew of three player "slots", and an empty tank. The tank should only spawn at mission start in multiplayer if the "commander" slot is taken in the role selection screen prior to the mission starting. Does that make sense? In the 2d editor (now a thing of the past with Apex) in the empty tank's "condition presence" field you could put "alive [variable name of commander slot]" and the empty tank would only spawn at mission start if someone was in that slot because if no one was in it, that variable wasn't "alive" and being used. When I try the same thing now, the empty tank doesn't appear at all despite the commander slot being filled and therefor the variable being "alive".
  5. heinzmcdurgen

    Condition of Presence: alive [unit]

    Nah, that didn't work either. I'm beginning to think it'll be easier to just make a script where the vics spawn if the commanders are there instead of trying to do it in editor. The frustrating part for me is feeling like there is no reason this functionality should have stopped working.
  6. heinzmcdurgen

    Condition of Presence: alive [unit]

    No one has a solution for this? <_<
  7. heinzmcdurgen

    Took the plunge today and very happy....thanks BIS

    Yeah it's great until you run into head scratching issues like this - https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/192299-condition-of-presence-alive-unit/
  8. So, in the 2d editor, you used to be able to tell something to spawn if something else existed. As the topic says I'd typically do this via the "Condition of Presence" field. For example; If I have a MP mission, where there are 3 tanks, and the objective is to get all the tanks across the bridge, if only enough crew spawn for 2 tanks, I have no need for the third, and the 2 other tanks can't complete the objective. So I would name the tank commanders, and then place: "alive [tank commander name]" in the CoP field. This way only the tanks with commanders would spawn. For whatever reason, it seems this functionality, or at least my implementation of it no longer works in Eden. Does anyone know of a work around that isn't a wall of scripting? That's not my strong suite, and if I could stick with in editor solutions that'd be best. Thank you for your time.
  9. Ruthberg, there have been some changes to settings with the ATragMX, could you go over what those are? For instance, when setting the Inclination there is a C and D box. What goes where? Do we put info into both? Into one? What weapons were used to create the Gun list? Should I expect RHS/HLC/etc weapons of the same caliber to work, or should I expect only vanilla weapons of the same caliber to work? Thanks for all your hard work!!
  10. heinzmcdurgen

    New soundscape / sonic crack

    I think they happen way too frequently. The "sphere of sound" is too large. Last night someone was on top of a big container tower thing and I was on the down-slope of the hill it was on. I was getting cracks when they were firing over me onto targets 300-500m away. Those shots are like 10-15m above my head at a minimum, there is no reason that I'd be hearing those cracks. I'd say at most maybe a "sphere of sound" that has a 5m radius from the player should get cracks. As Neofit says, IMO they deafen out gunfire no matter how close the muzzle is. If a .50 is firing 50 meters ahead of you (toward you) you hear CRACK followed by the last bit of the muzzle sound of the .50. This is not how things are - .50s are loud. Really loud. In the instance last night, the only reason I knew it was them firing is because they had ID'd targets and I saw outbound tracers. Otherwise I would have had no idea who was firing where from the sounds. It just sounded like a bunch of snaps from a silenced weapon.
  11. heinzmcdurgen

    Dynamic ORBAT?

    Did you ever get this figured out?
  12. I'm creating a mission where the players have to call in bombing run on an objective. Is there a way I can sync the Support Requester module to an item? I don't want to sync it to a player, because if they die, the mission cannot be completed, but if it's attached to an item then the other players could recover the item and still call it in. I've tested syncing the SR module to an item placed in the editor without the intended result. Is there a way to do this? As always, thanks!
  13. How would I go about doing this? This community never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for all your help guys.
  14. I'm working on a mission where players are trying to hunt down a sniper. I'd like for the location of the sniper to be approximately known after he fires and then gets smaller the more he fires, but fades with time. For example, Sniper fires. A map marker with a 500m radius pops up. The sniper is somewhere (anywhere, not the middle) of the marker. If he fires again within X seconds the map marker shrinks to a 250m radius, again a 100m radius, etc. If he doesn't fire for Y seconds the marker fades into nothing until he fires again - at which time it would be a 500m radius again. Does anyone have an idea of how to do this? Thanks!
  15. heinzmcdurgen

    Locking helo except for pilots

    Yep. Tested it server-side and it works great. It wasn't working previewing the mission. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again!