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  1. I have the same problem but my Steam is personal, doing what you said Placebo it didn't worked at all, theres a lot of people affected by this problem I've everything to try to solve this problem out and nothing works, I'm now re installing my OS for fourth time and if this doesn't work I don't know what else to do, as Twisted I don't think that my Steam is working wrong or my OS i'm pretty sure that it must be something else. Regards.
  2. Still no answer from BIS I'm really disappointed, they asked me my RPT files so maybe you guys can try sending this files to support@bistudio.com
  3. I got an answer from Dwarven he says that there was a problem with the MP Auth provider and at least 1% of the players have this problem, hope they work hard trying to solve this out. Regards.
  4. I've tried what you did to see if that worked but it didn't i don't know what to do ... :(
  5. Arma II Bad Serial Number issue

    Well I've been like three weeks now trying to solve my problem with no success but my problem is a bit different my game it does install but when I try to join in a multiplayer session says that my CD is Invalid, I've also done everything you said and nothing seems to work I've also re installed my OS to see if that was the problem but no luck so i might think that is a BIS problem with the key servers. Regards.
  6. Seems this is my problem I've also bought Arma X : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?128617-Pls-help-quot-Bad-CD-Key-quot-on-Arma-X! Seems that BI guys fixed their problem, the question is how?
  7. I have the same problem, did you buy the game from Steam?, contact to Dwarden he is trying to solve this problem out. Regards
  8. GamersGate serial

    I have the same problem, I bought the game from steam and it worked fine for like 3 months but since last week that I'm having problems with my Arma, last sunday I've reinstalled my OS and that seemed to solve this problem but last night I've tried to join to a server and I get this "Bad CD Key", I dont want to reinstall my OS again because I'm sure that this will happen again, I've followed every FAQ and everything that support says but nothing works.
  9. My problem seems to be solved last sunday but since last night It begins to happen again is there any problems again?
  10. Same happens to me but I can open my game I just cannot join to Multiplayer sessions.
  11. Hello guys I hope you can help me because I have a terrible problem. I bought Arma X aniversary edition from Steam like 4 months ago, everything worked well, I played a lot with the Latam Armed Assault community, Two days ago I came back from work specting to play like I usually do and I realise that i can't get into any server because it's says that my "CD Key is Invalid", How can my CD Key be Invalid if I bought the game?. I've tried a lot of solutions that I read but nothing works, here is the list of things that I've tried: 1) Run Steam as administrator ( It's always been running as admin ) 2) Uninstall and reinstalling everything again ( Cleaning every registry of course ) 3) Give the respective permissions to the arma registry 4) Verified the integrity of the Game Cache Well this problem it's really weird because I haven't changed anything from my computer this happened suddenly. Hope you guys can help me in any way, I feel terrible because I bought the game precisely to avoid such problems. Sorry for my rusty english, I'm from Chile, Regards.
  12. Thank you very much, I will post my problem there, Thank you again.
  13. Hi, a few months ago I bought Arma aniversary edition on Steam, I've been playing like 4 months since then, for some reason yesterday I couldn't get into any public server because I got an error message that says that my cd key is invalid, I have tried many ways to solve this problem, my steam is already running with admin privileges, I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything again, I also have tried to verify the integrity cache but nothing works, I'm using Windows 7 with SP1. Regards Hope you Can help me guys. Winters!.
  14. WWII MP Released!

    I've already joined to the website