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    DLC- What do YOU want?

    I just dont feel like downloading any of them ;) I will take a look at the BWmod though.
  2. tyler4171

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    Dont forget the Leopard 2!!!!
  3. tyler4171

    Stinger missiles seem useless.

    if shooting down missiles with lasers is possible, why not :D
  4. tyler4171

    Stinger missiles seem useless.

    Use 2 guys with stingers until they fix it (if it truly is a bug). Fire one stinger wait till his first flares are done fire the second, usually works for me
  5. tyler4171

    Aircraft belly damaged easily

    is an example of me doing this witha C130, its not all that hard :)
  6. tyler4171


    but there are some missions that auto kick Teamswappers ;)
  7. The way I read it, you want to have tanks upgraded to an unrealistic level that takes away a core part of the game, teamwork for armored vehicles. I mean tanks may have a 360 degree view but they cant observe that, engage targets, scan for armored targets and infantry, and control their movements, infantry are a second set of eyes and ears for them.
  8. How do you explain Real life than? The Infantry are the backbone of any force, and are the most powerful force ont he battlefield if used right (aside from nukes) In reality you never, ever see a armored vehicle w/o Mech Infantry Escort, CoD has tought some terrible things to people..... And if thats true for you, use a joystick, I have mine set up for Turret control in Armored vehicles.
  9. tyler4171

    Harvest Red's CfgIdentities?

    All Razor team members have a specific config that defines their face, same as the ones in Operation Arrowhead.
  10. Easy solution, play the damned tutorial....
  11. Let me just throw a rough example out there ok? Perfect example would consist of a recent encounter I had the other day with a CoD player on Domination: My squad decided we would drive to the objective about 5km away from the airstrip, sure, you may ask: "Why not fly". Simple answer, the objective needed armour support. So we get to the Objective and the CoD player still believes in his "bullet sponge armor" and rolls the M1, by himself, into 3 T-72s, not only getting him killed but me and the others there to support the vehicle. In Lame-man's terms: Some of us hate the lone-wolf shit that CoD teaches people, on the front of the box for ARMA II, it says "Ultimate Military Simulator". So there is "Mr. Clueless" buying a game he thinks will be like CoD becuase he thinks its "UB3R Realistic". If you wish to continue this with me, do so over PM. As for your question I believe its been answered.
  12. Which Helo, theres like 4 choppers with CAS abilities....
  13. You should make one with a pack of hashish, considering most of them fight stoned (no offence) :)
  14. Guys the next update will have a fully supported OA module aswell
  15. In a trigger put this: Condition: (speed _insertvehiclenamehere) >= 50 Activation: west setfriend [east, 0]
  16. tyler4171

    good site to get the demo

    Correction, its suk-urom ;)
  17. No, but if you do command the support trucks, you can order your platoon to fall back some, and order the support trucks to meet you, it works charms, but make sure you 2-3 platoons of infantry on standby, as enemy players will take advantage of your "downtime"
  18. tyler4171

    All kind of suggestions

    Unfortunately this is a game of love and hate......and mass amounts of practice And there, selest your medic, hit 6 (his actions) look for "Heal <squadmember here>"
  19. I have the exact opposite of this problem, FRAPs is fine in OA for me but not A2 AMD Anthlon 64 X2 +6000 ~3.0GHz Nvidia 9600 GSO 1.5 VRAM 2GB RAM
  20. But my friends an I do, ours truly arent even sounds just "blank" text files saved as sounds so we can communicate easier i.e: "Enemy Armor Spotted","Im down!, Need medic!","Enemy Air contact", etc. Is it fair that ones who do use helpful sounds and etc to be kicked when all we want to do is communicate easier?
  21. tyler4171

    good site to get the demo

    Tbh,I've never had an issue with steam, been using it since its release, not one problem, their customer service (in my opinion) is fast as well
  22. tyler4171

    Ai thread

    One thing, never, ever underestimate the AI, they will do all means necessary to hunt you down, kill, and send the pictures to your virtual families. On OA they use buildings, even in ArmA 2 Ive been chased into and killed by AI searching buildings w/o using scripts
  23. tyler4171

    Better infantry death animation

    Try holding shift while driving if you dont already, it works wonders :D....
  24. Your best bet for mission design is watching some videos from LiveLeak or read AAR's. It can give you a good idea of how you want your guys to be extracted, i.e: Insert into hostile zone by boat, 3 klicks from main Obj, infilitrate enemy camp or obtain sniping/overwatch position, assassinate Warlord Habada (<--creative right? :D), report warlord is killed, HQ grants radio access to Extraction Or if you are detected and the mission must be aborted: Escape/evade enemy, call in immediate EVAC
  25. tyler4171

    Ruck issues

    My unit had one incident where this happend, we literally had a 1 and 1/2 day mission going, surrounded on Isla Duala by militia, it was quit interesting, we never intended the mission that long anyway1 :)