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  1. Sorry for a late reply, I've been engaged elsewhere for some time now. There's probably going to be a mod version as well, but only after I have made the UI working properly.
  2. Gekkibi

    Script Reference For All

    ...But there is... Right there, just look up couple of cm... :P http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147502-SIX-Config-Browser-Editing-resource-ARMA-3-Alpha-available
  3. You can also try using CAN_COLLIDE when using the One And Only createVehicle command. Dump the old obsolete command.
  4. New version: First version of the graphical UI released (see the 1st post): No more action menu crap.
  5. fix'd, I was tired yesterday, and I didn't test what I wrote. The addAction condition had !isNil instead of isNil. I made it so that you don't need lightsOff.sqf at all. All you need is a object "generator" and init.sqf, that is all. No other sqf's or markers on the map... ...And this time I tested it in Arma 3, works like a charm. ;)
  6. Yes, with cutText. However, extra steps must be made if you want others than just the one who activated the action see the text... Use this... init.sqf: if (!isNull player) then { [] spawn { nul = player addAction ["Switch Lights Off ", {lightsOut = true; publicVariable "lightsOut";}, [], 0, false, true, "", "_this distance generator < 5 && isNil 'lightsOutVariable'"]; waitUntil {!isNil "lightsOut"}; hint "plop"; sleep 10; hint "bang"; }; }; if (isServer) then { waitUntil {!isNil "lightsOut"}; sleep 10; { _x setDamage 1; sleep 0.01; } forEach (getPos generator nearObjects ["Lamps_Base_F", 500]) + (getPos generator nearObjects ["PowerLines_base_F", 500]); }; Now it should be MP compatible... Edit: And yes, you can remove the trigger completely. Also, delete the addAction from the player init field. All you need is init.sqf, plus the marker (and the generator, of course).
  7. That also has the locality issue in MP.
  8. MAJOR EDIT: forgot this was for MP... Didn't take locality into concideration... In case of power generator, edit the action. Because the object is always in the right place, you can clean the addAction as well. Name the generator "generator". lightsoff.sqf player sidechat "LightsOff in 10 seconds!"; sleep 10; lightsOutVariable = true; publicVariable "lightsOutVariable"; Create init.sqf where is this text: nul = player addAction ["Switch Lights Off ", "lightsoff.sqf", [], 0, false, true, "", "_this distance generator < 5"]; if (isServer) then { waitUntil {!isNil "lightsOutVariable"}; { _x setDamage 1; sleep 0.01; } forEach (getMarkerPos "lightMarkerTest" nearObjects ["Lamps_Base_F", 500]) + (getMarkerPos "lightMarkerTest" nearObjects ["PowerLines_base_F", 500]); };
  9. Put this to your player unit, you can completely remove the trigger. nul = this addAction ["Switch Lights Off ", "lightsoff.sqf", [], 0, false, true, "", "_this distance markerPos 'lightMarkerTest' < 100"]; Cleaned it up for you. player sidechat "LightsOff in 10 seconds!"; sleep 10; { _x setDamage 1; } forEach (getMarkerPos "lightMarkerTest" nearObjects ["Lamps_Base_F", 500]) + (getMarkerPos "lightMarkerTest" nearObjects ["PowerLines_base_F", 500]); player sidechat "Lights are OFF now! Gogogo!"; PS. Don't forget these: ;
  10. Oh dear, I didn't realize how and where you added the action to your action menu... ;) Ya, you only need to create it once. Could you post the current version of the sqf?
  11. Ya, it takes time to learn SQF. The magic trick is: practice - practice - practice. I started with SQS back in the OFP days, and switched to SQF when Arma 2 was released (I was too stubborn to learn new tricks when I played Arma 1, and sticked with SQS). It sure was pain in the donkey at first... Protip: keep this page in one of your browser tab, at all times. But back to topic: "_this distance centerPoint < 100" Create an empty invisible helipad, name it centerPoint and place it where you want. The action is visible when the player is closer than 100 meters from this object. When he gets closer than 100 meters he will see the action in his action menu. After he gets further it will suddenly disappear, and appear again when he's closer. This way you don't have to constantly create and remove the action (assuming you want to do that, that is).
  12. One easy way to do it is to set a condition for the action: nul = player addAction ["Switch Lights Off ", "lightsoff.sqf", [], 0, false, true, "", "_this distance someRelevantCoordinates/object < 100"];
  13. Not quite sure what you want to do, but if I understood you right, with an addAction. I'm curious, why do you publicVariable the variables? I guess these controls animate? According to BIKI, both the effect and argument of animate is global.
  14. Gekkibi

    Battlefeild Style Conquest?

    Use commands like setFlagTexture. As for marker color, use setMarkerColor...
  15. New version: The WIP UI kind of works in MP now. Relatively safe to use in coop missions, especially without JIP. If there are more than one faction then the indexing falls apart and starts to eat old markers from other factions... Feedback required. ...And yes, I know action menu sucks. This is (hopefully) only a temporary solution.